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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 723

Chapter 723 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Potential for ambient air drying in South Carolina. ASAE Paper (79-3531): 16 pp

Potential for augmenting flow of the Colorado River by vegetation management. Proceedings, 21st Annual Arizona Watershed Symposium, Tucson, Arizona, November 1, 1977: 16-21

Potential for chemically induced lightwood. Pulping and chemical processing: 298-304

Potential for developing insect-resistant plant materials for use in urban environments. Perspectives in urban entomology: 267-294

Potential for direct harvesting of peanuts. Peanut Science 6(1): 37-42

Potential for energy conservation in feeding livestock and poultry in the United States.

Potential for genetic engineering for salt tolerance. The Biosaline Concept: an approach to the utilization of underexploited resources: 361-370

Potential for improving drought resistance in rainfed lowland rice. Rainfed lowland rice: selected papers from the 1978 International Rice Research Conference, Los Banos, Philippines: 149-164

Potential for improving the protein content of pearl millet grain using induced mutations. Seed protein improvement in cereals and grain legumes Vol II Proceedings of a symposium, Neuherberg, 4-8 September 1978 [Cereals]: 367-376

Potential for increased income on small farms in Appalachian Kentucky. American journal of agricultural economics 61(1): 77-82

Potential for increasing the efficiency of agricultural production in Eastern Siberia: collection of papers. Reservy povysheniya effektivnosti sel' skokhozyaistvennogo proizvodstva v Vostochnoi Sibiri: Sbornik Statei: 75

Potential for increasing tomato flavor via increased sugar acid content. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 104(1): 40-42

Potential for increasing tomato flavor via increased sugar and acid content. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 104(1): 40-42

Potential for intercropping rubber lands in Sri Lanka. RRISL Bulletin 12(1): 41-45

Potential for nitrogen fixation in tropical legumes and grasses. Basic Life Sciences (10): 13-24

Potential for nitrogen fixation in vegetables. HortScience 13(6): 679-682

Potential for outdoor tomato production and storage in the UK. Acta Horticulturae (62): 101-108

Potential for plant growth regulators in potato. Proceedings of the Plant Growth Regulator Working Group Fourth annual meeting, Hot Springs, Arkansas, August 9-11, 1977: 67-68

Potential for reducing evaporation during summer fallow. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 33(3): 126-129

Potential for regulation of plant growth and development. Plant regulation and world agriculture [Scott, T K Editor]: 155-164

Potential for wheat production in India. Fertilizer News 22(12): 77-81

Potential from haploid and possible use in agriculture. Plant tissue culture and its bio technological application: 341-352

Potential impact of sheath blight on yield and milling of short-statured rice lines. Phytopathology 69(1): A7

Potential impacts of reconstituted milk on regional prices, utilization and production. Station Bulletin, Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station (529): 26

Potential increase in nutrient requirement of Pinus radiata under intensified management. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 8(1): 146-159

Potential load bearing capacity of the ground drive of rowcrop tractors. Traktory i Sel' khozmashiny (6): 11-12

Potential longevity of overwintering egg populations of Psorophora columbiae (Dyar and Knab) in Texas ricelands. Southwestern Entomologist, 43: 163-166

Potential metabolic adjustments by mammals in arid lands. Arizona Nevada Academy of Science, Journal 15(proceedings supplement): 7

Potential milk production of cows with different blood serum transferrin types. Trudy Vsesoyuznogo Sel' skokhozyaistvennogo Instituta Zaochnogo Obrazovaniya (114): 75-78

Potential nitrate levels in edible plant parts. Nitrogen in the environment Volume 2 Soil plant nitrogen relationships [Nielsen,DR; MacDonald, JG, Editors]: 201-219

Potential nutritional value of fungal protein derived from pig slurry. Record of Agricultural Research 26: 93-95

Potential of 3P sampling in wildlife and range management. Integrated Inventories of Renewable Natural Resources: proceedings of the workshop, Tucson, Arizona, 8-12 January 1978, US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, General Technical Report RM 55: 304-306

Potential of Irish grassland for beef production. Proceedings, International meeting on animal production from temperate grassland, Dublin, June 1977: 12-19

Potential of Irish grassland for dairy production. Proceedings, International meeting on animal production from temperate grassland, Dublin, June 1977: 5-11

Potential of Irish grassland for sheep production. Proceedings, International meeting on animal production from temperate grassland, Dublin, June 1977: 79-87

Potential of accelerated electrons for insect control in stored grains. Proceedings of the Second International Working Conference on Stored Product Entomology, September 10-16, 1978, Ibadan, Nigeria: 278-286

Potential of arid and semi-arid rangelands for ruminant animal production. Winrock International Livestock Research and Training Center: Winrock Report Potential of the world' s forages for ruminant animal production: 79-90

