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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 754

Chapter 754 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Standard for butter. Canadian Government Specifications Board Standard (CGSB 32-GP-161M): 3

Standard for cheese products. Canadian Government Specifications Board Standard (CGSB 32-GP-172M): 4

Standard for cheese, Cottage. Canadian Government Specifications Board Standard (CGSB 32-GP-173M): 3

Standard for cream, fresh and sterilized. Canadian Government Specifications Board Standard (CGSB 32-GP-170M): 4

Standard for ice cream and ice milk. Canadian Government Specifications Board Standard (CGSB 32-GP-163M): 3

Standard for milk, concentrated, pasteurized homogenized, fresh or frozen. Canadian Government Specifications Board Standard (CGSB 32-GP-174M): 4

Standard for milk, condensed. Canadian Government Specifications Board Standard (CGSB 32-GP-167M): 3

Standard for milk, evaporated. Canadian Government Specifications Board Standard (CGSB 32-GP-166M): 3

Standard for milk, fresh, pasteurized. Canadian Government Specifications Board Standard (CGSB 32-GP-165M): 4

Standard for milk, skim, dry. Canadian Government Specifications Board Standard (CGSB 32-GP-169M): 3

Standard for milk, whole dry. Canadian Government Specifications Board Standard (CGSB 32-GP-168M): 3

Standard for sampling of dairy products. Canadian Government Specifications Board Standard (CGSB 32-GP-175M): 4

Standard for sherbet. Canadian Government Specifications Board Standard (CGSB 32-GP-176M): 3

Standard metabolism of monotremes and the evolution of homeothermy. Australian Journal of Zoology 27(4): 511-516

Standard methods for the examination of dairy products. Standard methods for the examination of dairy products (Ed. 14): xxiii + 416

Standard planning of basic productive assets and their efficiency in horticulture. Visnik Sil' s' kogospodars' koi Nauki (5): 74-77

Standard procedure involving alternate immersion and emersion for testing the corrosiveness of detergents and/or sterilants on metals and alloys intended for use in contact with milk and milk products. IDF [International Dairy Federation] Standard (85: 1978): 4

Standard programme for assessing suitability of cream for buttermaking. Nordisk Mejeriindustri 5(9): 459

Standard reconstituted milks for Pro-Milk and Kjeldahl tests. Australian Journal of Dairy Technology 34(3): 121-123

Standard reference stands of birch and of aspen, and programmes for producing them. Lesnoe Khozyaistvo (8): 20-24

Standard references in forestry. Journal of Forestry 76(2): 100-103

Standard scoring system for measuring elongation ability of deep-water rice. Proceedings, 1976 Deep Water Rice Workshop, 8-10 November, Bangkok, Thailand [II]: 229

Standard soil-mass samples, their preparation and use. Pochvovedenie (7): 111-117

Standard specification for the tanks and ancillary equipment of milk tankers. South African Standard (SABS 1187-1978): 15 + 15

Standard stock units (Technical Note No. 1). Somali Range Bulletin (9): 15-19

Standard time tables and output guides. Booklet, Forestry Commission, UK (45): xxxix + 371

Standard times for establishing and maintaining green areas etc. Tijdnormen voor aanleg en onderhoud van groenvoorzieningen ca:

Standard trusses for tiled roofs using lapped SA pine timber with toothed ring connectors. R/Hout (84): 28

Standard values for birthweight and length of newborn infants in the German Democratic Republic. Zentralblatt fur Gynakologie 99(8): 461-465

Standard values for expenditure and costs of slurry removal and husbandry in industrialized milk-production units. Agrartechnik 28(4): 163-165

Standard values for inputs and costs of feeding and milking in industrialized milk production units. Agrartechnik 28(3): 125-127

Standard values for the irrigation of vegetable crops taking into account the complex interaction of intensive production factors. Gartenbau 25(3): 67-68

Standard values for the planning of open spaces. Mitteilungen der Abt Biometrie der Forstwiss Fakultat an der Albert Ludwig Universitat zu Freiburg: 235

