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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 782

Chapter 782 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The possibility of apple orchard establishment by direct planted grafts. Nauka u Praksi 8(5): 599-602

The possibility of assessing the baking quality of rye by a laboratory microbaking test. Biuletyn Instytutu Hodowli i Aklimatyzacji Roslin (131): 89-96

The possibility of black zinc oxide as spectrally selective coating for lower temperature solar collectors. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 125(8): 1361-1364

The possibility of breeding onion lines for resistance to downy mildew. Gradinarska i Lozarska Nauka 14(7): 87-91

The possibility of cattle becoming infected with Cysticercus bovis on cotton fields following cropping. (Preliminary communication). Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Instituta Gel' mintologii im KI Skryabina (21): 66-67

The possibility of chemical control of Phytophthora capsici Leonian, pathogen of pepper in the Prizren region. Zastita Bilja 30(4): 353-356

The possibility of combining polyploidy and heterosis effects as exemplified by interline sugar-beet hybrids. 3 ii s"ezd Vses ob va genetikov i selektsionerov im N I Vavilova: 247-248

The possibility of continuous production at commercial sheep farms. Ovtsevodstvo (7): 21-23

The possibility of control of wireworms (Elateridae: Coleoptera) in maize by the use of granulated preparations at planting. Rasteniev"dni Nauki 15(5): 108-113

The possibility of controlling the European corn borer Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn. (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) in the USSR and Canada by cultivating resistant lines of maize. Entomolgicheskoe Obozrenie 58(1): 3-14

The possibility of correcting milk production of Friesian cows to that achieved at maturity. Savremena Poljoprivreda 25(9-10): 5-14

The possibility of determining the components of phenotypic variation in quantitative characters in plant populations using Shrikhande's method. Genet kolichestv priznakov s kh rastenii: 88-93

The possibility of determining the first N dressing for cereals on the basis of soil inorganic nitrogen content. Archiv fur Acker und Pflanzenbau und Bodenkunde 20(10): 713-722

The possibility of distant hybridization in Valeriana officinalis. 3 i s"ezd Vses ob va genetikov i selektsionerov im N I Vavilova: 260

The possibility of early mating of Romanov ewes. Nauchnye Issledovaniya v Romanovskom Ovtsevodstve Tematicheskii Sbornik (4): 166-169

The possibility of eliminating foliar modifications appearing on grapevine cv. Grenache N. after prolonged in vitro culture. Progres Agricole et Viticole 96(7): 152-157

The possibility of establishing an apple meadow orchard on vigorous rootstocks in the Moscow region. Sbornik Nauchnykh Rabot N i Zonal' n In ta Sadovod Nechernozem Polosy 10: 47-56

The possibility of formation of strains of Verticillium dahliae Kleb. differing in virulence under the influence of cotton variety. Tr VNII Selektsii i Semenovod Khlopchatnika (16): 45-49

The possibility of germ cell chimaerism in dizygotic twin bulls. Animal Blood Groups and Biochemical Genetics 9(1): 3-8

The possibility of implementing suitable work regimes in milk production. Sbornik Provozne Ekonomicke Fakulty, Vysoka Skola Zemedelska v Praze 15(2): 101-125

The possibility of incorporating herbicide resistance into oilseed rape. Proceedings of the 15th International Rapeseed Conference June 12-16, 1978 Volume 1 Session C Breeding: 160-163

The possibility of incorporation of host protein into Trypanosoma cruzi. Experimental investigation. Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo 20(5): 279-284

The possibility of increasing seed yield in winter fodder pea by means of hybridization. Biuletyn Instytutu Hodowli i Aklimatyzacji Roslin (128/129): 133-138

The possibility of increasing the productivity of wheat - rye amphidiploids and the creation of new 42-chromosome early-ripening forms of triticale. Selektsiya i agroteckhnika pshenitsata i sl"nchogleda: 75-80

The possibility of increasing the proportion of cereals in rotations. Zeszyty Problemowe Postepow Nauk Rolniczych (218): 278

The possibility of influencing mutagenically traits which characterize productive sunflower varieties. Sbornik z vedecke konference na pocest 30 vyroci osvobozeni CSSR Sovetskou armadou Sekce fytotechnicka cast 1,2,3-2-591975: 569-580