Potential of banana leaves and stems as forage. 1. Availability and nutritive value. Nouvelles Agronomiques des Antilles et de la Guyane 4(1): 1-9

Potential of bullock cart transport in Orissa - a case study. Agricultural Mechanization in Asia 9(4): 73-76

Potential of certain range species for improvement of burned brushlands in Greece. Proceedings of the first international rangeland congress, Denver, Colorado, USA, August 14-18, 1978 [Hyder, DN Editor]: 715-717

Potential of fast-grown tropical pines for uses other than pulp and paper in Southern Africa. Progress and problems of genetic improvement of tropical forest trees Proceedings of a joint workshop, IUFRO working parties S202-08 and S203-01, Brisbane, 1977 II Pulp, paper and timber properties of plantation grown tropical pines: 162-166

Potential of fisheries. Kurukshetra 26(10): 13-14

Potential of fixation of N2 and incorporation of mineral-N in soybeans. Basic Life Sciences (10): 365-366

Potential of forest fuels for producing electrical energy. Journal of Forestry 76(3): 154-157

Potential of glyphosate in cultivated meadows, forests and for control of aquatic weeds. Ciencias 43(1): 54-56

Potential of grass and legume cultivars under Irish conditions. Proceedings, International meeting on animal production from temperate grassland, Dublin, June 1977: 23-28

Potential of gur and khandsari. Kurukshetra 26(6): 12-14

Potential of humid and subhumid rangelands for ruminant animal production. Winrock International Livestock Research and Training Center: Winrock Report Potential of the world' s forages for ruminant animal production: 29-48

Potential of irrigated tropical pastures for the dairy industry. Queensland Agricultural Journal 105(3): 219-221

Potential of large-scale algal culture for biomass and lipid production in arid lands. Biotechnology and Bioengineering Symposium (8): 51-68

Potential of liquid yogurt. Cultured Dairy Products Journal 14(4): 30-33

Potential of lucerne in Northland. New Zealand Journal of Agriculture 136(4): 6, 9-10

Potential of milk yield in short early lactation segments as a covariate in feeding experiments. Journal of Dairy Science 62(Suppl. 1): 81

Potential of organic manures and plant residues in crop production. Journal of the National Agricultural Society of Ceylon 14: 69-84

Potential of papillary muscle from young dogs for use in various diagnostic studies. American Journal of Veterinary Research 39(12): 1936-1942

Potential of pelleted herbicides for control of herbaceous and woody rangeland invaders in Texas. Abstracts of 1979 Meeting of the Weed Science Society of America: 55

Potential of protoplast fusion in potato breeding. Abstracts of conference papers, 7th triennial conference of the European Association for Potato Research, Warsaw, Poland, 26 June 1 July, 1978 Breeding and varietal assessment [II]: 199-200

Potential of protoplast, cell and tissue culture in cereal research. Vyuziti kultur rostlinnych explantatu ve slechteni Sbornik mezinarodniho symposia 6-11 Zari 1976, Olomouc, CSSR: 145-163

Potential of pyrethroid insecticides for cutworm control. Journal of Economic Entomology 71(4): 692-696

Potential of ratooning in pigeonpea. Field Crops Research 1(2): 165-172

Potential of root-gall and root necrosis indices for estimating losses of tobacco caused by Meloidogyne species. Journal of Nematology 11: 294

Potential of sheep and goats in less developed countries. Journal of Animal Science 51(2): 461-473

Potential of soil amendments as sources of native plants for revegetation of Athabasca oil sands tailings. Canada, Canadian Land Reclamation Association: Proceedings, fourth annual meeting, 13th-15th August 1979 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada: 223-237

Potential of some composites of maize in comparison with recommended hybrid and local variety as influenced by 'N' fertilization. Indian Journal of Agronomy 23(3): 246-251

Potential of soybean for human consumption. Indian Farming 27(12): 10-13, 27

Potential of steaming hardwoods and straw for feed and food production. Holzforschung 32(6): 193-199

Potential of temperate zone cultivated forages for ruminant animal production. Winrock International Livestock Research and Training Center: Winrock Report Potential of the world' s forages for ruminant animal production: 7-28

Potential of the Zambian dairy industry. UNGZAMI Bulletin (4): x + 106

Potential of the world's forages for ruminant animal production. Potential of the world' s forages for ruminant animal production: 90

Potential of tropical zone cultivated forages for ruminant animal production. Winrock International Livestock Research and Training Center: Winrock Report Potential of the world' s forages for ruminant animal production: 49-78

Potential of utilizing nitrate reductase activity as a means of increasing protein content and yield of cereals. Technology for increasing food production [Holmes, JC Editor]: 319-323

Potential of utilizing triticale as a food, feed and forage crop. Technology for increasing food production [Holmes, JC Editor]: 417-423

