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Meat yield from stallions of various Polish breeds

, : Meat yield from stallions of various Polish breeds. Leistungsprufungen von Sportpferden 2 Internationales Wissenschaftliches Symposium Vortrage Leipzig, am 13 und 14 Juli 1976: 350-357

For 3 Wielkopolski, 13 Malopolski, 10 Silesian, 10 coldblood and 3 Arab stallions, aged 9-21 yr, live weight averaged 545.8, 529.3, 587.0, 629.9 and 471.7 kg resp., and dressing percentage 63.4, 67.2, 64.5, 62.8 and 65.3. Hide weight averaged 3.60, 3.25, 4.38, 5.85 and 3.53 kg. Loin-eye area averaged 186.4, 182.1, 144.0, 195.5 and 210 cm2 resp., and the proportion of meat in the rump 76.8, 76.9, 75.4, 74.2 and 77.8%.


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