The possibility of integrated control of cotton wilt. Trudy Kirgizskoi Op Stantsii po Khlopkovodstvu (2): 44-50

The possibility of integrated method in the control of cotton wilt. Tr Kirg Opyt St po Khlopkovodstvu (2): 44-50

The possibility of intensive sheep grazing under mountain conditions. Wiadomosci Instytutu Melioracji i Uzytkow Zielonych 13(2): 235-251

The possibility of isolation of alfalfa mosaic virus from lucerne seeds. Zastita Bilja 29(145): 203-207

The possibility of making silage from berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum). Alexandria Journal of Agricultural Research 26(3): 545-549

The possibility of mechanical harvesting of gooseberry in relation to different training systems. Nauch Trudy Leningrad S Kh In ta 347: 83-87

The possibility of obtaining accurate results by simplified milk recording. Vedecke Prace Vyskumneho Ustavu Zivocisnej Vyroby v Nitre (17): 83-90

The possibility of obtaining transgressive forms in the intraspecific hybridization of tobacco. Genet i selektsiya kolichestv priznakov: 138-143

The possibility of obtaining two litters in a year from arctic foxes by modifying the daily photoperiod. Nauchnye Trudy Nauchno Issledovatel' skii Institut Pushnogo Zverovodstva i Krolikovodstva 15: 159-168

The possibility of predicting solute uptake and plant growth response from independently measured soil and plant characteristics. 6. The growth and uptake of rape in solution of constant nitrate concentration. Plant and Soil 53(1/2): 137-167

The possibility of predicting solute uptake and plant growth response from independently measured soil and plant characteristics. 7. The growth and nitrate uptake of rape in soil at two nitrate concentrations and a comparison of the results with model predictions. Plant and Soil 53(1/2): 169-191

The possibility of predicting solute uptake and plant growth response from independently measured soil and plant characteristics. 8. A comparison of the growth and nitrate uptake of rape grown in similar nitrate concentration in solution or in soil solution. Plant and Soil 53(1/2): 193-201

The possibility of predicting the numbers of plant parasitic nematodes in relation to the intensification of agriculture. Printsipy i metody izucheniya vzaimootnoshenii mezhdu paraziticheskimi nematodami i rasteniyami: 1979; 71-78

The possibility of producing various thermized products. Zbornik Prac Vyskumneho Ustavu Mliekarskeho v Ziline za roky 1975-1976: 101-107

The possibility of propagating some Italian potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivars by meristem-tip culture. Rivista della Ortoflorofrutticoltura Italiana 62(2): 133-140

The possibility of protection of pumpkin against cucumber powdery mildew. Zahradnistvo 2(7): 313-314

The possibility of repression of cell genome by potato virus X. Tr Biol Pochven Inst Dal' nevost Nauch Tsentr AN SSSR (25/128): 283-284

The possibility of selection for longer duration of egg fertility in hens as a basis for a longer insemination interval. Aktualne problemy aviarnej genetiky II celostatne sympozium s medzinarodnou ucastou: 24-27

The possibility of sex control in mammals. Medycyna Weterynaryjna 36(5): 286-288

The possibility of simultaneous control of powdery mildew and scab of apple. Ovoshcharstvo 57(3): 35-36

The possibility of the control of volunteer potatoes with paraquat in maize and glyphosate in stubble. Proceedings 1978 British Crop Protection Conference Weeds: 379-384

The possibility of two-year cold storage of strawberry plants. Informatore Agrario 35(47): 8167-8168

The possibility of using Corriedale sheep in commercial crossbreeding with fine-wooled sheep. 1. Growth and meat production of lambs. Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 15(3): 59-64

The possibility of using Trichinella spiralis anitigen for the study of antigen-sensitive lymphoctye populations. Periodicum Biologorum 81: 483-484

The possibility of using Trichoderma viride for the control of Heterobasidion annosum on conifer stumps. Proceedings of seminar on biological control: ; 57-72

The possibility of using high rates of nitrogen on grass and grass/clover swards. Sbornik Vedeckych Praci Vyzkumne Stanice Picninarske v Troubsku u Brna 3: 133-150

