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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 629

Chapter 629 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Dependence of yielding quality of cereal grains on the locations in which they are grown. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (4): 63-70

Dependence on altitude of the phenological phases of fruit crops. Sezon Razvitie Prirody 1978: 5-6

Dependence on credit by rural and urban retail firms. Bulletin, West Virginia Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, West Virginia University (662): iii + 24

Dependence, underdevelopment and socialist-orientated transformation in Guyana. Inter American Economic Affairs 33(1): 29-50

Dependency of cyclic AMP-induced insulin release on intra- and extracellular calcium in rat islets of Langerhans. Journal of Clinical Investigation 65(2): 233-241

Dependent virus transmission from mixed infections. Aphids as virus vectors: 253-273

Dephosphorylation and activation of acetyl-CoA carboxylase from lactating rabbit mammary gland. Febs Letters 103(2): 333-338

Depletion of Brilliant Blue F.C.F. and penicillin G in milk from treated cows. Journal of Food Protection 42(6): 491-494

Depletion of potassium close to root surfaces and its implications for soil-grown plants. The soil root interface [Harley, JL; Scott Russell, R Editors]: 441

Depletion of preservatives from round southern pine in fresh water. Proceedings, American Wood Preservers' Association 73: 135-141

Deployment of disease and insect resistance in maize: breeding and field considerations. Maize breeding and genetics Section 4 Diseases and insects problems since the advent of hybrid corn: 333-349

Depolarization of the Electrogenic Transmembrane Electropotential of Zea mays L. by Bipolaris (Helminthosporium) maydis Race T Toxin, Azide, Cyanide, Dodecyl Succinic Acid, or Cold Temperature. Plant Physiology 62(5): 781-783

Depolymerization of polysaccharides by active oxygen species derived from a xanthine oxidase system. Journal of Food Biochemistry 1(2): 141-152

Depopulation and social change: a study of a French rural community. Dissertation Abstracts International, A 39(8): p. 5021

Deposition and penetration of parathion on citrus achieved with different types of sprayer. Citrus and Subtropical Fruit Journal (539): 7-10

Deposition of IgA in renal glomeruli of mink affected with Aleutian disease. American Journal of Pathology 96(1): 227-236

Deposition of air pollutants in Norway. Fagrapport, Sur Nedboers Virkning pa Skog og Fisk (No FR 6): 14-35

Deposition of insecticide drops on coniferous foliage. Transactions of the ASAE 21(3): 438-441

Deposition of minerals and trace elements in rainfall. Reference Book, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (326): 47-55

Deposition of toxic substances during direct drying. Agrartechnische Berichte: 125-137

Deposition of trace elements from the atmosphere in the UK. Reference Book, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (326): 22-46

Deposition, drop size and drift of propazine from aircraft. Abstracts, 1977 Meeting of the Weed Science Society of America: 2

Depositional environment of the Tertiary (?) Tule Wash formation, Mohave County, Arizona. Journal of the Arizona Nevada Academy of Science 14(Proceedings Suppl.): 85-86

Depositional environments of the Kurnub (Lower Cretaceous) sandstones. I. A coal horizon at the lowermost Kurnub, northern Jordan. Dirasat Natural Sciences 5(2): 31-44

Depressed incidence of oestrus in ewes with clover disease at the beginning of the breeding season. Australian Veterinary Journal 55(10): 481-484

Depressed splenic T lymphocyte numbers and thymocyte migratory patterns in murine malaria. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 159(2): 317-320

Depression anemia in cats. Feline Practice 8(5): 19-20, 22

Depression fractures of the nasal and frontal bones of the horse. Journal of Equine Medicine & Surgery 3(4): 186-190

Depression of B-lymphocyte levels in the peripheral blood of cows with mastitis. Infection and Immunity 27(1): 90-93

Depression of blood monocytes chemotaxis in human chronic Chagas disease. Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo 21(6): 297-301

