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Effects of in vivo gonadotropin treatment on estrogen levels in the testis of the immature rat

, : Effects of in vivo gonadotropin treatment on estrogen levels in the testis of the immature rat. Biology of Reproduction 21(5): 1247-1255

The effect of follitropin [FSH] injection on estradiol concentration in immature rat testis was evaluated. Testes estradiol levels were measured by radioimmunoassay of methanolic extracts 1st subjected to Sephadex lutropin [LH]-20 chromatography. In 12 day old rats i.p. injection of NIH-FSH-S11 caused an increase in testes estradiol concentration. The response was greatest 6 h after treatment and a dose-response relationship was observed between 25-200 .mu.g FSH/rat. Similar treatment with 25 .mu.g NIH-LH-S21 was without effect on the testes estradiol concentration, thus the FSH effect was not attributable to LH contamination. Treatment of 9 day old rat pups for 3 days with FSH (25 .mu.g, 2 .times./day) caused an increase in testis estradiol to 205 .+-. 13 pg/g tissue and did not affect the estrogen response to a subsequent single FSH injection (50 .mu.g) administered at 12 days of age. Similar experiments utilizing older rats yielded quite different results. Injection of 100 .mu.g ovine [o]FSH into 18 day old animals caused the estrogen concentration in the testes to increase from 42 .+-. 4 pg/g to 83 .+-. 19 pg/g tissue, a significantly smaller change than that encountered in the younger animal. Chronic FSH treatment (50 .mu.g, 2 .times./day) beginning at 15 days of age did not increase the testes estradiol concentration, nor did it influence the stimulatory effect of 100 .mu.g FSH administered at 18 days of age. oFSH is capable of increasing the amount of estrogen in the testes of the 12-day-old rat, but this capability is markedly reduced by 18 days of age. Because human chorionic gonadotropin stimulates testicular aromatization, in the young rat aromatization is evidently a function of both Sertoli and Leydig cells; as the animal ages a greater proportion of the aromatizing capability may reside in the interestitial tissue.


PMID: 518950

DOI: 10.1095/biolreprod21.5.1247

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