The possibility of using immunological reactions in the study of piroplasmid infections in animals. Materialy II Vsesoyuznogo S"ezda Protozoologov Chast 3 Veterinarnaya protozoologiya: 103-104

The possibility of using low-strength limestones in building roads for timber transport. Lesnoi Zhurnal (1): 40-43

The possibility of using male sterility to produce F1 tomato seed in Poland. Genotype and environment in breeding greenhouse tomatoes [1]: 52-54

The possibility of using multiline F1 hybrids in onion (Allium cepa L.). Biuletyn Warzywniczy 22: 81-84

The possibility of using non-systemic distribution of ASP virus in the apple crown in the sanitation programme. Ochrana Rostlin 15(3): 232-234

The possibility of using polymorphism of blood serum proteins in the selection of cattle. Sbornik Nauchnykh Trudov Odesskii Sel' skokhozyaistvennyi Institut: 64-70

The possibility of using stabilising selection in poultry breeding. Ptitsevodstvo (11): 28-31

The possibility of using the E 6081 electronic apparatus in the control of apple scab. Informatore Agrario 35(23): 6219-6224

The possibility of using tomato of Russian and foreign origin for the development of varieties resistant to Cladosporium disease. Genotip i sreda v selektsii teplich tomatov EUKARPIYA, sektsiya ovoshchnykh kul' tur Materialy soveshch raboch gruppy po tomatam: 165-168

The possibility of using wild tetraploid species for improving wheat cultivars. Zap Sverdl otd Vses botan o va (7): 51-57

The possibility of utilizing microphenology in varietal agrotechniques in winter wheat. Acta Fytotechnica 32: 143-163

The possibility of utilizing sewage sludge for fertilizing cabbage. Sbornik Nauchnykh Trudov Belorusskoi S Kh Akademii (34): 51-57

The possible application of gene-for-gene concept in blast resistance. JARQ 14(1): 9-14

The possible composition of the parasite fauna of fish in the Tuyamuyuskoe reservoir. USSR, Akademiya Nauk Tadzhikskoi SSR, Institut Zoologii i Parazitologii: Biological basis of fish farming in the Central Asian Re ics and Kazakhstan Proceedings of the 15th Scientific Conference, 6 October 1976: Biologicheskie osnovy rybnogo khozyaistva res ik Srednei Azii i Kazakhstana Materialy XV nauchnoi konferentsii 6 oktyabrya 1976 g: 332-333

The possible contribution of Lolium perenne L. to improving forage production in the marginal areas of the Nebrodes. Rivista di Agronomia 14(1/2): 149-155

The possible crossing of water barriers of various widths by carriers and vectors of leishmaniasis. Meditsinskaya Parazitologiya i Parazitarnye Bolezni 48(5): 61-67

The possible effects of herbivory on ripening cereal grain biomass and amino acid production. Seed protein improvement in cereals and grain legumes Vol2: 435

The possible involvement of seagulls (Larus sp) in the transmission of salmonella in dairy cattle. Veterinary Record 105(23): 526-527

The possible mode of action of prostaglandins. XV. Study of the effect of prostaglandins E1, E2 or F2 alpha in limiting the fertilizing capacity of epididymal spermatozoa in rats. International Journal of Andrology 1(6): 563-569

The possible mode of herbicidal action of atrazine basing on the gas exchange and the mode of plant damage after treatment. Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung, C 34c(11): 923-925

The possible nature of the pig intestinal receptor for the K88 antigen of Escherichia coli. FEMS Microbiology Letters 6(3): 165-168

The possible north-bound movement of Agrotis ipsilon moths, in the spring, as indicated by catches in a series of light traps. Proceedings of the Fourth Conference of Pest Control, September 30 October 3, 1978 Part I: 36-39

The possible protective function of extrafloral nectaries of Acacia saligna. Annual Report 1978, Mulga Research Centre, Australia: 31-39

The possible public health significance of Fusarium toxins. Proceedings of a third meeting on mycotoxins in animal disease: 67-70

The possible relationship between the parasite generation and the ability of its progeny to interrupt the early parasitic development. Facts and reflections III Workshop on "Arrested development of nematodes in sheep and cattle", Centr Vet Inst, Lelystad, The Netherlands, 18-19 May, 1978: 89-100

