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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 811

Chapter 811 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A review of Chinese agricultural statistics, 1949-79. Research Report, International Food Policy Research Institute: (16)

A review of Diptera of the genus Sphaerophoria Lepeletier et Serville (Diptera, Syrphidae) of the fauna of the USSR. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 59(4): 886-894

A review of Diptera of the subfamily Miltogrammatinae (Diptera, Sarcophagidae) of the fauna of Sri Lanka. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 58(4): 883-897

A review of Frankliniella bruneri Watson and description of F. kelliae n. sp. (Thysanoptera: Thripidae). Florida Entomologist 64(4): 483-491

A review of Monte Carlo application in agricultural research. Proceedings AAEA Meeting July 1980:

A review of Nearctic species of Acmopolynema Oglobin (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 83(3): 444-460

A review of Salix shrub plant communities in eastern Chukotka peninsula. Botanicheskii Zhurnal 67(3): 293-302

A review of Simulium damnosum s.l. and human onchocerciasis in Nigeria, with special reference to geographical distribution and the development of a Nigerian national control campaign. Tropenmedizin und Parasitologie 32(1): 2-16

A review of United Nations Water resources activities in coastal areas and islands. Selected Water Problems in Islands and Coastal Areas: 87-98

A review of activity evaluation techniques for local planning design. Planning Outlook 23(1): 16-23

A review of agricultural marketing in Jamaica. Working Document, Rural Development Division, Bureau for Latin America, US Agency for International Development (2): 82

A review of an experience with food-aided nutrition programs. Nutrition Planning 3(2): xxi+xxv

A review of aphid studies in the Philippines. Philippine Entomologist 1980; 4(3): 149-157

A review of bio-economic simulation models of beef production systems and suggestions for methodological development. Agricultural Systems 8(4): 273-289

A review of biological control of insect pests and noxious weeds in Fiji (1969-1978). Fiji Agricultural Journal 41(2): 55-72

A review of chemically induced flowering in Lemna gibba G3 and Pistia stratiotes. Aquatic Botany 13(1): 21-28

A review of child rearing practices prevalent in the families of hospitalised children at Gwalior. Indian Pediatrics 17(3): 261-265

A review of conservation. Ecos 1(3): 3-24

A review of cost-benefit techniques in rural recreation planning. Gloucestershire Papers in Local and Rural Planning (7): 26

A review of cultured dairy products quality at the 1980 Kultures & Kurds Klinic. Cultured Dairy Products Journal 15(4): 13-15

A review of current mechanical methods. Proceedings of the Conference on Aquatic Weeds and Their Control, Oxford, 1981: 77-86

A review of effects of shearing on sheep production. Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production 40: 215-220

A review of encyrtids of the genus Discodes Forster, 1865 (Hymenoptera, Encyrtidae) of the fauna of the USSR with a description of new species from Turkmenia. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 60(2): 364-379

A review of evapotranspiration studies in irrigated sugarcane in Hawaii. Hawaiian Planters' Record 59(9): 195-214

A review of experience with micros in evaluation and project planning in Nigeria. Agricultural Administration Network Papers, Agricultural Administration Unit, Overseas Development Institute (13): 8

A review of factors influencing successful pasture renovation. Tropical Agriculture 59(2): 179-182

A review of faecal analysis techniques for determining the diet of wild grazing herbivores. Grassland Society of Southern Africa, Proceedings 14: 131-136

A review of findings on the impact of health investigation programmes in two rural areas of Bangladesh. Special Publication, International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research (11): 24

A review of health, population, and nutrition activities in Thailand. AID Research and Development Abstracts 9(3): p.43

A review of in vitro testicular steroidogenesis in rodents, monkeys and humans. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry 13(8): 965-975

A review of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, shipping fever pneumonia and viral-bacterial synergism in respiratory disease of cattle. Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine 46(3): 225-263

A review of investigations on the anatomy of reproductive organs of Angiosperms in the USSR during the past 10 years. Botanicheskii Zhurnal 65(12): 1681-1695

A review of kala-azar in China from 1949 to 1959. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene6(4): 531-537

A review of latrodectism. Veterinary and Human Toxicology 22(Supplement 2): 39-41

A review of legume-based vs nitrogen-fertilized pasture systems for sheep and beef cattle. Some limitations of the experimental techniques. Forage evaluation: concepts and techniques [Wheeler, JL; Mochrie, RD Editors]: 401-417

