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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 663

Chapter 663 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Flora of Mozambique. 42. Meliaceae. Flora de Mocambique 42 Meliaceae: 51

Flora of Mozambique. 44. Olacaceae. Flora de Mocambique 44 Olacaceae: 9

Flora of Mozambique. 45. Opiliaceae. Flora de Mocambique 45 Opiliaceae: 4

Flora of Mozambique. 67. Rhizophoraceae. Flora de Mocambique 67 Rhizophoraceae: 21

Flora of Mozambique. 82. Cactaceae. Flora de Mocambique 82 Cactaceae: 3

Flora of Rwanda. Spermatophytes. Volume 1. Annales, Musee Royale de l' Afrique Centrale, Tervuren Serie in 8 deg , Sciences Economiques (9): 413

Flora of a drainage system in north east Slavonia. l. Poljoprivredna Znanstvena Smotra 46(56): 55-68

Flora of the Indian desert. Flora of the Indian desert: viii + 472

Flora of the Lee Creek valley, Alberta. Great Basin Naturalist 39(3): 277-283

Flora of the Rio Palenque Science Center, Los Rios, Ecuador. Selbyana 4: xxx + 628

Flora of the Sahara: second edition. Flore du Sahara: deuxieme edition: 625

Flora of the Sierra : a study in Cotopaxi National Park 1974/5. Ciencia y Naturaleza 16(1): 25-44

Floral and extrafloral nectaries, and honeydew, as food for adult Chironomidae (and other Diptera). Stuttgarter Beitrage zur Naturkunde, A Biologie (300): 1-16

Floral and fruiting biology of 3 Feijoa sellowiana cultivars. Annali della Facolta di Scienze Agrarie della Universita degli Studi di Napoli Portici 12: 84-90

Floral and fruiting biology of the olive cultivar Itrana. Annali della Facolta di Scienze Agrarie della Universita degli Studi di Napoli Portici 12: 91-99

Floral anomalies in distant hybrids of plum. Byul nauch inform Tsentr genet lab (27): 3-7

Floral behaviour in the genus Aloe. Cactus and Succulent Journal of Great Britain 42(1): 3-4

Floral biology and ear yield in winter bread wheat. Vses shkola molod uchenykh i spetsialistov po teorii i prakt selektsii rast, 1979 Tez dokl: 18-19

Floral biology and flower structure in forms of Cassia introduced in Tashkent. Uzbekiston Biologija Zurnali (2): 58-60

Floral biology and grain formation in Echinochloa frumentacea. Tr Dal' nevost NII s kh 22: 105-109

Floral biology and seed set in Salvia officinalis in relation to the expression of male sterility. Tsitoplazmatich muzhsk steril' nost' i selektsiya rast: 215-218

Floral biology of Acer platanoides. Ekol opyleniya: 113-118

Floral biology of fertility restorers of winter bread wheat. Genet i selektsion issled v Donbasse: 15-19

Floral biology of ginger, Zingiber officinale R. Agricultural Research Journal of Kerala 17(1): 93-94

Floral biology of some species of the genus Anthyllis L. and especially of A. montana L. Bulletin de la Societe Botanique de France, Lettres Botaniques 127(2): 139-149

Floral biology of some tropical species of Asparagus L. Introduktsiya i akklimatiz rast (16): 78-87

Floral biology of the genus Cassia in the region of Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz. Boletin de la Sociedad Botanica de Mexico (37): 5-52

Floral coloration, its colorimetric analysis and significance in anthecology. The pollination of flowers by insects: 51-78 + 5 pl.

Floral development and blindness in roses: an SEM study. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 104(1): 18-20

Floral differentiation and development of selected ecotypes of Poa pratensis L. cultivated at six localities in Norway. Meldinger fra Norges Landbrukshoegskole 58(4): 19

Floral features of Solanum macranthum Dun. with special reference to stylar heteromorphism and intercrossability. Flora 167(5): 423-431

Floral induction and biennial bearing in the cranberry. Fruit Varieties Journal 32(3): 58-60

Floral initiation of winter oilseed rape. Bulletin CETIOM (76): 9-10

Floral morphology of wild and cultivated cowpeas. Economic Botany: 442-447

Floral specialization by bees and competing nectar-secreting plants. Pchelovodstvo (2): 14-15

Floratex, a new textile fibre for horticulture. Gartenbauliche Versuchsberichte 1978: 132-134

Florence fennel. Belgium, Comite voor Onderzoek op Groentegewassen: Technical report 1 May 1977-1 May 1978: Technisch Verslag 1 Mei 1977-1 Mei 1978: 147

Floria variegata Low (Homoptera: Psylloidea) on laburnum in Britain. Plant Pathology 27(3): 149

Floricultural research in the Netherlands in 1978. Bloemisterij onderzoek in Nederland over 1978: 292 pp

Florida 1011 tomato breeding line. HortScience 12(5): 508-509

Florida 812 greenhouse (Paradis International, New Jersey, USA). Statens Redskabsproever, Bygholm, Denmark: Test report: Meddelelse (1409, group 14): 2 pp

