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A method to measure growth in tropical woods

, : A method to measure growth in tropical woods. Journal of Agricultural Science Tokyo Nogyo Daigaku 25(1): 27-35

Tropical trees (26) with indistinct annual rings were selected from a natural forest in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Nails were inserted into the tree trunks at breast height every 3 mo. for 1 yr. The nailing caused the growth of callus cells within the xylem tissue. With these callus cells as marks, the growth of the tree trunks was measured. In a species of Dipterocarpaceae, similar normal resin canals were produced in the cambial zone on the tangential plane corresponding to the time of nailing. By contrast, other species produced parencyma cells. The period of greatest growth was between Aug. and Oct., during the dry season. More cells with larger radial dimensions were produced at that time. Since nailing induced different effects in cell development of various species of trees, it proved to be an effective method for measuring the increasing thickness of the wood.


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