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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 672

Chapter 672 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Haemophilus somnus infections I. A ten year (1969-1978) retrospective study of losses in cattle herds in Western Canada. Canadian Veterinary Journal 21(4): 119-123

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Haemorrhagic enteritis syndrome of turkeys. Veterinary Record 104(19): 435-436

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Haemorrhagic gastroenteritis in a dog. Veterinary Record 104(1): 14-15

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Haemorrhagic syndrome in cattle. Proceedings of a third meeting on mycotoxins in animal disease, April 1978: 51-53

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Hafnia strains isolated from honey. Veterinariya, Moscow, USSR (4): 44-46

Hail damage and hail insurance. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 10(10): 885-888

Hail nets on high density plantings of apple. Italia Agricola 115(3): 63-68

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Hair - a biopsy material for zinc nutriture in children. Indian Pediatrics 15(10): 823-825

Hair analysis and trace element status. Haaranalyse und Spurenelementstatus: 267

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Hair colour in the horse. Hair colour in the horse: 108

Hair follicles. Volosyanye follikuly: 192

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Hair zinc levels in healthy and malnourished children. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 31(7): 1172-1174

Haiti: the coffee roads. Appropriate technology for development: A discussion and case histories: 129-150

Haka 2000 tractor digger (Kurpan konepaja, 32210 Loimaa kk, Finland). Valtion Maatalouskoneiden Tutkimuslaitos, Rukkila, Helsinki, Finland: Test reports: Koetusselostus (978, group 43): 6

Halcyon days are over for retailers. Grocer 200(6356): p. 74

Half life of some sulfonamides in miniature swine. Bollettino della Societa Italiana di Biologia Sperimentale 54(24): 2499-2503

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Half yearly report, Yala 1976. Half yearly report, Yala 1976: 82

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Half-sib analysis of some characters in Betula pendula. Nauch tr Kazakhsk SKhI 19(3): 30-33

Haliotrema kurodai n.sp. (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae, Ancyrocephalinae), a monogenean parasite obtained from the Japanese black sea bream, Acanthopagrus schlegeli (Bleeker). Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Scientific Fisheries 44(12): 1329-1332

Hallucinogenic cacti. National Cactus and Succulent Journal 34(1): 14-16

Halo blight of French bean in Moldavia and prospects of breeding for resistance to it. Bolezni rast v Moldavii: 154-155

Halogeton poisoning in range cattle. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 176(8): 717-718

Halophilous shrub-type and halophilous grass-type winter grasslands. Grasslands and hayfields of Tajikstan: Pastbishcha i senokosy Tadzhikstana: 200-204

Halophyte seed germination. Botanical Review 42(2): 233-264

Halothane anaesthesia in calves. American Journal of Veterinary Research 40(3): 372-376

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Halothane sensitivity in a positive and negative selection line. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica (Supplement 21): 441-450

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Halothane test in early diagnosis of stress susceptibility. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica (Supplement 21): 469-478

Hamamelis virginiana. Herba Hungarica 17(3): 97-102

Hambantota district, Sri Lanka: a report on problems and prospects of development. Hambantota district, Sri Lanka: a report on problems and prospects of development: 63

Hammer mill with an automatic load stabilization system. Nauchno Tekhnicheskii Byulleten' po Elektrifikatsii Sel' skogo Khozyaistva, VNII Elektrifikatsii Sel' skogo Khozyaistva (1 (31)): 8-10

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Hampshire's heritage and a policy for its future. Hampshire' s heritage and a policy for its future:

Hamster Information Service. Volume 1, Number, 1. April 1979. Hamster Information Service Volume 1, Number, 1 April 1979: 12

Hand book of agriculture inputs in Nepal. Hand book of agriculture inputs in Nepal: ; 32

Hand book of food and nutrition. Hand book of food and nutrition: viii + 288

Hand book of food and nutrition. II. Hand book of food and nutrition II: 144

Hand infections in patients with diabetes mellitus. Journal of Trauma 17(5): 376-380