Standard wooden pallets. Bulletin, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (164): 16

Standardisation of breeding records: correction factors to estimate body weights at 300 days of age of Madras Red and Mandya breeds of sheep. Cheiron 8(1): 49-51

Standardisation of breeding value estimation for bulls of dairy and dairy/beef breeds. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 8(11): 1013-1018

Standardisation of methods for determining the activity of soil enzymes. Pochvovedenie (2): 107-114

Standardisation of milk. Dairy Industries International 44(5): 29, 32-34

Standardisation of sampling time and technique for measurement of ethylene in grapes. Haryana Journal of Horticultural Sciences 8(1/2): 45-46

Standardization and exchange of computerized pedological data. Normalisation et echange de donnee pedologiques par ordinateur: 192

Standardization and quality certification of farm machinery and power: perspective and challenges. Agricultural Mechanization in Asia 10(4): 35-41

Standardization and testing of furniture. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff 37(1): 1-7

Standardization of a method of curd production from cows' milk Teleme cheese whey. Geoponika 23(236): 125-132, 137

Standardization of accounting methods for machinery. Forstarchiv 49(6): 123-124

Standardization of analytical methodology for feeds. Proceedings of a workshop held in Ottawa, Canada, 12-14 March 1979. Standardization of analytical methodology for feeds Proceedings of a workshop held in Ottawa, Canada, 12-14 March 1979: 128

Standardization of animal husbandry terminology. Teaduslike Toode Kogumik, Eesti Loomakasvatuse ja Veterinaaria Teadusliku Uurimise Instituut (40): 176-181

Standardization of cheese milk with the Milkotester Control (MTC). Meieriposten 68(6): 164-165

Standardization of controlled environment research. HortScience 13(4): 451-453

Standardization of criteria for assessing the effect of Simulium control in onchocerciasis control programmes. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 72(6): 675-676

Standardization of cultural conditions for maximum acid protease production by fungi. Haryana Agricultural University Journal of Research 7(1-2): 37-42

Standardization of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and the detection of Toxoplasma antibody. Medical Laboratory Sciences 35(3): 227-232

Standardization of fat and solids-not-fat in buffaloes' milk with reconstituted milk. Revista do Instituto de Laticinios Candido Tostes 35(208): 27-32

Standardization of field techniques for hybrid seed production in watermelon (Citrullus lanatus Thunb. Mansf.). Thesis Abstracts 5(1): 46-47

Standardization of growth curves. Journal of Forestry 76(5): 289-292

Standardization of harvesting time, drying methodology and milling technology for village level processing of paddy. Rice report 1975: 42-43

Standardization of leaf sampling procedure in 'Chiku' (Achras sapota) Syn. Haryana Journal of Horticultural Sciences 8(1/2): 24-27

Standardization of leaf sampling technique in ber (Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk.) cv. Safarchand. Punjab Horticultural Journal 19(3/4): 147-150

Standardization of leptospiral agglutinin absorption antigens. Proceedings of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians 1979; 21: 265-288

Standardization of milk in cheese manufacture. Mljekarstvo 28(7): 156-162

Standardization of pest control equipment. Pesticides 13(3): 37-45

Standardization of potato quality testing for breeding programs. American Potato Journal 53(10): 360-361

Standardization of propagation from cuttings under mist II. Effect of rooting media on root formation in cuttings of ornamental plants. Punjab Horticultural Journal 16(3/4): 153-156

Standardization of sawn timber sizes. Derevoobrabatyvayushchaya Promyshlennost' (3): 4-5

Standardization of technique of soaking of seed tubers in ZnSO4 solution prior to planting of potatoes. Indian Potato Association, Simla: International seminar on ' Approaches towards increasing the potato production in developing countries' November 20-23, 1978 Abstracts: 21-22

Standardization of the assessment of damage caused by fungal diseases on grapevines. Bulletin de l' OIV 53(587): 3-16

