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A lowering effect of a pharmacological dose of vitamin E on serum vitamin A in normal adults

, : A lowering effect of a pharmacological dose of vitamin E on serum vitamin A in normal adults. Nutrition research(6): 559-564

Thirty-seven normal adults (16 females and 21 males) were used in 4 groups to assess the effects of oral vitamin E (vE) on serum vitamin A (vA) levels, vA transport proteins, retinol-binding protein (RBP), and prealbumin (PA). Group I (10 subjects) received 9.009 mg oral vA acetate daily for 3 weeks; group II (9 subjects) received 9.009 mg oral vA acetate daily for 3 weeks, plus 147 mg vE acetate daily for the last 2 weeks; group III (10 subjects) received only 147 mg vE daily for 3 weeks; group IV (8 subjects) received neither vA or vE for the 3-week study. Groups I and II had significant serum vA increases after the 1st week; group I's serum vA continued to increase through week 3, while group II's vA level fell significantly after week 1. No differences in RBP or PA were noted in groups I and II. Group III's serum vA and RBP fell significantly over the 3 weeks, with no change in PA. Group IV showed no significant variation of any parameter over the 3-week study. The fall in serum vA and RBP for subjects taking vE alone (group III) is consistent with either an enhanced hepatic vA uptake or with increased vA transport to and utilization by peripheral tissues. (wz)


DOI: 10.1016/S0271-5317(81)80085-1

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