Hand inoculator for dispensing lepidopterous larvae. Advances in Agricultural Technology, Science and Education Administration, United States Department of Agriculture (AAT-S-9): 5

Hand operated cassava harvesters. Agricultural Mechanization in Asia 10(1): 64-68

Hand picking strawberries prior to machine harvest. Arkansas Farm Research 28(6): 5

Hand pump irrigation in Bangladesh. Appropriate Technology 7(1): 11-12

Hand pump technology for the development of groundwater resources. Progress in Water Technology 11(2): 317-324

Hand versus mechanical plot spraying. Abstracts 1978 Meeting Weed Science Society of America: 22

Hand-feeding of sheep and cattle; energy and protein requirements. Technical Information Circular, Livestock Branch, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, South Australia (44): 257

Hand-packing versus machine overwrapping of pears. ASAE Paper (79-6009): 6 pp

Hand-pullers of cotton stalks of the Gezira, Sudan. Agricultural Mechanization in Asia 10(4): 71-74

Handbook for combatting child malnutrition: a practical guide at the community level. Manuel pour la lutte contre la malnutrition des enfants: un guide pratique au niveau de la communaute: 123

Handbook for laboratory and practical training in equipment for dairy industry. Rukovodstvo k laboratornym i prakticheskim zanyatiyam po kursu oborudovaniya predpriyatii molochnoi promyshlennosti: 288

Handbook for predicting slash weight of western conifers. USDA Forest Service General Technical Report, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station (INT-37): 35 + sum.

Handbook for the Ceylon farmer. Handbook for the Ceylon farmer (Ed. 2, Revised): x+418

Handbook of Texas mineral resources. University of Texas, Bureau of Economic Geology, Annual Report: p. 8

Handbook of U.S. colorants for foods, drugs, and cosmetics. Handbook of US colorants for foods, drugs, and cosmetics: vii + 350

Handbook of advanced wastewater treatment. Handbook of advanced wastewater treatment (Ed. 2): xii + 632

Handbook of bacterial infections of animals. Volume I. Handbuch der bakteriellen Infektionen bei Tieren Band I: 566

Handbook of broad-leaved trees and shrubs. Index volume. Handbuch der Laubgeholze Registerband: 112

Handbook of curriculum evaluation. Handbook of curriculum evaluation: 306

Handbook of diseases of laboratory animals. Diagnosis and treatment. Handbook of diseases of laboratory animals Diagnosis and treatment: x + 350

Handbook of environmental data and ecological parameters. Handbook of environmental data and ecological parameters: 1162

Handbook of experimental immunology. Volume 3. Application of immunological methods. Handbook of experimental immunology Volume 3 Application of immunological methods (3rd edition): 359

Handbook of experimental immunology. Volumes I, II and III. Handbook of experimental immunology Volumes I, II and III:

Handbook of food expenditures, prices and consumption. Publication, Agriculture Canada (79/2): 255

Handbook of lipid research. Volume 2. The fat-soluble vitamins. Handbook of lipid research Volume 2 The fat soluble vitamins: xii + 287

Handbook of medical parasitology and clinical pathology. Handbook of medical parasitology and clinical pathology: viii + 337

Handbook of microbiological investigations for laboratory animal health. Handbook of microbiological investigations for laboratory animal health: xvii + 174

Handbook of nature protection in Carinthia. Karntner Naturschutz Handbuch:

Handbook of physiology. A critical, comprehensive presentation of physiological knowledge and concepts. Section 7: Endocrinology. Volume V. Male reproductive system. Handbook of physiology A critical, comprehensive presentation of physiological knowledge and concepts Section 7: Endocrinology Volume V Male reproductive system: vii + 519

Handbook of plant protection. Spravochnik Zashchita Rastenii: 248

Handbook of rabbit breeding. A nyultenyesztes kezikonyve: 413

Handbook of sheep breeding. Lehrbuch der Schafzucht (5th edition): 367

Handbook of tropical fish culture. Handbook of tropical fish culture: 165

Handbook of tropical forage grasses. Handbook of tropical forage grasses: 116

Handbook of utilization of aquatic plants. A review of world literature. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper (187): 176