Standardization of the buffered antigen (rose bengal) test for bovine brucellosis. Contribution a la standardisation de l' epreuve a l' antigene tamponne EAT chez les bovins: 88

Standardization of the indirect fluorescent antibody test for malaria. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 72(5): 456-462

Standardization of the quantitative agar gel precipitin test for antibodies to infectious bursal disease. Journal of Biological Standardization 7(2): 89-96

Standardization of trade in raw materials and the activity of monopolies in developing countries. Vneshnyaya Torgovlya (11): 43. . .52

Standardization of vigor tests. Journal of Seed Technology 1(2): 75-85

Standardized growing of azalea. Gartner Tidende (48): 810-812

Standardized nomenclature for inbred strains of mice: seventh listing. Cancer Research 40(7): 2083-2128

Standardized quantitative enzyme-linked immunoassay for antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 11(6): 675-681

Standardizing Cheddar cheesemaking using phage-insensitive starters. Journal of Dairy Science 63(Suppl. 1): 37

Standardizing capital investment. Ekonomika Sel' skogo Khozyaistva (8): 28-34

Standardizing the module builder and transporter. Agricultural Engineering 59(12): 12-13

Standards (1976) for levels of arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury in foods. Bundesgesundheitsblatt 20(5): 76

Standards currently used in Morocco in the preparation of soil classification maps for irrigated crop production. Cahiers ORSTOM, Pedologie 16(2): 177-191

Standards for calculating the costs of agricultural production. Zemedelska Ekonomika 25(7): 501-508

Standards for feeding ewes on pelleted diets. Ovtsevodstvo (12): 29-31

Standards for heifers. Mitteilungen des Schweizerischen Braunviehzuchtverbandes (1): 75-80

Standards for measuring energy value of feeds. Ptitsevodstvo (5): 30-31

Standards for new regional excursion centres in Hungary and the organization of leisure activities. Travel Research Journal (2): 47-56

Standards for performance testing of air filters. Filtration and Separation 16(3): 261-262

Standards for testing and assessing range condition in central Australia. Australian Rangeland Journal 1(1): 40-48

Standards for the provision of livestock feed. Rapport, Proefstation voor de Rundveehouderij (57): 73

Standards in statewide comprehensive outdoor recreation planning: a methodological study. Dissertation Abstracts International, A 39(2): p.1833

Standards in the Czechoslovak dairy industry. Milchforschung Milchpraxis 20(3): 68-69

Standards of energy requirements for rearing gilts. Sbornik Vedeckych Praci Vyzkumneho Ustavu Vyzivy Zvirat, Pohorelice 12: 51-57

Standards of environmental quality for recreational evaluation of rivers. In: Proceedings river recreation management and research symposium, USDA Forest Service. General Technical Report, North Central Forest Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service (NC-28): 245-255

Standards of identity and quality specifications under US legislation. XX International Dairy Congress, Conferences (31ST): 2

Standards of safety in the use of farm tractors. Macchine e Motori Agricoli 38(2): 27 - 42

Standards, guidelines and regulations on the estimation of noise in the working environment. Forstarchiv 50(7/8): 179-180

Standarization of measurement of broken rice by test rice grader (Part 1). Research Report on Agricultural Machinery, Kyoto University, Japan (8): 97-106

Standby generators. Landtechnische Zeitschrift 30(3): 276...292

Standing crop and increment of bole in plantations of Chamaecyparis obtusa near an electric power plant in Owase, Mie. Japanese Journal of Ecology 29(2): 103-109

Standing crop, diets, travel and weight changes under short-duration and continuous grazing. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 38(4): 1490

Standing crops of dominant Combretum species at three browsing levels in the Kruger national park. Koedoe 21: 67-76

Standing paralumbar approach for surgical embryo transfer in cattle. Theriogenology 11(1): 97

Standing stubble versus crimped straw mulch for establishing grass on mined lands. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 35(1): 25-27