A review of low temperature drying simulation models. Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research 27(3): 169-190

A review of malignant catarrhal fever and a case report in bison. Iowa State University Veterinarian 44(1): 20-22

A review of methods for the determination of polychlorodibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorodibenzofurans in phenoxyalkanoic acid herbicides. Pesticide Science 12(3): 297-304

A review of midwife training programs in Tamil Nadu. Studies in Family Planning 11(12): 395-400

A review of mycorrhizal inoculation practice in Malawi. Tropical mycorrhiza research: 90-92

A review of numerical methods in bacterial identification. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 46(3): 233-299

A review of papers published in the proceedings of the IUFRO international symposium on seed processing. Seed Science and Technology 4: 341-349

A review of pesticide application systems. Monograph, British Crop Protection Council: 75-83

A review of policies and activities 1974-78 and of the prospects for the future. A review of policies and activities 1974-78 and of the prospects for the future: vi + 128

A review of potato research in Pakistan. Potato research in Pakistan [Shah, M A Editor]: 3-5

A review of progress in understanding the organization of communities of soil arthropods. Pedobiologia 23(2): 126-144

A review of rabies prevention and control in the Americas, 1970-1980. Overall status of rabies. Bulletin de l' Office International des Epizooties 93(1/2): 9-52

A review of recent developments in methods for the chemical analysis of fertilisers. Proceedings, Fertiliser Society (194): 43-55

A review of recent developments in methods for the sampling and physical testing of fertilisers. Proceedings, Fertiliser Society (194): 1-41

A review of recent investigations on the protection of timber in sea waters in India. Journal of the Timber Development Association of India 26(2): 18-24

A review of relevant national policies and programmes in respect of rural-urban relations in Sri Lanka. UNCRD Working Papers, United Nations Centre for Regional Development (78-05): 56

A review of rentals for pastoral leases. Special Publication, Tussock Grasslands and Mountain Lands Institute, Lincoln College (13, Ed. 2): 65

A review of research on forage chopping. Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research 27(4): 267-289

A review of research on forage chopping. Report, National Institute of Agricultural Engineering, UK (37): 51 pp

A review of research work on the citrus psylla, Trioza erytreae (Del Guercio). Information Bulletin, Citrus and Subtropical Fruit Research Institute (106): 11-15

A review of root-knot nematode work on maize at National Cereals Research Institute, Ibadan, and prospects for future studies. Proceedings of the 3rd Research Planning Conference on root knot nematodes, Meloidogyne spp, Regions IV and V, 16-20 November 1981, Ibadan, Nigeria International Meloidogyne Project: 122-127

A review of safety tests on baculoviruses. Entomophaga 25(4): 329-339

A review of seven subgenera of the genus Osmia (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) which nest in the Eastern Mid-West United States. A review of seven subgenera of the genus Osmia Hymenoptera: Megachilidae which nest in the Eastern Mid West United States: v + 78

A review of some aspects of possible associations between the feeding of silage and animal health. British Veterinary Journal 138(4): 305-320

A review of some aspects of soil reclamation in Iraq. Irrigation and agricultural development Based on an International Expert Consultation, Baghdad, Iraq, 24 February 1 March 1979: 293-303

A review of some biochemical parameters of children (Schistosoma haematobium). Medecine d' Afrique Noire 28(1): 55-56

A review of some problems of tropical marine conservation with particular reference to the Tanzanian coast. Biological Conservation, 203: 163-171

A review of some species of Myxidium Butschli, 1882 (Myxozosporea) from eels (Anguilla spp.). Journal of Protozoology, 273: 260-267

A review of sooty stripe and rough, zonate, and oval leaf spots. Proceedings of the international workshop on sorghum diseases Hyderabad, India, 11-15 December 1978 Leaf diseases: 229-239

A review of sorghum grain moulds. Tropical Pest Management 27(2): 200-211

A review of statistical ideas relevant to intercropping research (with discussion). Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A General 144(4): 462-509

A review of sugarcane planting using whole-stalk seed cane in the Huwei District sugar factory. Journal of the Agricultural Association of China (115): 42-50

A review of teacher effectiveness research in Africa, India, Latin America, Middle East, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand: synthesis of results. [Publication] International Development Research Centre (IDRC-TS23e): 128

