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Control of surface growth on Blue cheese using pimaricin

, : Control of surface growth on Blue cheese using pimaricin. Cultured Dairy Products Journal 15(2): 21-23

20 of 40 cheeses from a single batch were dipped in 0.1% pimaricin in 10-15% brine prior to waxing; 8 of these were dipped again after 17 days at 15.6 deg C and 90% RH, at the time of closing the punch holes. Cheeses were ripened at 4.4 deg C and 10 deg C for 30 days. Pimaricin levels on the surface of treated cheeses were 2.4-3.4 mu g/cm2 initially, and 0.47-0.86 mu g/cm2 (treated once) and 1.34-1.49 mu g/cm2 (treated twice) after ripening at 4.4 deg C.


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