Stanford Practical Training Area. UK, Natural Environment Research Council, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology: Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, UK: Annual report 1977: 32-33

Stanley Clifford Award study tour report. Journal of the Society of Dairy Technology 33(1): 11-18

Stannic tetrachloride catalysed glycosylation of 8-ethoxycarbonyloctanol by cellobiose, lactose, and maltose octaacetates; synthesis of alpha - and beta -glycosidic linkages. Canadian Journal of Chemistry 57(16): 2085-2090

Staphylococcal bovine mastitis and detection of antibodies against staphylococcal deoxyribonuclease in milk serum. Veterinaromeditsinski Nauki 15(10): 51-55

Staphylococcal hypersensitivity in the dog. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 14(6): 766-779

Staphylococcal mastitis in cows and the presence of antibodies against staphylococcal deoxyribonuclease in milk whey. Veterinarnomeditsinski Nauki 15(10): 51-55

Staphylococcal mastitis in the goat. Contribution a l' etude des staphylocoques, agents d' infection mammaire chez la chevre: 94

Staphylococcal nuclease in udder secretions of cows with acute mastitis. Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica 21(1): 79-95

Staphylococcal septic arthritis in three horses. Equine Veterinary Journal 11(2): 85-89

Staphylococci as agents of bovine mastitis. Anales de la Facultad de Veterinaria de Leon 1980; 24(1): 83-93

Staphylococci in a poultry abattoir. Dansk Veterinaertidsskrift 62(16): 817-824

Staphylococci in cheese. Antibiotics and antibiosis in agriculture: 139-156

Staphylococci in milk. Rivista del Latte 32(3): 12-15, 18-23

Staphylococci were the cause of UHT milk poisoning. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 30(43): 1600

Staphylococcus aureus in raw human milk for neonates. British Medical Journal 1(6120): 1146-1146

Staphylococcus aureus infections in poultry. I. Ecology and epidemiology. II. Properties of S. aureus from fowls . Archiv fur Experimentelle Veterinarmedizin 33(6): 831-835, 837-849

Staphylococcus aureus var. hominis in dairy herd. Archiv fur Experimentelle Veterinarmedizin 33(5): 753-763

Staphylococcus hyicus (Sompolinsky 1953) comb. nov. and Staphylococcus hyicus subsp. chromogenes subsp. nov. International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology 28(4): 482-490

Staphylococcus hyicus in cattle. Research in Veterinary Science 26(3): 356-358

Staphylococcus infection of fowls. Gaceta Veterinaria 40(331): 388-402

Staphylococcus pyogenes (aureus). Penicillin and penicillin/streptomycin resistance. Nordisk Veterinaermedicin 30(10): 434-436

Staple length standards for Polish Merinos. Roczniki Akademii Rolniczej w Poznaniu 101(Zootechnika 25): 3-12

Starch accumulation and photosynthetic activity in primary leaves of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Annals of Botany 44(4): 479-484

Starch accumulation in leaves from maize and Zebrina pendula in relation to nitrogen and phosphorus deficiency. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie 92(2): 163-169

Starch and free sugars during kernel development of Bomi barley and its high-lysine mutant 1508. Seed protein improvement by nuclear techniques Proceedings of two Research Co ordination Meetings, Baden, 28 March 1 April 1977 and Vienna, 26-30 September 1977 Part I Seed protein improvement in cereals: 115-120

Starch and its component ratio in developing cotton leaves. Plant Physiology 63(5): 973-977

Starch and prolamin level in single and double high-lysine barley mutants. Physiologia Plantarum 48(1): 139-143

Starch characterization of Zea mays L. endosperm mutants. Agronomy Abstracts: 67-68

Starch composition and hordein electrophoretic patterns of grains of genetically transformed barley plants. Environmental and Experimental Botany 18(2): 105-111

Starch content and amylase activity in avocado fruit pulp. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 103(5): 673-676

Starch deposition and carbohydrase activities in developing and germinating soya bean seeds. Annals of Botany 45(5): 577-582