A review of techniques for minimizing beaver and white-tailed deer damage in southern hardwoods. USA, Southeastern Area, State and Private Forestry: Proceedings Second Symposium on Southeastern Hardwoods: 79-93

A review of techniques that utilize height differences between crops and weeds to achieve selectivity. Monograph, British Crop Protection Council: 291-297

A review of tenebrionid beetles (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae) of the north-western Caspian lowland. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 61(1): 67-80

A review of the Cucurbitaceae. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 81(3): 233-247

A review of the Geomydoecus californicus complex (Mallophaga: Trichodectidae) from Thomomys (Rodentia: Geomyidae). Journal of Medical Entomology, 181: 1-23

A review of the Geomydoecus minor complex (Mallophaga: Trichodectidae) from Thomomys (Rodentia: Geomyidae). Journal of Medical Entomology, 174: 298-313

A review of the Livestock Estimating Project with recommendations for the future. Working Paper, Agriculture Statistics Division, Statistics Canada (3): 23

A review of the Melbourne Child Growth study. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society of Australia 5: 64-70

A review of the Nearctic species of Melangyna (Meligramma) Frey (Diptera: Syrphidae). Canadian Entomologist, 1128: 775-778

A review of the Nearctic species of the genus Banasa Stal (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae). Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society, 542: 233-248

A review of the Palaearctic Mycomyini (Diptera, Mycetophilidae). Annales Entomologici Fennici 48(2): 37-42

A review of the Tanzania sugar industry in 1978/79. Report, Marketing Development Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Tanzania (1): iii + 36

A review of the biology and a bibliography of Apanteles glomeratus (L.) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). Biocontrol News and Information 3(1): 7-23

A review of the biology and control of the greater grain borer Prostephanus truncatus (Horn): (Coleoptera; Bostrichidae). Tropical Stored Products Information (43): 3-9

A review of the biology of Poa annua L. -- with special reference to sports turf. Journal of the Sports Turf Research Institute 58: 28-40

A review of the biology of the elm spanworm (Lepidoptera: Geometridae). Great Lakes Entomologist 13(1): 49-53

A review of the biology of the fall armyworm. Florida Entomologist 62: 82-87

A review of the changes in carotenes during ensiling of forages. Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture 32(8): 767-772

A review of the coffee plant (Coffea arabica L.), its environment and management in relation to coffee-growing in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Journal of Agricultural Research 20(1): 1-19

A review of the current status of rice production, imports and consumption in Malaysia. Proceedings Rice Review Meeting 1977: 3-14

A review of the ecology of sorrel (Rumex acetosella) in pastures. Australian Weeds 1(3): 15-18

A review of the economic impact of insects on the genus Populus in Ontario. Report, Great Lakes Forest Research Centre, Canada (O-X-271): 2 + 45

A review of the economic importance of the horn fly, Haematobia irritans irritans (L.). Protection Ecology 3(3): 237-244

A review of the effect of seed rate and plant population on grain yield of faba bean in Sudan. FABIS Newsletter (3): 44-46

A review of the effects of off-road vehicles on birds and other vertebrates. USDA Forest Service general technical report INT United States Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: (86) 451-467

A review of the environmental factors influencing calf respiratory disease. Agricultural Meteorology 26(2): 127-144

A review of the epidemiology of Sclerotinia and attempts to control it in potato. USA, Washington State Potato Commision: 19th annual Washington State potato conference and trade fair January 29, 30, 31, 1980 Moses Lake, Washington: 91-101

A review of the factors affecting the disposal of effluents containing nitrogen and phosphate in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Agricultural Journal 77(5): 207-212

A review of the fauna of Melyridae of central Kazakhstan. Trudy Instituta Zoologii, Akademiya Nauk Kazakhskoi SSR 39: 116-118

A review of the genera of Neotropical Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea). Bulletin of the British Museum Natural History, Entomology 41(3): 107-253

A review of the genera of the leaf-mining gracillariids (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) of the Palaearctic fauna. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 58(4): 835-856

A review of the genetics of resistance to acaricidal organochlorine and organophosphorus compounds with particular reference to the cattle tick Boophilus microplus. Tick biology and control Proceedings of an International Conference held from 27-29 January 1981, under the auspices of the Tick Research Unit, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa: 95-102

A review of the genus Acanthatrium Faust, 1919 (Trematoda: Lecithodendriidae), with a description of two new species. Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology 10(2): 387-392

