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Mile-a-minute (Mikania cordata (Burm. F.) B.L. Robinson) eradication in immature rubber

, : Mile-a-minute (Mikania cordata (Burm. F.) B.L. Robinson) eradication in immature rubber. Proceedings of the 6th Asian Pacific Weed Science Society Conference, Jakarta, Indonesia, 1977 (Volume 2): 414-418

Mikania cordata is one of the most troublesome weeds in plantation crops in North Sumatra, because it competes strongly for available water and nutrients and contains allelopathic substances. Its complete eradication from immature rubber is important to ensure the normal growth of the trees. This paper describes experiments undertaken for mile-a-minute control under immature rubber. 2,4-D-amine, 2,4-D-sodium, ioxynil, MCPA and one contact herbicide, paraquat, were tested.


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