Starch gel electrophoresis: an effective method for separation of pathogenic and nonpathogenic Naegleria strains. Journal of Protozoology, 264: 613-615

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Starch in forages. UK, Welsh Plant Breeding Station: Report for 1977: 109-110

Starch level in cow rations. Zhivotnovodstvo (10): 47-48

Starch quality in wheat and barley at different maturity stages in relation to seed dormancy. Cereal Research Communication 8(1): 193-197

Starch synthesis from exogenous sugars in tobacco leaf discs. Journal of Experimental Botany 29(113): 1391-1401

Starch synthesis in developing potato tubers. Physiologia Plantarum 46(1): 25-30

Starch to sugar interconversion in Solanum tuberosum L. 1. Influence of inorganic ions. American Potato Journal 55(6): 345-350

Starch xanthates for weed control in corn. Proceedings North Central Weed Control Conference, 1977 (Vol. 32): 25-26

Starch-sugar interconversion in Solanum tuberosum L. 2. Influence of membrane permeability and fluidity. American Potato Journal 56(4): 225-235

Starkrimson cherry (Zaiger 1G-200) introduced by Stark Bro's Nurseries & Orchards Co. Fruit Varieties Journal 34(1): 18-19

Starling roost dispersal. Research Information Note, Forestry Commission, UK (35): 2

Starling roost dispersal from woodlands. Leaflet, Forestry Commission, UK (69): 7

Starters in cheesemaking. Molkerei Zeitung Welt der Milch 34(7): 173-178

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Starting cooperative development in Afghanistan. Internationales Asienforum 10(1/2): 39-51

Starting new feeder cattle on corn silage. Research Report, Michigan State University Agricultural Experiment Station: 110-119

Starting points for the management of Dutch Forests. Nederlands Bosbouw Tijdschrift 50(9): 257-261

Starting project for the scientific and technical information and documentation network: operating plan October 1978, extracts. Sahel Bibliographic Bulletin 3(2): 99-106

Starting projects in our own village: an experience from Papua New Guinea. FAO Ideas and Action Bulletin (131): 7-16

Starting with ABC. Agenda 2(10): 5-7

Starvation of lactating rats leads to alterations in the behaviour of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase which persist in the semi-purified pyruvate dehydrogenase complex of the mammary gland but are partly reversible in vitro. FEBS Letters 98(1): 195-198

Starvation or bilharza? - a rural development dilemma. Water development, supply and management Vol7: 343-350

Starving children. The tyranny of hunger. Starving children The tyranny of hunger: xxi + 154

State and agriculture 1800-1865. Themes and materials to do with the situation and administration of agriculture at an early stage of industrialisation. Vol.I text, Vol.II. appendices. Berichte uber Landwirtschaft (194, Sonderheft): 327; 127

State and agriculture in Tanzania. Draft introductory chapter to a book-length study of the same title. CDR Project Paper, Centre for Development Research (A.78.1): 54

State and development of breeding and growing large-seeded leguminous crops in the German Democratic Republic. Biuletyn Instytutu Hodowli i Aklimatyzacji Roslin (5/6): 7-10

State and development of testing methods for tractor safety frames and cabs. Grundlagen der Landtechnik 28(5): 178-184

State and development of the exposure of tractor and combine harvester drivers to noise. Grundlagen der Landtechnik 29(3): 92-99

State and federal responses to the 1977 drought. North American Droughts, N J Rosenberg, editor: 143-161

State and national standardized lactation averages by breed for cows on Official test, calving in 1975. Dairy Herd Improvement Letter 53(3): 1-3

State and national standardized lactation averages by breed for cows on Official test, calving in 1976. Dairy Herd Improvement Letter 54(5): 1-3

State and prospects of breeding tomato for cultivation under cover in the countries of the world. Genotype and environment in breeding greenhouse tomatoes [1]: 3-22

State and prospects of research in the field of distant hybridization. Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 13(6): 822-829

