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Current epidemiological recrudescence of anthrax, and the advisability of reenactment of relevant legislation. An outbreak in cattle, with four human cases in Savoy

, : Current epidemiological recrudescence of anthrax, and the advisability of reenactment of relevant legislation. An outbreak in cattle, with four human cases in Savoy. Revue de Medecine Veterinaire 129(8/9): 1209 . . . 1221

In 1967/8 there were 14 outbreaks of anthrax in animals and four related cases in man in the Ain Department, caused by feeding cattle infected bone meal imported from Asia. In 1977 six cases of bovine and four of human anthrax occurred in Savoy after reclamation, for growing hay, of a marsh used 40 years previously for dumping anthrax carcasses.


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