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Evolutionary equilibrium strategies

, : Evolutionary equilibrium strategies. Journal Of Theoretical Biology: 109-124

The concept of evolutionary stability proposed by Maynard Smith was re-examined. For any finite population, a strategy which was stable in the sense of Maynard Smith could have a lower fitness than a mutant strategy regardless of the proportion of contestants using the latter. Two alternative concepts of evolutionary stability were proposed. A strategy was described as being strongly stable if not mutant was able to invade because of its higher fitness and weakly stable if it had a higher fitness whenever the contestants using any particulr mutant strategy become sufficiently numerous. For the war of attrition between contestants of a given species, Maynard Smith and others argued that the evolutionarily stable strategy was for a contestant to bid (for food or territory) by attempting to wait out its opponent according to an exponential mixed strategy. It was established that such a strategy is only weakly stable and for any number n there exists a mutant strategy with a higher fitness until the number of mutants in the population exceeds n. The stability issue when a natural informational asymmetry is introduced was reconsidered. Each contestant was assumed to be uncertain as to the value its opponent places on the object over which they were competing. In contrast to the symmetric case, there was a strategy which was strongly stable with respect to any feasible mutant as long as the population was sufficiently large.


PMID: 431091

DOI: 10.1016/0022-5193(79)90365-5

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