Potential of weeds to spread rice tungro in West Bengal, India. International Rice Research Newsletter 4(1): 11-12

Potential of wind as an energy source in Iran. Iranian Journal of Science and Technology 6(2): 51-62

Potential problems facing university research in forestry and forest products. Forest Products Journal 29(4): 14-17

Potential production from regions with humid mesothermal climates, present farming systems and future possibilities. Transactions, 11th International Congress of Soil Science 2: 166-199

Potential productivity of natural vegetation in Chile. Agro Sur 6(2): 83-89

Potential productivity of the litter of various types of forest habitats. Pochvovedenie (5): 115-124

Potential productivity of the organogenic horizons of Grey soil. Pochvovedenie (1): 124-133

Potential resource availability with whole-tree utilization. Tappi 61(11): 37-39

Potential role of humanitarian efforts. World agricultural trade: the potential for growth Proceedings of a Symposium sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, May 18 and 19, 1978: 94-108

Potential sites for national parks in the German Federal Republic. Natur und Landschaft 52(1): 3-9

Potential swine production on small farms in Northeast Thailand. Dissertation Abstracts International, A 39(11): p. 6882

Potential systems for weed control in flax. Proceedings North Central Weed Control Conference, 1977 (Vol. 32): 138-139

Potential toxicants for controlling soft rot in preservative treated hardwood. IV. Evaluation of combined diffusion and toxicity. Material und Organismen 14(2): 131-140

Potential use of Great Salt Lake water for lobster culture. Great Basin Naturalist, 393: 231-240

Potential use of Kenya 321-type dormancy in a wheat breeding programme aimed at evolving varieties tolerant to pre-harvest sprouting. Cereal Research Communications 8(1): 291-295

Potential use of Russian thistle (Salsola kali L.) and other weeds as an energy resource. Arid Lands Newsletter (11): 3-7

Potential use of broadleaved tree foliage. Rastitel' nye Resursy 15(1): 117-124

Potential use of leaf enzymes for identification of roses. Ohio Report on Research and Development 64(4): 51-53

Potential use of rum distillery slops as animal feed supplement. 2. Nitrogen content of mycelial growth in slops. Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico 63(3): 330-335

Potential use of satellites for assessing pools and fluxes of the carbon cycle on earth. The global carbon cycle: 379-402

Potential useful products from cellulosic materials. Biotechnology and Bioengineering Symposium: 321-338

Potential uses of anther culture techniques in breeding Brassica campestris. Proceedings of the 15th International Rapeseed Conference June 12-16, 1978 Volume 1 Session C Breeding: 204

Potential uses of micropropagation for cucurbits. Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative (1): 21-22

Potential uses of microwaves to increase internal combustion engine efficiency and reduce exhaust pollutants. Journal of Microwave Power 12(3): 187-198

Potential uses of sulphur compounds for soil and water management. The Use of Sulphur Containing Products in Agriculture Proceedings of the Symposium, Seville, Spain, 17-18 May 1978: 52-56

Potential utilization of bacterial-wilt resistant Solanum species as rootstock for commercial eggplant production. Bulletin of the Vegetable and Ornamental Crops Research Station, A Ishinden Ogoso (6): 11-18

Potential vectors and non-vectors of bancroftian filariasis in East Africa. East African Medical Journal 56(5): 197-202

Potential wealth in new crops: research and development. Crop resources [Seigler, DS Editor]: 1-15

Potential wild vectors in the epidemiology of yellow fever in West Africa. Les vecteurs potentiels sauvages dans l' epidemiologie de la fievre jaune en Afrique de l' Ouest: 258

Potential yield and quality of some grasses in Manitoba. Manitoba Agronomists: Technical and scientific papers presented at the Annual Conference of Manitoba Agronomists, December 16 and 17, 1975: 37-41

Potential, properties and utilization of secondary wood species of Indonesia. International Union of Forestry Research Organizations: Wood quality and utilization of tropical species Proceedings, IUFRO conference held at FORPRIDECOM, College, Laguna, Oct 30 Nov 3, 1978: 309-320

Potentialities for improving range management in Mediterranean coastal desert of Egypt. Proceedings of the First International Rangeland Congress, Denver, Colorado, USA, August 14-18, 1978: 45-47

Potentialities for pest management in potatoes. Pest control strategies: 117-135

Potentialities of Zambian forest fruit trees. Proceedings of the Eighth World Forestry Congress, Jakarta, 16-28 Oct 1978: World Forestry Congress: Forestry for food (FFF/9-8): ii + 6

Potentialities of credit absorption and maximizing farm incomes in the arid region of Rajasthan. Rajasthan Economic Journal 2(1): 31-39

Potentialities of increasing farm income and employment through dairying. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 33(3): 83-93

