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A method for clearing and making permanent preparations of winged armoured mites

, : A method for clearing and making permanent preparations of winged armoured mites. Markevich, A P [Resp Ed ]: First All Union Conference of Parasitocoenologists Poltava, September 1978 Abstracts of reports Part 1; Part 2; Part 3: I Vsesoyuznyi S' ezd Parazitotsenologov Poltava, Sentyabr' 1978 g Tezisy Dokladov Chast' 1; Chast' 2; Chast' 3: recd 1980; (2) 145

A method for clearing and mounting armoured mites is described. The mites, after removal from 70% ethanol are transferred to a test-tube containing lactic acid. The test-tube, closed with a wad of cotton-wool, is kept in a boiling water bath for 1 h (or longer if the specimens are deeply pigmented or have been long in storage). After removal from the bath, the test-tube is cooled to room temperature and the cleared mites are washed in 70% ethanol.


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