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A general approach to the culture of planktonic rotifers

, : A general approach to the culture of planktonic rotifers. Canadian Journal of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences 38(6): 721-724

A general method for establishing cultures of planktonic rotifers from natural waters is described. Algal isolates are tested for their suitability as food for rotifers collected from the same source and season. Rotifer clones displaying the highest reproductive rates under the given culture conditions are selected for the final culture system. This procedure yielded indefinite cultures for the eulimnetic species, Asplanchna priodonta, A. herricki, Polyarthra major and Synchaeta pectinata, and appears to have a good probability of success when the diet of a species is unknown. Algal isolates from the same source as the rotifers produced better results than algae obtained from commercial sources. Cryptomonad species produced the most consistent positive responses in growth and reproduction of rotifers tested.


DOI: 10.1139/f81-095

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