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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 788

Chapter 788 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The value of blast-furnace slag in liming acid soils. Trudy Severo Zapadnogo Nauchno Issledovatel' skogo Molochnogo i Lugopastbishcknogo Khozyaistva (10): 64-72

The value of cereal products for dietary prevention, treatment and aftercare of obesity. Ernahrungsforschung Wissenschaft und Praxis 23(3): 81-85

The value of children among tea estate workers' families: a case study in a village of West Java, Indonesia. MA in Demography Research Series, Development Studies Centre, Australian National University (2): xiv+131

The value of complementary bacteriological examinations in neoplastic diseases of slaughter animals. Acta Veterinaria Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 27(4): 343-347

The value of controlled droplet application (CDA) as a spot spray technique for the control of noxious weeds in Victoria. Proceedings of the First Conference of the Council of Australian Weed Science Societies: 15-24

The value of detecting toxoplasmosis during health check-ups. Revue de l' Institut Pasteur de Lyon 11(1): 65-87

The value of dietary fat for working horses. II. Physical evaluation. Journal of Equine Medicine and Surgery 2(12): 525-530

The value of direct agglutination test in serological diagnosis of toxoplasmosis. Wiadomosci Parazytologiczne 25(3): 267-279

The value of dried poultry waste as a feedstuff in broiler diets. Feedstuffs, USA 49(51): 24, 26

The value of farmyard manure as a source of P and K for potato. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 27(2): 161-166

The value of field beans (Vicia faba L.) and other legumes for the feeding of pigs. Vicia faba: feeding value, processing and viruses Proceedings of a seminar in the EEC Programme of Coordination of Research on the Improvement of the Production of Plant Proteins, held at Cambridge, England, June 27-29, 1979: 31-43

The value of field beans as preceding crop at extended barley growing. Tidsskrift for Planteavl 81(4): 430

The value of further education in the GFR. Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit (11): 16-19

The value of grass species and the need for changing sward composition. Charles, A H; Haggar, R J : Changes in sward composition and productivity: 235-237

The value of heavy metal tolerance in the revegetation of metalliferous mine wastes. Environmental Management of Mineral Wastes Goodman, GT and Chadwick, MJ, Editors: 311-334

The value of hybrid combinations in relation to the degree of difference in yield components between the parents in spring wheat. Doklady TSKhA (244): 79-84

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The value of incentives and subsidies for increasing livestock production. Paper, Economic Service, New Zealand Meat and Wool Boards (1778): 15

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The value of lungworm vaccination in calves. Tijdschrift Voor Diergeneeskunde 105(18): 764-770

The value of nematode control to pineapple fertilisation. Information Bulletin, Citrus and Subtropical Fruit Research Institute (85): 7

The value of nutria meat. Deutsche Pelztierzuchter 52(10): 144-145

The value of opaque-2 maize in bacon-pig diets. Rhodesia Agricultural Journal 75(1): 11-14

The value of parasites and host plant resistance in alfalfa weevil management. Modeling and Simulation 10: 1091-1094

The value of pastures in recuperation of ancient forest and eroded areas. Pastures and forage production in seasonally arid climates Proceedings of the 6th general meeting of the European Grassland Federation, Madrid, 1975 [European Grassland Federation]: 341-345

The value of phenology in increasing production efficiency in grain sorghums. Tegniese Mededeling, Departement van Landbou Tegniese Dienste (150): 5-8

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The value of small woodlands to landscape and society. Parks 4(1): 5-7

The value of soil sterilants for the control of clubroot on a field scale. Plant Pathology 28(1): 36-39

The value of the K/Ca + Mg ratio for determination of the nutritional status of the banana sucker (Brief note). Fruits 33(1): 3-6

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The value of the cleared thick smear in examining faeces for some helminth eggs. Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology 9(2): 395-398

The value of the coccidiostats Whitsyn 10 and Coyden 25 in the feed of rabbits raised for food. Revue de l' Agriculture 3: 749-760

The value of unrealized farm land capital gains. American journal of agricultural economics 61(2): 327-330

The value of vetches for forage production in northern Iraq. Board of Planning, Iraq: Iraq, Board of Planning: Summary of research papers The second scientific conference of the Scientific Research Foundation 6-11 Dec 1975: 21

The value of water-based recreation. Assessing demand nationally. Report, Local Government Operational Research Unit, UK (C268): 85

The value of young buffaloes for meat production - an important reserve for increasing meat production. Revista de Cresterea Animalelor 28(10): 9-13

The values of current periodic increment in mixed stands. Lesnoi Zhurnal (3): 27-29

The valvular action of the canine cystic duct. Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics 148(3): 391-395

The vapourer moth - a pest of orchards. Zashchita Rastenii (10): 45-46

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The variability and heritability of some commercially important characters in the F2 of the winter wheat hybrid Z70 X Kavkaz. Biuletyn Instytutu Hodowli i Aklimatyzacji Roslin (131): 23-28

The variability and heritability of some components of yield in the rye Tetra-Lubelskie. Biuletyn Instytutu Hodowli i Aklimatyzacji Roslin (131): 41-46

The variability and inheritance of some measurable characters in oats. Biuletyn Instytutu Hodowli i Aklimatyzacji Roslin (135): 35-44

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The variability of certain structures in Ganeo tigrinum Mehra and Negi, 1928 and their taxonomic importance. Excerta parasitologica en memoria del Doctor Eduardo Caballero y Caballero: 255-260

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Thirty-third annual report, November 10, 1977. Thirty third annual report, November 10, 1977: 32

Thirtyfirst annual detailed technical report 1977-78. Report, Coffee Board Research Department, India: [3+] 138 + 29 + 12 + 5

Thirtyfirst annual report 1977-78. Report, Coffee Board Research Department, India: [2+] 53

Thirtysecond annual detailed technical report 1978-79. Report, Coffee Board, Central Coffee Research Institute, India: 141 + 33 + 26

Thirtysecond annual report 1978-79. Report, Coffee Board, Central Coffee Research Institute, India: [2+] 35 + 9 + 9

This is CIMMYT. This is CIMMYT: 32

This land of Alberta. This land of Alberta: ; 104

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This was how we worked 50 years ago: the Dairy Museum opened at Julita. Nordisk Mejeriindustri 6(7/8): 365, 367-368