The possible role of Paragonimus in the aetiology of lung diseases occurring in Primor'e. Meditsinskaya Parazitologiya i Parazitarnye Bolezni 48(3): 69-73

The possible role of calcitonin deficiency in the development of bone disease due to chronic renal failure. Calcified Tissue Research 22 Suppl: 147-153

The possible role of carnitine in the selective toxicity of the miticide cycloprate. Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 11(1-3): 159-165

The possible role of immunological complement in induction of rabbit sperm acrosome reaction. Biology of Reproduction 19(3): 666-672

The possible role of isoantigens in protective immunity to malaria. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 57 Suppl 1: 135-138

The possible role of ixodid ticks in listeriosis and the distribution of this disease among cattle in Georgia. Soobshcheniya Akademii Nauk Gruzinskoi SSR 92(3): 729-732

The possible role of lysosome-like vacuoles formed in the epidermal cells of N. rustica leaves infected by TMV. Tr Biol Pochven Inst Dal' nevost Nauch Tsentr AN SSSR (46/149): 78-83

The possible role of the hypothalamus in the origination of polyovular follicles in the ovaries of birds exposed to low doses of ionising radiation. Neiro gumoral' nye osnovy povysheniya vosproizvoditel' noi funktsii sel' skokhozyaistvennykh zhivotnykh i mekhanizmy regulyatornoi deyatel' nosti mozga: 90-94

The possible role of xanthoxin in plant growth and development. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London 284: 499-507

The possible significance of leaf fall and decomposition in Malaysian mangrove swamps. Malayan Nature Journal 30(2): 433-444

The possible spread of bacterial and stem nematode infections during the storage of potatoes. Kartoplyarstvo Res ikans' kii mizhvidomchii tematichnii naukovii zbirnik (9): 89-92

The possible status of parasitic nematodes as limiting factors in maize production in South Africa. Proceedings of the 2nd South African maize breeding Symposium, 17-19 March, 1976, Pietermaritzburg, Natal Organized by the Department of Agricultural Technical Services Publication No 2: 112-118

The possible use of Puntius gonionatus Bleeker (P. javanicus) for aquatic weed control. BIOTROP Newsletter (23): 7

The possible use of an indirect immunofluorescent test using axenically grown Giardia lamblia antigens in diagnosing giardiasis. Waterborne transmission of giardiasis Proc Symp 18-20 Sept 1978, Cincinnati, USA: 53-62

The possible use of bacteriological data in plant systematics. Science and Culture 44(6): 266-268

The possible use of cross pollination in breeding soya bean. Nauch tekhn byul Vseros NII soi (5/6): 16-26

The possible use of intrapopulational polymorphism in the production of heterotic buckwheat hybrids. 3 i s"ezd Vses ob va genetikov i selektsionerov im N I Vavilova: 327

The possible use of plant viral DNA's in genetic manipulation in plants. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 3(4): 254-256

The possible use of red sludge as a soil amendment. Archiv fur Acker und Pflanzenbau und Bodenkunde 22(5): 293-297

The possible use of sodium hypochlorite for bacterial wilt control in the hydroponic cultivation of sweet pepper. Singapore Journal of Primary Industries 6(2): 102-112

The possible use of tissue culture in the production of genetically altered rice forms. 3 ya Vses konf Kul' tura kletok rast, Abovyan, 1979 Tez dokl: 192

The possible uses of commodity agreements. Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quarterly Review 31(127): 305-314

The possible uses of plywood for housing in Peninsular Malaysia. Proceedings of the Sixth Malaysian Forestry Conference, 1976 (Vol. 2): 45-67

The possible uses of silver salts in carnation growing. Schriftenreihe der Universitat HohenheimReihe: Pflanzliche Produktion: 196-202

The possible ways of valuing agricultural land in the past and in the present. Uber die Moglichkeiten zur Bewertung landwirtschaftlich genutzter Boden in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart: 150

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The potential of fast-grown tropical hardwoods for non-pulp uses. Progress and problems of genetic improvement of tropical forest trees Proceedings of a joint workshop, IUFRO working parties S202-08 and S203-01, Brisbane, 1977 II Pulp, paper and timber properties of plantation grown tropical pines: 172-181

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