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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 704

Chapter 704 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

N2 fixation by blue-green algae in a Sudanese-Sahelian rice field. Cahiers ORSTOM, Biologie 13(2): 181-185

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NADP-malic enzyme from maize leaf: regulatory properties. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 196(2): 581-587

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NAEP - an outline. Yojana 22(18): 13-18

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NCSU scientists develop five new cucumber varieties. Research and Farming 38(1/2): 5

ND100 and ND300 new corn inbred lines for producing early maturing hybrids. North Dakota Farm Research 36(2): 25-29

NEDA Development Plan 1978-1983, Chapter X. Education and manpower development. FAPE Review 8(2): 39-63

NEL instead of StE - do the cows need less roughage now?. DLG Mitteilungen 95(10): 558-560

NFE and entertainment. NFE Exchange (12): 1-14

NFU President reviews the UK farm outlook. NFU News (1648/79): 4

NFU evidence to House of Lords Committee on CAP. NFU News (125/80): 2

NFU opposed to farm grants policy. NFU News (104): 2

NFU president supports stated objectives of Northfield report. NFU News (1143/79): 1

NH3-N loss from urea applied to Malaysian soils. Mardi Research Bulletin 3(2): 46-53

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NIAE Farm Buildings Division work in progress. Environment Department. Journal, Farm Buildings Association (22): 3-5, 8

NIAE Farm Buildings Division work in progress. Livestock Department. Journal, Farm Buildings Association (22): 5-8

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NKS - Norwegian Hybrid sheep or Norwegian White sheep. Sau og Geit 30: 127-131

NLGA standard grading rules for Canadian lumber. NLGA standard grading rules for Canadian lumber: 206

NLVS-2 a new maize cultivar for the lowlands of Nuevo Leon. Agronomia, Mexico (185/186): 13

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NPDP/CIP seed potato workshop 2034/1977. NPDP/CIP seed potato workshop 2034/1977: 105

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NSC review 1977-8. NSC review 1977-8: 143

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Naked oats in diets for young pigs. Svinovodstvo, Moscow, USSR (2): 19-20

Nalgo's strategy for the London Tourist Board. Nalgo' s strategy for the London Tourist Board: 11

Naloxone shortens ejaculation latency in male rats. Experientia 35(4): 524-525

Namatode resistant rootstocks for Zante Currant vines. Abstracts, XXth International Horticultural Congress, Sydney, Australia, 15-23 August 1978: Abs. no. 1406

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Namibia, anticipation of economic and humanitarian needs: the education of refugees in Zimbabwe and Namibia. Consultant Occasional Paper, African American Scholars Council (8): 19

Naphthoquinone derivatives from the fungus Hendersonula toruloidea. Experientia 34(10): 1257-1258

Naphthyldiazoalkanes as derivatizing agents for the high-performance liquid chromatographic detection of fatty acids. Analytica Chimica Acta 109(1): 61-66

Napomyza lateralis Fallen (Diptera, Agromyzidae) - a new pest of sunflower in Bulgaria. Rasteniev"dni Nauki 16(6): 93-97

Napropamide fluxes in isolated roots of corn (Zea mays L.). Abstracts of 1979 Meeting of the Weed Science Society of America: 102-103

Napropamide on newly-set strawberries. Proceedings of the Northeastern Weed Science Society, 1980 (Vol. 34): 260-266

Narasin: resistance and cross-resistance studies. Poultry Science 57(4): 1147

Narciclasine, an inhibitor of protein synthesis. Action on Allium cepa L. root meristems. Experientia 34(11): 1455-1457

Narcissi. Narcises : 181

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Nardoo, bracken and rock ferns cause vitamin B1 deficiency in sheep. Agricultural Gazette of New South Wales 91(5): 40-43

Nardus stricta. Annotated Bibliography, Commonwealth Bureau of Pastures and Field Crops (G500): 49

Narrow leaf probably on the long arm of chromosome 10. Maize Genetics Cooperation News Letter (52): 79

Nasal cavity of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Haryana Agricultural University Journal of Research 8(2): 107-119

Nasal flora of some healthy Psittaciformes species. Untersuchungen uber die Nasenflora bei einigen gesunden Psittaciformesarten: 84

Nasal mites in a colony of Syrian hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus). Laboratory Animals 14(1): 31-33

Nasal rhinosporidiosis. Gaceta Medica de Mexico 113(7): 363-365

Nasal schistosomiasis in Australian anatids. Journal of Parasitology 65(5): 982-984

Nasogastric infusion of elemental diet (ED) as primary therapy in Crohn's disease (CD). Pediatric Research 13(4, II): 405

Nassella tussock in the S.W. Cape. Proceedings of the Third National Weeds Conference of South Africa: 33-38

Natamycin approved - first U.S. drug for fungal keratitis. FDA Drug Bulletin 8(6): 37-38

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National Agricultural Outlook Conference 1978. Papers presented. National Agricultural Outlook Conference 1978 Papers presented: 327

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National Food Administration's Ordinance amending the Ordinance (SLV FS 1978:1) on delay periods before marketing of products from animals treated with drugs. Statens Livsmedelsverks Forfattningssamling (SLV FS 1978: 38): 8

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National Park conservation trail. National Park conservation trail: 14

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