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Sources of calf wastage in the University of Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station (Fayetteville) herds

, : Sources of calf wastage in the University of Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station (Fayetteville) herds. Dissertation Abstracts International 40B(3): 1078-1079

Between 1952 and 1977 there were 5830 calvings and 563 deaths in the Arkansas AES beef herd. The main source of wastage was stillbirth (209 animals). Among the 329 calves born alive, the major causes of death were: found dead (30%), diarrhoea (17%), acorn poisoning (10%), pneumonia (8%), abnormal (6%), Johne's disease (5%), and bloat (3%), Deaths due to neonatal diarrhoea in beef calves occurred mainly in calves 2-3 and 7-11 weeks old, and were largely confined to Angus calves.


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