State and prospects of research on plant pathogenic viruses in the BSSR. Vestsi Akademii Navuk Belaruskai SSR, Biyalagichnykh Navuk (6): 81-85

State and prospects of work on breeding sugar beet using cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS). Tsitoplazmatich muzhsk steril' nost' i selektsiya rast: 13-17

State control of salmonellosis in cattle in the Zurich canton of Switzerland in 1964-1976. Die staatliche Bekampfung der Salmonellose beim Rindvieh im Kanton Zurich in den Jahren 1964-1976: 85

State environmental policy acts and the public. Working Paper, Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (6): iii + 55

State farm workers. Tarsadalomtudomanyi Kozlemenyek 8(4): 28-40

State finance for agriculture in selected EC countries. (Two papers). Schriften der Gesellschaft fur Wirtschafts und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaues (15): 191-224

State forestry in Auckland. Summary of prescriptions from Forest Service Auckland Regional Management Plan. State forestry in Auckland Summary of prescriptions from Forest Service Auckland Regional Management Plan: 16

State instruments for managing the market and the entrepreneurial activity of the dairies. Molkerei Zeitung Welt der Milch 32(41): 1324. . .1344

State instruments for market regulation, and the entrepreneurial activity of dairies. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 29(48): 1746-1751

State intervention and peasant participation in the organization of commonly owned land. Intervencion del estado y participacion campesina en la organizacion integral del ejido colectivo: 267

State intervention in the economy, externalities and development: agricultural policy as an example. Mondes en Developpement (23): 702-724

State jurisdiction to adjudicate Indian reserved water rights. Natural Resources Journal 18(1): 221-235

State management of purchase of agricultural produce. Gosudarstvennoe upravlenie zakupkami sel' skokhozyaistvennykh produktov: 136

State of Kuwait. World Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development. Country review paper. Meeting papers WCARRD, Rome, July 1979: 21

State of Nevada cloud seeding project. Desert Research Institute, Annual Report 1978-79: 33-35

State of Nevada planning study to accelerate the use of solar energy in the western region. Desert Research Institute, President' s Annual Report 1977-78: p. 78

State of development and future prospects for the production, transport and cleaning of whole-tree chips. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff 36(5): 169-173

State of development of tractor cabs with respect to noise, environmental conditions and dust. Landtechnik 33(11): 478-480

State of health and commercial value of cows after surgical treatment for traumatic reticulitis and peritonitis. Polskie Archiwum Weterynaryjne 21(1): 87-107

State of hydration in post-embryonic stages of some blowflies (Calliphoridae; Diptera). Current Science 48(6): 273-274

State of knowledge of the Aral Sea study. Problemy Osvoeniya Pustyn' 2: 12-18

State of management data determination in grain conservation. Grundlagen der Landtechnik 28(6): 234-240

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State of research in production economics. Rivista di Economia Agraria 34(1): 49-122

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State regulation of fluid milk and the processor-retailer margin. Dissertation Abstracts International, A 39(6): 3704

State standard for queen honeybees. Pchelovodstvo (10): 9-10

State statutes limiting liability for land used for recreational purposes. State statutes limiting liability for land used for recreational purposes:

State tourism in China and USA. Annals of Tourism Research 6(4): 425-434

State's dairy industry: bright future. South Dakota Farm and Home Research 29(1): 3-4

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Statewide deer food preferences. Statewide deer food preferences: 29

Static and dynamic tests for roll-over protective structures of agricultural and earthmoving machines. Annali dell' Istituto Sperimentale per la Meccanizzazione Agricola76; (5): 169-183

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Stationary electrode soil sterilizer of continuous action. Sbornik Nauchnykh Rabot, Saratovskii Sel' skokhozyaistvennyi Institut (119): 3 - 5

Stationary installation for measuring milk quantity and method for checking. Molochnaya Promyshlennost' (4): 8-11

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Statistical aids to decision making in the selection of AI bulls. Statistische Entscheidungshilfen fur die Selektion von Besamungsbullen: ; 196

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