Florida S-49 single trait Jersey selection project: progress report. Journal of Dairy Science 62(Suppl. 1): 168-169

Florida Staysweet, a high quality sh2 sweet corn hybrid for fresh market with resistance to northern leaf blight. Circular, Agricultural Experiment Stations, University of Florida (S-259): 10

Florida citrus blight Part I. Some causal relations of citrus blight. Plant Disease Reporter 63(7): 560-564

Florida citrus blight Part II. Occurrence of citrus blight outside Florida. Plant Disease Reporter 63(7): 565-569

Florida citrus weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Entomology Circular, Division of Plant Industry, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (202): 4

Florida citrus: 1978-1979 outlook. Florida citrus: 1978-1979 outlook: 20

Florida expands citrus blackfly work. Citrograph 63(5): 121, 124

Florida field crop yield trends with a changing climate. Proceedings, Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida 36: 200-204

Florida's fledgling rice industry. Rice Journal 82(3): 22-26

Florida's melaleuca. A utilization status report and problem analysis. Research Report, School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida (26): iii + 19

Florida's range resource: a primary source of forage. Proceedings of the 35th Southern pasture and forage crop improvement conference, June 13-14, 1978, Sarasota, Florida: 10-18

Florigraze perennial peanut (Arachis glabrata Benth.), new forage legume for tropics and subtropcis. Agronomy Abstracts: 103

Floristic and vegetational groupings of woody plants of the Kurile Islands and their significance for plant introduction. Byulleten' Glavnogo Botanicheskogo Sada (106): 3-10

Floristic changes and microbial processes on heavily degraded soils and in swards of Nardetum strictae. Rostlinna Vyroba 22(6): 651-658

Floristic changes under influence of high fertilization rates of differently irrigated pastures on alluvial soils in the Vistula valley. Roczniki Nauk Rolniczych, F 79(3): 7-28

Floristic components of the ground flora of a tropical lowland rain forest at Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak. Pertanika 1(2): 112-119

Floristic composition of a stand of Pinus oocarpa in Honduras. Biotropica 5(3): 175-182

Floristic findings in central, eastern and southern Chukotka (1974 and 1976). Botanicheskii Zhurnal 63(5): 625-636

Floristic finds in the basin of the Anadyr river. Botanicheskii Zhurnal 64(5): 609-622

Floristic geography of Quebec and Labrador: distribution of the principal vascular species. Geographie floristique du Quebec Labrador: distribution des principales especes vasculaires: xiii + 799

Floristic investigation of intensively utilized grassland in Slovenia: the pasture-mowing system. Zbornik Biotehniske Fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani 30: 33-52

Floristic methods for evaluating continuity of stands. Rapporter och Uppsatser, Institutionen for Skogsgenetik (24): 81-91

Floristic methods for evaluating the continuity of a stand. Rapporter och Uppsatser, Institutionen for Skogsgenetik (24): 81-91

Flotation technique for quantitative determination of mite populations in powdered and compacted foodstuffs. Journal - Association of Official Analytical Chemists 62(2): 278-282

Flour beetles of the tribe Laemophloeini (Coleoptera, Cucujidae) of the fauna of the USSR. II. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 57(2): 337-353

Flour milling costs and capital requirements. Agricultural Economic Report, Economic Research Service, US Department of Agriculture (380): i+30

Floury-a high lysine system. Maize Genetics Cooperation News Letter (52): 37

Flow behaviour of separated bio-sludge from pig slurry. Agrartechnik 28(7): 292-295

Flow dynamic means of improving spray deposition in viticulture. Neuzeitliche Verfahrenstechnik im Weinbau: 268-284

Flow in industrial goods in the economy of Luxembourg province : results of a survey and comments, 1974-1975. Annales des Sciences Economiques Appliquees 35(2): 141-169

Flow measurement transducers. Engineering Designer 6(5): 35-39

Flow meters. UK Patent Application: (2 029 029A)

Flow net for unsaturated infiltration from strip source. Journal of the Irrigation and Drainage Division, American Society of Civil Engineers 105(IR3): 233-245

Flow of information: bibliography of IIC material compiled June 1978. Flow of information: bibliography of IIC material compiled June 1978: 44

Flow patterns during extended saturated flow in two, undistributed swelling clay soils with different macrostructures. Soil Science Society of America Journal 43(1): 16-22

Flow process for production of imitation cheese. United States Patent: (4 110 484)

Flow properties of milk in a capillary at low shear stresses. V International Congress of Food Science and Technology Abstracts: 163

Flow rates and characteristics of Dimilin, Dylox 1.5, Orthene 75S and Sevin-4-oil. USDA Forest Service Research Note, Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station (PNW-300): 16

Flow to shallow drain tubes in layered soils. Proceedings, Third National Drainage Symposium, Chicago, USA, December, 1976: 58-60

Flow transmission. Engineering Materials and Design (June): 42-45

Flow-diagram keys for Soil Taxonomy. A. Diagnostic horizons and properties : mineral soils. New Zealand Soil Bureau Scientific Report (39A): 56

