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Selection and characterization of a feedback-insensitive tissue culture of maize

, : Selection and characterization of a feedback-insensitive tissue culture of maize. Planta 148(2): 183-187

Tissue culture selection techniques were used to isolate a maize (Z. mays L.) variant D33, in which the aspartate family pathway was less sensitive to feedback inhibition by lysine. D33 was recovered by successively subculturing cultures originally derived from immature embryos on MS (Murashige-Skoog) medium containing growth-inhibitory levels of lysine + threonine. The ability of D33 to grow vigorously on lysine + threonine medium was retained after growth for 12 mo. on nonselection medium. New cultures initiated from shoot tissues of plants regenerated from D33 also were resistant to lysine + threonine inhibition. The Ki of aspartokinase for its feedback inhibitor, lysine, was about 9-fold higher in D33 than for the enzyme from unselected cultures. The free pools of lysine, threonine, isoleucine and methionine were increased 2- to 9-fold in D33 cultures. This was consistent with the observed change in feedback regulation of aspartokinase, the 1st enzyme common to the biosynthesis of these amino acids in the aspartate pathway. The accumulated evidence including the stability of resistance in the cultures, the resistance of cultures initiated from regenerated plants, the altered feedback regulation, and the increased free amino acids, indicates a mutational origin for these traits in line D33.


PMID: 24309707

DOI: 10.1007/BF00386420

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