A review of the genus Coniopteryx (Neuroptera, Coniopterygidae). Annales Entomologici Fennici, 474: 97-110

A review of the genus Dendritobilharzia Skrjabin and Zakharow 1920 (Trematoda: Schistosomatidae). Journal of Parasitology, 665: 814-822

A review of the genus Discocactus, Pfeiffer, Part V. Cactus and Succulent Journal, USA 51(1): 16-17

A review of the genus Enchodelus Thorne, 1939 with descriptions of species from India. Records of the Zoological Survey of India, Occasional Paper (15): 42 pp

A review of the genus Sureshia (Cestoda) Ali and Shinde, 1966. 2nd International Congress on Systematic and Evolutionary Biology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, July 17-24, 1980: ; 345

A review of the genus Xiphinema Cobb, 1913 with descriptions of species from India. Records of the Zoological Survey of India 75: 255-325

A review of the influence of host- and parasite-related factors and environmental conditions on the host-finding capacity of the trematode miracidium. Acta Tropica 37(4): 303-318

A review of the influence of liveweight and flushing on fertility made in the context of efficient sheep production. Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production 39: 23-42

A review of the literature on drunken symptoms due to yeasts in the gastrointestinal tract. Yeasts and yeast like microorganisms in medical science Proceedings of the Second International Specialized Symposium on Yeasts Tokyo 1972: 260-268

A review of the methods of forest inventory. Woodpower: new perspectives on forest usage: 9-20

A review of the nomenclature of the genus Arachis L. Euphytica 29(3): 813-817

A review of the parasitic Acarapis mites of honey bees. American Bee Journal 120(1): 42-44

A review of the pathogens and parasites of importance in the biological control of mosquitoes. Actualidades Biologicasrecd 1980; 7(26): 90-99

A review of the population biology of the migratory grasshopper Melanoplus sanguinipes. Bulletin, Colorado State University Experiment Station (577S): 10

A review of the population dynamics of Avena fatua L. in cereals with special reference to work at the Weed Research Organization. [Proceedings of the] Conference on Grass Weeds in Cereals in the United Kingdom, Reading, 1981: 5-14

A review of the processes for the manufacture of milk chocolate. Manufacturing Confectioner 59(10): 43-45, 47-48

A review of the recent trends in agrarian reform and rural development in tropical Africa. Land Reform, Land Settlement and Co operatives (1/2): 1-71

A review of the role of clubs and voluntary associations based on a study of two areas in Swansea. A review of the role of clubs and voluntary associations based on a study of two areas in Swansea: 21

A review of the role of fire in nutrient cycling in Australian native forests, and of methodology for studying the fire-nutrient interaction. Australian Journal of Ecology 5(1): 15-21

A review of the rural credit system in New Zealand, 1964 to 1979. Research Report, Agricultural Economics Research Unit, Lincoln College, New Zealand (114): 166

A review of the significance of gestational diabetes. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology 18(1): 21-27

A review of the southern pines in Rhodesia. Rhodesia Bulletin of Forestry Research (7): xv + 328

A review of the species of Dichanthium native to Australia with special reference to their occurrence in Queensland. Tropical Grasslands 15(2): 84-95

A review of the theory of technological change in agriculture: biases and substitutability. Journal of Rural Development, Korea 4(1): 55-66

A review of the use of deep frozen buffalo semen in China. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, China 2: 16-18

A review of the use of grass carp in the biological control of aquatic plants. Miscellaneous Paper, Centrum voor Agrobiologisch Onderzoek CABO (M 209): 44

A review of the western Palaearctic Gelechiidae (Leipidoptera) associated with Pistacia, Rhus and Cotinus (Anacardiaceae). Entomologist' s Gazette 33(1): 13-32

A review of the xylophagous insects of the forests of the Central Kopetdag. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 58(4): 776-780

A review of three methods to estimate voluntary intake of grazing livestock. Proceedings of the 37th Southern Pasture and Forage Crop Improvement Conference, May 19-22, 1980, Nashville, Tennessee: 106-110

A review of three research programs in quantitative modelling in the Bureau of Agricultural Economics. Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics 24(3): 224-247

A review of tomato cultivar trials in the northern states of Nigeria. Samaru Miscellaneous Paper (84): 112

A review of tourism in structure plans. Occasional Paper, Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, Birmingham University (1): 53