Depression of host population abundance by direct life cycle macroparasites. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 822: 283-311

Depression of hybrid embryos and seedlings in the Aurantiaceae. Subtropicheskie Kul' tury (4): 41-46

Depression of the immune response in Taenia crassiceps infected mice. Dissertation Abstracts International 39B(2): 653

Depressive effect of selective herbicides on wheat yields. Trabajos y Resumenes, III Congreso Asociacion Latinoamericana de Malezas "ALAM" y VIII Reunion Argentina de Malezas y su Control, "ASAM", Mar del Plata, 1976me II): 121-122

Depressor and anticonvulsant properties of flunitrazepam in dogs. Revista de Medicina Veterinaria, Argentina 59(3): 118-121

Deprivation and education in rural schools. Poverty Pamphlet, Child Poverty Action Group (37): 67-75

Depth of lime incorporation for correction of subsoil acidity. Agronomy Journal 71(4): 541-544

Depth of planting mulberry (Morus alba Linn.) cuttings. Sylvatrop 1(2): 142-144

Depth of seeding in relation to the development of jojoba plants in nurseries. La Jojoba: Memorias de la II Conferencia Internacional sobre la Jojoba y su Aprovechamiento, Ensenada, Baja California Norte, Mexico, 10 al 12 de Febrero de 1976: 61-65

Depth of the tillering node and plant survival during overwintering in different wheat species. Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 15(3): 463-464

Depth of the tillering node in winter wheat as an index of hardiness. Sb nauch tr Mironov NII selektsii i semenovod pshenitsy (3): 35-36

Derelict and despoiled land. Bibliography Series, Departments of the Environment and Transport (148R): 47

Derelict land - a neglected resource for forestry. Arboricultural Journal 3(5): 341-351

Derelict land - is the tidying-up going too far?. Planner 65(3): 85-88

Derepression and Repression of Lysine-sensitive Aspartokinase during in Vitro Culture of Carrot Root Tissue. Plant Physiology 63(3): 583-585

Derivation and practical application of severity index. Rapporter och Uppsatser, Institutionen for Skogsgenetik (17): 29-38

Derivation of a method for the calculation of optimum stand density for growth and yield. Beitrage fur die Forstwirtschaft 12(2): 79

Derivation of computing algorithms for sire evaluation, using all lactation records and natural service sires. Animal Science Mimeograph Series, Cornell University (39): 46

Derivation of equations for variable rainfall infiltration. Water Resources Research 14(4): 561-568

Derivation of root contact probability. Forest Science 25(2): 206-212

Derivation of the earliest possible timing of spring cultivations from climatological data. Bayerisches Landwirtschaftliches Jahrbuch 54(Sonderheft 2): 56-63

Derivation of the flora of the Pacific Northwest. Proceedings of the symposium on terrestrial and aquatic ecological studies of the Northwest Eastern Washington State College, Cheney, Washington, March 26-27, 1976 [Andrews, RD, III; Carr, RL; Gibson, F; Lang, BZ; Soltero, RA; Swedberg, KC Editors]: 159-171

Derivatives of 2,3-methylenefarnesenic acid as juvenile hormone analogues against the house-fly (Musca domestica L.). Wiadomosci Parazytologiczne 23: 283-286

Derivatives of 2-amino-3,5-dichloro- and 3-amino-2,5-dichlorobenzoic acids with phytotoxic activity. Farmaco 33(4): 281-287

Derivatives of jojoba as plasticizers in polyvinylchloride. La Jojoba: Memorias de la II Conferencia Internacional sobre la Jojoba y su Aprovechamiento, Ensenada, Baja California Norte, Mexico, 10 al 12 de Febrero de 1976: 97-102

Derivatives of p-arsanilic acid: effects of N-substitution on parasiticidal activity. Annales Pharmaceutiques Francaises 37(9/10): 483-490