Flow-through collection bucket for larval fish. Progressive Fish-Culturist, 402: 78-79

Flower and fruit characters of Begonia roxburghii. Begonian 46: 164-167, 173

Flower and fruitlet thinning of the plum (Prunus domestica L.) cv. Victoria. Journal of Horticultural Science 55(1): 19-26

Flower and ornamental plant production. Kertgazdasag 11(4): 78-79

Flower and pod abscission in soybean Glycine max (L.) Merril. Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science 9: 119-124

Flower and shoot development in the greenhouse roses, 'Cara Mia' and 'Town Crier', under several temperature-photoperiodic regimes. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 103(4): 500-502

Flower biology and arthropod associates of Lilium philadelphicum. Michigan Botanist 18: 109-116

Flower bud drop in peaches. The effect of gibberellic acid. Anales de la Estacion Experimental de Aula Dei 14(1/2): 201-205

Flower bud induction in mango trees. Annals of Agricultural Science, University of Ain Shams 20(2): 151-158

Flower consumption in England and Wales. Flower consumption in England and Wales: 53

Flower development in Silene : morphology and sequence of initiation of primordia. Annals of Botany 42(182): 1343-1348

Flower development in leafy and leafless inflorescences of the satsuma mandarin (Citrus unshiu Marcovitch). Gartenbauwissenschaft 43(6): 241-247

Flower development in perpetual flowering carnations. Byulleten' Glavnogo Botanicheskogo Sada (110): 70-73

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Flower development of Begonia franconis Liebm. II. Effects of nutrition and growth-regulating substances on the growth of flower buds in vitro. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie 93(4): 345-357

Flower development of Begonia franconis Liebm. III. Effects of growth-regulating substances on organ initiation in flower buds in vitro. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie 93(5): 377-386

Flower formation in Begonia boweri and an offspring of B. 'Cleopatra'. IV. Influence of the number of leaves and their position on flower formation. Gartenbauwissenschaft 45(1): 29-34

Flower formation in Begonia boweri and an offspring of B. Cleopatra. III. Minimum number of short days required for the induction of flowering. Gartenbauwissenschaft 44(5): 237-240

Flower induction by hormone treatment in grafts of Norway spruce. Silvae Genetica 27(3/4): 117-122

Flower induction in Glycine tomentella Hayata following grafting on to G. max (L.) Merr. Crop Science 19(1): 121-123

Flower initiation in rhododendrons as influenced by temperature and light intensity. North Carolina Flower Growers' Bulletin 22(4/5): 9-14

Flower morphology, fruit set and fruit drop in some ber (Zizyphus mauritiana Lam.) cultivars. Annals of Arid Zone 18(3): 165-169

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Flower production in some Cyclamen persicum cultivars. Sbornik UVTIZ, Zahradnictvi 4(3/4): 227-235

Flower production on clonal orchards at Oconto River Seed Orchard in Wisconsin. General Technical Report, North Central Forest Experiment Station (NC-50): 26-32

Flower quality of apple trees - a criterion for fruit set. Gartenbau 27(3): 83-85

Flower stalk topple in Hippeastrum. Gartenbauwissenschaft 44(2): 67-70

Flower type in the first hybrid generation in crosses of Vitis vinifera varieties in Kirgizia. Genet i selektsiya s kh rast i zhivotnykh v Kirgizii: 37-40

Flower visits by individual bumble bees. Entomologisk Tidskrift 100: 165-167

Flower-basking by insects in Britain. Watsonia 11: 143

Flower storage research on the narcissus cv. Carlton.. Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij 34(6): 48-49

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Flowering and fertility in sour cherry varieties. Agrartudomanyi Kozlemenyek 35(1/3): 377-386

Flowering and fruiting in Eucalyptus grandis of hybrid origin at Vicosa, Minas Gerais. Revista Ceres 24(133): 341-344

Flowering and fruiting of liquorice grown in the Moldavian SSR. Rastitel' nye Resursy 15(3): 376-380

Flowering and fruiting of pomegranate in relation to number of stems per bush. Subtropicheskie Kul' tury (6): 63-65

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Flowering of Aegilops species under conditions of southern Dagestan. Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Ordena Lenina i Ordena Druzhby Narodov Nauchno issledovatel' skogo Instituta Rastenievodstva imeni NI Vavilova (78): 10-12

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Fluanisone-fentanyl-atropine-metomidate anaesthesia in the dog. An experimental study. Die Fluanison Fentanyl Atropin Metomidat Narkose beim Hund Eine experimentelle Studie: xii-115

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Folder 1 - Individual stock hive record cards with brief instructions. Folder 2 - Composite stock hive record cards with brief instructions. Folder 3 - Introducing you to hive record cards with brief instructions. Folder 1 [10] Individual stock hive record cards with brief instructions Folder 2 Composite stock hive record cards with brief instructions Folder 3 Introducing you to hive record cards with brief instructions [with-2 cards and a standard abbreviation guide]: 5 ; 5 ; 5

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