A review of traditional authority and its impact on the acceptance of agricultural innovations in Western Nigeria. Ife Journal of Agriculture 1(2): 276-290

A review of trials by the Agricultural Development and Advisory Service on Alopecurus myosuroides. [Proceedings of the] Conference on Grass Weeds in Cereals in the United Kingdom, Reading, 1981: 197-205

A review of variations in the concentrations of metabolites in the blood of beef and dairy cattle associated with physiology, nutrition and disease, with particular reference to the interpretation of metabolic profiles. World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics 35: 172-235

A review of wheat and barley research and production in the Near East and North African countries. FAO/UNDP regional project on the improvement and production of field food crops in the Near East and North Africa REM/71/293: Overall review of project and other related activities 1973-1977: 49-56

A review of wood cutting tool wear literature. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff 37(7): 265-276

A review on beta -galactosidases used in milk and milk products. Korean Journal of Dairy Science 3(1): 47-74

A review on foliar sclereids in Angiosperms. Bulletin of the Botanical Survey of India 1979; 20(1-4): 91-99

A review on the German Shepherd Dog breed in Mexico. Veterinaria, Mexico 11(2): 54

A review on the method of determining hydrodynamic dispersion coefficient of solutes in unsaturated soil. Tottori University, Sand Dune Research Institute, Bulletin (19): 73-79

A review on the taxonomy of Acanthocephala. Journal of the Shivaji University Science 16: 95-98

A review on the use of Microtus montanus as an applicable experimental model for the study of African trypanosomiasis. Annales de la Societe Belge de Medecine Tropicale 60(4): 341-348

A review, update, and projection of the future coagulant supply picture. Proceedings from the first biennial Marschall International Cheese Conference: ; 319-327

A revised cytoarchitectonic map of the neocortex of the rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus). Anatomy and Embryology 161(2): 121-143

A revised handbook to the flora of Ceylon. Volume III. A revised handbook to the flora of Ceylon Volume III: viii + 499

A revised list of the Pentatomoidea of Illinois (Hemiptera). Great Lakes Entomologist 12(3): 91-98

A revised scheme of classification to order Tylenchida Thorne, 1949 (Nematoda). Journal of Science, University of Kashmir 1978; 3(1/2): 55-82

A revised system of classification of the angiosperms. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 80(2): 91-124

A revision of Acacia Mill. in Queensland. Austrobaileya 1(3): 235-337

A revision of Adenium Roem. & Schult. and of Diplorhynchus Welw. ex Fic. & Hiern (Apocynaceae). Mededelingen Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen (80-12): 40

A revision of Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don (Apocynaceae). Mededelingen Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen (81-9): 12

A revision of Cycloplectanum Oliver, 1968 (Monogenea: Diplectanidae) and descriptions of C. hongkongensis n.sp. and C. lantauensis n.sp. from Epinephelus spp. (Serranidae) in the South China Sea. Canadian Journal of Zoology 59(7): 1276-1285

A revision of Eriachne R.Br. (Gramineae) in Asia and Malesia. Blumea 26(1): 127-138

A revision of Farquharia Stapf and Funtumia Stapf (Apocynaceae). Mededelingen Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen (81-16): 46

A revision of Holarrhena R. Br. (Apocynaceae). Phytochemistry of Holarrhena R. Br. Mededelingen Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen (81-2): 40

A revision of Neosilba McAlpine with a key to the world genera of Lonchaeidae (Diptera). Canadian Entomologist, 1142: 105-137

A revision of Rhododendron. II. Subgenus Hymenanthes. Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh 39(2): 209-486

A revision of six minor genera of Myrmicinae (Hymenoptera Formicidae) in the Ethiopian Zoogeographical Region. Bulletin of the British Museum Natural History, Entomology Series 43(4): 245-307

A revision of species of the genus Haematoloechus Looss, 1899 (Trematoda: Haematoloechidae) from Canada and the United States. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 599: 1836-1846

A revision of the Australian genus Blackburnium Boucomont (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Geotrupinae). Australian Journal of Zoology Supplementary Series, 1-88 No. 72

A revision of the Australian species of Stethorus Weise (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae). Journal of the Australian Entomological Society, 192: 81-91

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A revision of the Justicia insularis - striata complex (Acanthaceae). Kew Bulletin 32(2): 433-448

A revision of the Nearctic species of Teleas Latreille (Hymenoptera, Proctotrupoidea, Scelionidae). Canadian Entomologist, 11310: 907-929

