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Seminar proceedings. Seminar on methods and philosophy of adult education, Cochabamba, Bolivia, 7 to 18 August, 1978

, : Seminar proceedings. Seminar on methods and philosophy of adult education, Cochabamba, Bolivia, 7 to 18 August, 1978. Seminar proceedings Seminar on methods and philosophy of adult education, Cochabamba, Bolivia, 7 to 18 August, 1978: 130

The publication contains the proceedings (in Spanish) of a seminar designed to assist in the development of educational and organizational programmes for adults. There is a summary (in English) which gives more detailed objectives, lists participants (mainly from church, co-operative and adult education groups), sets out the seminar content, the methodology used, the results of written and oral evaluation sessions by the participants, and a detailed timetable.


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