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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 720

Chapter 720 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Plant diseases and disorders in Indiana - 1976. Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 1977; 86: 379-384

Plant diseases and nematodes in the Sultanate of Oman. PANS 24(3): 313-326

Plant diseases and pests in Denmark, 1977. Plant diseases and pests in Denmark, 1977: 69

Plant diseases due to mycoplasma-like organisms in Malaysia. Plant diseases due to mycoplasma like organisms: 52-60

Plant diseases in Denmark in 1977. 94th annual survey. Plantesygdomme i Danmark 1977-94 Arsoversigt: 69

Plant diseases in Denmark, 1978. Plantesygdomme i Danmark 1978: 71

Plant diseases in Taiwan due to mycoplasma-like organisms. Plant diseases due to mycoplasma like organisms: 5-12

Plant diseases in the Philippines presumed to be due to mycoplasma-like organisms. Plant diseases due to mycoplasma like organisms: 46-51

Plant diseases recorded in Australia and overseas. Part I. Vegetable crops. Plant diseases recorded in Australia and overseas Part I Vegetable crops: 67

Plant diseases. An advanced treatise. Volume III. How plants suffer from disease. Plant diseases An advanced treatise Volume III How plants suffer from disease: xix + 487

Plant diseases. Introduction to phytopathology. Pflanzenkrankheiten Einfuhrung in die Phytopathologie: 184

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Plant flavonoids. Distribution, physico-chemical properties and investigation methods. Flavonoidy rastenii Rasprostranenie, fiziko khimicheskie svoistva, metody issledovaniya: 220

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Plant frequency and distribution on high-lead soil near leadhills, Lanarkshire. Plant and Soil 52(1): 127-130

Plant genetic resources in the Soviet Union and their effective use in breeding. Agrartudomanyi Kozlemenyek 37(2/3): 139-150

Plant genetic resources: research policy implications and a framework for value/cost analysis. Agronomy Abstracts: 58

Plant genotype effects on nitrogen fixation in grasses. Amir Muhamm Aksel, R; Borstel, R V von: Genetic diversity in plants V Prospects of breeding for physiological characters: 325-334

Plant geography of tropical lands. Vol. 4: The flora and vegetation of tropical Africa. Part 2. Introduction a la phytogeographie des pays tropicaux Volume 4 La flore et la vegetation de l' Afrique tropicale 2e partie: 378

Plant geography with special reference to North America. Plant geography with special reference to North America: 352

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Plant geosensors. Journal of Experimental Botany 30(119): 1051-1073

Plant growth analysis. Plant growth analysis: 67

Plant growth and natural growth regulators. Rost rastenii i prirorodnye regulyatory: 295

Plant growth and the estimation of citrus pest populations. Fruits 33(12): 807-810

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Plant hardening as a means of increasing chloroplast membrane resistance to dehydration as exemplified with wheat seedlings. Fiziologiya Rastenii 23(5): 921-927

Plant hardiness, and its significance for the raspberry crop in Scotland. Scientific Horticulture 30(3): 59-68

Plant health and quarantine in international transfer of genetic resources. Plant health and quarantine in international transfer of genetic resources: 346

Plant health problems of a general nature - Nematological. Plant health and quarantine in international transfer of genetic resources: 17-23

Plant health. The scientific basis for administrative control of plant diseases and pests. Plant health The scientific basis for administrative control of plant diseases and pests: xii + 322

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Plant immunity to infectious diseases. Nauch dokl vyssh shkoly Biol n (10): 7-14

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