Potentialities of plants with underground storage organs in the Egyptian desert flora. I. The inorganic composition of the plant tissues. Economic Botany 32: 75-87

Potentialities of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) in Tuscany (central Italy). Pasture and forage production in seasonally arid climates Proceedings of the 6th general meeting of the European Grassland Federation, Madrid, 1975 [European Grassland Federation]: 109-120

Potentiality of Azolla on the enhancement of rice yield in sandy tract. Agricultural Research Journal of Kerala 17(1): 95-96

Potentiality of Pratylenchus indicus Das 1960, the root-lesion nematode as a new pest of upland rice. Annales De Zoologie Ecologie Animale: 104: 635-640

Potentiality of forage based ration in supporting lactational and reproductive ability of Haryana cows. Indian Veterinary Journal 55(4): 314-319

Potentiality of mixtures of legumes and cereals to supply adequate protein intakes. Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutricion 27(4): 495-504

Potentially dwarfing rootstocks for Florida citrus. Proceedings of the International Society of Citriculture, 1977 Volume 2: 558-561

Potentially high-yielding and high-protein rice in induced mutation breeding. Seed protein improvement in cereals and grain legumes Vol II Proceedings of a symposium, Neuherberg, 4-8 September 1978 [Rice]: 293-301

Potentials and pitfalls of product marketing through group action by small-scale farmers. Agricultural Administration 6(4): 305-316

Potentials and possibilities of rationalizing water usage in the dairy industry. Technique Laitiere (938): 27, 29, 31-32

Potentials and predictions concerning reclamation of semiarid mined lands. The Reclamation of Disturbed Arid Lands: 149-154

Potentials and problems of peanut production in St. Kitts. Proceedings of the Caribbean Food Crops Society 15: 134-245

Potentials for breeding cherry rootstocks. HortScience 13(3, II): 371-372

Potentials for intra-regional trade in Grenada bananas. Proceedings of the Tenth West Indies Agricultural Economics Conference Volume II Workshop papers: 91-101

Potentials of European alfalfa pollinators. Report of the twenty fifth alfalfa improvement conference, July 13-15, 1976, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York Publication No ARS NC 52, Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture: 35

Potentiation between physical and chemical attractants against house flies. Bulletin of the Society of Vector Ecologists 4: 36-39

Potentiation of IgE response in vitro by T cells from rats infected with Nippostrongylus brasiliensis. Journal of Immunology 123(2): 918-924

Potentiation of acute toxicity of methyl or ethyl gusathion and Tamaron in their mixtures. Proceedings of the Fourth Conference of Pest Control, September 30 October 3, 1978 Part I: 541-545

Potentiation of cell-mediated immune responses by monocytes from Mycobacterium bovis sensitized and normal cattle. Dissertation Abstracts International 40B(2): 625

Potentiation of paired insecticide combinations on Plutella xylostella (Linn.) and other cabbage insects. Philippine Entomologistrecd 1979; 3(3/4): 225-240

Potentiation of porcine lipid mobilizing factor by porcine serum and its relationship with growth rate and leanness. Animal Production 31(1): 87-91

Potentiation of steroid binding to proteins by 7,12-dimethylbenz( alpha )anthracene. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry 9(11): 1027-1032

Potentiation of the acute toxicity of several pesticides and herbicides in trout by carbaryl. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 34(1): 83-87

Potentillo albae-Festucetum rubrae - a relic association of former intensive agriculture. Preslia 51(1): 47-69

Potentiometric determination of glucose by enzymatic oxidation in a flow system. Analytica Chimica Acta 105: 43-52

Potentiometric titration of aluminum bentonite in the presence of aluminum hydrous oxide gel. Soil Science 126(3): 136-144

Potentiometric titration of methylated homoionic bentonites. Geoderma 21(2): 161-173

Pots, power and progress in Papua New Guinea. Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit (3): 12-13

Potted rose production and marketing, Metro Manila. Study, Special Studies Division, Planning Service, Department of Agriculture, Philippines (3): 26

Pottery guide: Lesotho. Project primer No.1. Pottery guide: Lesotho Project primer No1: 60

Potting media for growing cocoa seedlings. Ghana Journal of Agricultural Sciencereceived 1979; 9(3): 207-210

Poult yolk sac and carcass changes with breeder age, egg weight and post-hatch fasting. Poultry Science 58(4): 1087


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Poultry litter in the feeding of cattle. 3. Beef production in relation to different levels of poultry litter and starch. Turrialba 28(3): 215-223

Poultry manure as a fertilizer. Advisory Leaflet, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (320): 4

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Pouto Forest Farm. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 22(1): 140-146

Poverty - wealth of mankind. Poverty wealth of mankind: xiv + 182

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Powder cheese production. British Patent: (1 547 236)

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Prace Komisji Technologii Drewna. Prace Komisji Technologii Drewna:

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