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Energy expenditure and heart rate for activities of white-tailed deer

, : Energy expenditure and heart rate for activities of white-tailed deer. Journal of Wildlife Management, 442: 333-342

Energy expenditure and heart rate during several activities in July were measured in white-tailed deer (O. virginianus) through the use of tracheal cannulas and implanted heart-rate transmitters. The energy expenditure and O2 consumption for lying, standing/walking, and running activities were 1.01 kcal (0.21 l of O2), 1.72 kcal (0.36 l of O2) and 2.56 kcal (0.51 l of O2)/kg0.75 per min, respectively. These values were different (P < 0.05) from one another, as were the heart rates for these 3 activity levels: 65, 74 and 106 beats/min. A linear relationship (P < 0.01) was found between heart rate and energy expenditure as expressed by the equation kcal/kg0.75 per min = 0.00143(heart rate) - 0.0186. The r2 [correlation coefficient] value of the heart rate and energy expenditure relationship was 0.36 for all data combined, and ranged from 0.21 for lying activity to 0.53 for running activity.


DOI: 10.2307/3807963

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