A revision of the North American Thysanoptera genus Torvothrips inhabiting Olliffiella galls in Quercus. Folia Entomologica Mexicana (44): 19-38

A revision of the Old World species of Calophyllum (Guttiferae). Journal of the Arnold Arboretum 61(2,3): 117-699

A revision of the Old World species of Scirpophaga (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). Bulletin of the British Museum Natural History, Entomology 42(4): 185-298

A revision of the Pacific species of Conocephalus Thunberg (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae). Bulletin of the British Museum Natural History, Entomology Series 41(5): 315-355

A revision of the ant genera Meranoplus F. Smith, Dicroaspis Emery and Calyptomyrmex Emery (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in the Ethiopian zoogeographical region. Bulletin of the British Museum Natural History, Entomology 42(2): 43-81

A revision of the class Polyhymonophora (Spirotricha). Morfologiya, sistematika i evolyutsiya zhivotnykh Sbornik nauchnykh rabot: 39-40

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A revision of the genus Vesiculaphis del Guercio, with descriptions of four new species (Homoptera: Aphididae). Insecta Matsumurana 20: 43-83

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A revision of the syllabus and content of the middle and higher level training courses for rural development specialists. Revision de los planes de estudio y del contenido de los cursos de formacion de nivel medio y superior de personal especializado para el desarrollo rural: 40

A revision of the systematics of Acalymma sensu stricto Barber (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) from North America including Mexico. Memoirs of the Entomological Society of Canada, 1-92 No. 112

A revision of the tribe Poemeniini in the Oriental Region (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae). Oriental Insectsrecd 1982; 14(1): 73-130

A revision of the western Palaearctic species of the genus Meteorus (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). Bulletin of the British Museum Natural History, Entomology 41(1): 1-58

A revisionary study of the leaf-mining flies (Agromyzidae) of California. A revisionary study of the leaf mining flies Agromyzidae of California: iv + 489

A revisionary study of the taxon Cillenus Samouelle, 1819 and related forms (Coleoptera: Carabidae, Bembidiini). Entomologica Scandinavica, 112: 179-205

A revitalised role for co-operatives in economic development. Review of International Co operation 75(1): 25-30

A revolution in surface irrigation - surge flow. Utah Science 41(2): 60-63

A revolutionary articulated transmission system. Tracteurs et Machines Agricoles (776): 25-26

A rhabdovirus resembling lettuce necrotic yellows from lettuce in Spain. Phytopathologische Zeitschrift 103(3): 232-238

A rhizotron-based controlled-environment chamber for estimating canopy photosynthesis and transpiration rates. Agronomy Abstracts 72nd annual meeting, American Society of Agronomy: 12

A ribonuclease-resistant cytoplasmic 10 S ribonucleoprotein of chick embryonic muscle. A potent inhibitor of cell-free protein synthesis. Journal of Biological Chemistry 256(10): 5077-5086

A rice emasculator perfected by IRAT. Agronomie Tropicale 35(1): 92-93

A rice field herbicide: Uribest (napropanilide). Japan Pesticide Information (39): 19-23

A rice-millet form. Kazakstan Auyl Saruasylyk Gylymynyn Habarsysy (11): 103-105

A rickettsia-like organism showing positive immunofluorescence with antisera to Coxiella burnetii in Haemaphysalis inermis ticks. Acta Virologica 25(5): 309-314

A ringspot disease of petunia caused by alfalfa mosaic virus. Indian Phytopathology 1981; 33(2): 212-216

A ringworm epidemic in sheep and goats in the High Atlas. Maroc Veterinaire (2): 20-23

A risk analysis of the Federal Crop Insurance Act of 1980. Proceedings AAEA Meeting July 1981:

A risk model of forage fed to dairy. ASAE Paper (80-1022): 17 pp

A risk programming analysis of the role of hedging in the Kentucky feeder cattle industry. Dissertation Abstracts International, A 41(6): p.2700

A risk-return economic analysis of irrigating field crops in South Carolina. Dissertation Abstracts International, A 41(6): p.2700

A river basin BMP assessment model. ASAE Paper (81-2523): 14 pp

A robot on the felling site. Lesnaya Promyshlennost' (8): 12-13

A role for abscisic acid in drought endurance and drought avoidance. Plant growth substances 1979 [Skoog, F Editor]: 242-253

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