Derivatives of the fungus Blakeslea trispora. Ptitsevodstvo (9): 21-23

Derivatives of tin and benzimidazol, alone and in mixtures, compared with other products for control of Cercospora beticola Sacc. Industria Saccarifera Italiana 70(5): 118-122

Derivatization method for the high-sensitive determination of amines and amino acids as dimethylthiophosphinic amides with the alkali flame-ionization detector. Journal of Chromatography 167: 67-75

Derivatization of fatty acids with 1-chlormethylisatin for high-performance liquid chromatography. Journal of Chromatography 187(1): 208-211

Derived demand for energy in agriculture: effects of price, substitution, and technology. Proceedings AAEA Meeting, July August, 1979:

Dermacentor albipictus on moose (Alces alces) in Ontario. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 15(2): 281-284

Dermacentor reticulatus (Fabr.) (Ixodidae) in laboratory culture. Wiadomosci Parazytologiczne 23(1-3): 43-47

Dermacentor variabilis (Say) in eastern Massachusetts. Recent Advances in Acarology Volume II: 145-153

Dermacentor variabilis (Say) larval activity in Wisconsin. Acarologia 20(1): 68-69

Dermal cryptococcosis in a cat. Modern Veterinary Practice 59(6): 447

Dermal myiasis caused by the rabbit botfly (Cuterebra sp). Archives of Dermatology 115(1): 101-101

Dermal squamous cell carcinoma in young chickens. American Journal of Veterinary Research 40(11): 1628-1633

Dermapteran predators in the biological regulation of sugarcane borers in India. Current Science 49(2): 72-73

Dermatitis associated with Cheyletiella infestation in cats. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 174(7): 718-720

Dermatitis caused by cercariae of Orientobilharzia turkestanicum in the Caspian Sea area of Iran. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 28(5): 912-913

Dermatitis in dogs due to Dermatophilus congolensis. Revista da Faculdade de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia da Universidade de Sao Paulo 15(1): 127-130

Dermatitis with purulent vesicles (impetigo) caused by Staphylococcus aureus in the dog. Praktische Tierarzt 59(7): 486...494

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Dermatomycoses in Burundi. Vestnik Dermatologii i Venerologii: 41-43

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Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and Dermatophagoides farinae in house dust in Colombia. Alergia 24(4): 187-199

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Dermatophilus congolensis infection in a dairy cow in Quebec. Canadian Veterinary Journal 20(10): 279-283

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Dermatophytoses which are easily misinterpreted. Hautarzt 29(1): 15-16

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Dermestes maculatus de Geer, 1774 (Coleoptera, Dermestidae) as potential distributor of Taenia saginata Goeze, 1782 eggs. Folia Parasitologica 27(1): 37-38

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Derzsy's disease (parvovirus infection) in geese. Dansk Veterinaertidsskrift 63(5): 191-194

Desalinization in tidal land. Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers 20(2): 67-79

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Desalting process. Japanese Examined Patent: (5 418 347)

Desarrollo y Modernizacion. Desarrollo y Modernizacion (1): 26

Describing irrigation efficiency and uniformity. Journal of the Irrigation and Drainage Division, American Society of Civil Engineers 104(IR1): 35-41

Description and biometrical, morphological and biological studies of Aphelenchoides tuzeti n.sp. (Nematoda: Aphelenchoidea) and discussion of the specific criteria applied to the genus Aphelenchoides. Nematologica 25(1): 22-31

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Description of Cephalobellus ovumglutinosus sp. n. and Leidynema portentosae sp. n. (Nematoda: Thelastomatidae), intestinal parasites of cockroaches, and redefinition of the genus Leidynema Schwenk, 1926 (in Travassos, 1929). Revue de Nematologie 1(2): 151-163

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Description of a 300 kg large box with 4-way pallet substructure as a standard design for the area. Mitteilungen des Obstbauversuchsringes des Alten Landes 34(7): 242-246

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