Handbook of vegetation science. 13. Application of vegetation science to grassland husbandry. Handbook of vegetation science 13 Application of vegetation science to grassland husbandry: 535

Handbook of viral infections in animals. Volume VI, parts 1 and 2. Handbuch der Virusinfektionen bei Tieren Band VI/1 und VI/2: 1364

Handbook on Philippine medicinal plants. Technical Bulletin, University of the Philippines at Los Banos 2(3): 64

Handbook on afforestation techniques. Handbook on afforestation techniques: xx + 411

Handbook on crop production in Ethiopia. Handbook on crop production in Ethiopia: 41

Handbook on desertification indicators. Handbook on desertification indicators: 141

Handbook on the diseases of fish. Handbook on the diseases of fish: 352

Handbook on the prevention and treatment of schistosomiasis. (A translation of a Chinese publication.). Handbook on the prevention and treatment of schistosomiasis A translation of a Chinese ication: xii + 172

Handbook on the therapy and prophylaxis of animal helminthiases. Spravochnik po terapii i profilaktike gel' mintozov zhivotnykh: 240

Handbook on use of bulldozers on forest fires. Forest Protection Handbook (8): iv + 63

Handbook on weed control. Spravochnik po bor' be s sornyakami: 176

Handbooks for the identification of British insects. Vol. XI, part 4. A check list of British insects. Second edition (completely revised). Part 4: Hymenoptera. Handbooks for the identification of British insects Vol XI, part 4 A check list of British insects Second edition completely revised Part 4: Hymenoptera: ix + 159

Handbooks of socialist agriculture. Large scale fodder production. Handbucherei der sozialistischen Landwirtschaft Industriemassige Produktion von Futter: 336

Handbooks of the Flora of Papua New Guinea. Volume I. Handbooks of the Flora of Papua New Guinea Volume I: xvi + 278

Handfeeding early weaned cattle. Field Station Record, Division of Plant Industry CSIRO 16(2): 69-73

Handicrafts and craftsmen; some aspects of the social relations of the sandalwood and rosewood carvers in rural and urban settings, Malnad region and Mysore city, Karnataka State, India. Publikatie, Instituut voor Culturele Antropologie en Sociologie der Niet Westerse Volken (20): xiii + 188

Handle with care: skim milk aid to developing countries. Handle with care: skim milk aid to developing countries: iii + 80

Handles for manual materials handling. Applied Ergonomics 11(1): 35-42

Handling agricultural materials. ADAS Quarterly Review (37): 111-122

Handling and application of liquid fertilizers. Farm Mechanization Study (31): 16 pp

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Handling of manure Production and utilization of methane gas. Annual report, Jordbrukstekniska Institutet: 30-32

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Hankkijas jubilee trio. LOA 61(3): 137

Hannah's Golden Jubilee. Dairy Industries International 43(11): 22-23

Hanover Street: an experiment to train women in welding and carpentry. Hanover Street: an experiment to train women in welding and carpentry: 16

Hans Dietrich von Zanthier: a pioneer of sustained yield forestry. The 200th anniversary of his death. Forstarchiv 50(3): 45-51

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Hansfordia pulvinata (Berk. & Curt.) Hughes a new record on Shorea robusta Gaertn. F. Indian Forester 103(11): 810

Haplocleidus dispar (Mueller, 1936) and Pterocleidus acer (Mueller, 1936) (Monogenea: Ancyrocephalinae) from Lepomis gibbosus L. (Pisces: Centrarchidae) in Ontario, Canada: anatomy and systematic position. Canadian Journal of Zoology 58(4): 661-669

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Harambee self-help development project in Kenya. Internationales Afrikaforum 15(1): 55-63

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Hard butter. Japanese Examined Patent: (5 439 005)

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