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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 838

Chapter 838 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Characteristic features of individual markets for tropical hardwoods in Europe. Economic Commission for Europe, Timber Committee: Seminar on the utilization of tropical hardwoods, Amsterdam Netherlands, 15-18 May 1979 (TIM/SEM.8/R.15): 23

Characteristic features of malaria in French Guiana. Bulletin de la Societe de Pathologie Exotique 74(2): 176-192

Characteristic features of spore morphology of some medicinally important ferns distributed in Darjeeling Hills, Eastern Himalayas. Fitoterapia 51(6): 289-296

Characteristic features of the kinematics of the tools of vertical rotor type cultivation implements. Trudy VIM (88): 45-57

Characteristic features of the oogram pattern and portal mesenteric adult worm load in experimental Schistosoma mansoni infection in mice without treatment. Journal of the Egyptian Medical Association 62(1-2): 63-76

Characteristic metabolism of carotene and vitamin A in pigs: routes of elimination of carotene and vitamin A. Lucrari Stiintifice, Institutul Agronomic Timisoara, Zootehnie 1981; 16: 95-99

Characteristic metabolism of carotene and vitamin A in pigs: variations in vitamin A stores in liver before and after birth. Lucrari Stiintifice, Institutul Agronomic Timisoara, Zootehnie 1981; 16: 91-94

Characteristic of mixed grass silage preserved with a preparation of allylisothiocyanate. Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Nauchno issledovatel' skogo Instituta Fiziologii, Biokhimii i Pitaniya Sel' skokhozyaistvennykh Zhivotnykh (3/59): 48-50

Characteristic phosphorus sorption and its implications in soils of Ondo State of Nigeria. Beitrage zur Tropischen Landwirtschaft und Veterinarmedizin 19(3): 291-300

Characteristic properties of isolated soy protein in the metabolic changes due to dietary polychlorinated biphenyls. Nutrition Research 1(1): 83-92

Characteristic properties of low-frequency dielectric dispersion of biological tissue. Elektronnaya Obrabotka Materialov (3): 69-73

Characteristic proteins of micronemes and dense granules from Sarcocystis tenella zoites (Protozoa, Coccidia). Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, 15: 279-289

Characteristic reaction of an animal model of oedema disease in swine. Acta Veterinaria et Zootechnica Sinica 12(4): 277-281

Characteristic values of the potassium status of various soils in Cuba. Beitrage zur Tropischen Landwirtschaft und Veterinarmedizin 19(2): 179-194

Characteristics and agricultural uses of composted municipal refuse in Kyushu. Bulletin of the Kyushu National Agricultural Experiment Station 20(4): 317-346

Characteristics and application of laminate films for packaging of foods. Verpackung 22(4): 146-147

Characteristics and breeding of F223, a mild flue-cured variety with resistance to Erysiphe cichoracearum. Bulletin of the Iwata Tobacco Experiment Station Iwata Tabako Shikenjo Hokoku (11): 53-72

Characteristics and composition of Chilean and imported beers. Anales de Bromatologia 32(4): 315-326

Characteristics and composition of Indian cassava seed and oil. India, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University: Tamil Nadu Agricultural University: National seminar on tuber crops production technology, 21, 22 November 1980: 93-94

Characteristics and composition of Indian cassava seed and oil. Journal of Food Science and Technology, India 17(6): 266-267

Characteristics and composition of milk fat from sheep of Sicilian breeds. Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse 57(11): 530-535

Characteristics and cultural techniques of the dark tobacco cultivar 'Escambray-70'. Ciencia y Tenica en la Agricultura, Tabaco 3(2): 97-102

Characteristics and distribution of pisolite-like particles in Kuroboku soils around Chikugo City, Japan. Journal of the Science of Soil and Manure, Japan 51(3): 263-268

Characteristics and evaluation of miniature roses cultivated in Poland. Prace Instytutu Sadownictwa i Kwiaciarstwa w Skierniewicach, B 3: 89-101

Characteristics and genesis of some alluvial soils of West Bengal. Indian Journal of Agricultural Chemistry 11(1): 1-13

Characteristics and implications of knockdown of the tsetse fly Glossina morsitans morsitans Westw. by deltamethrin. Pesticide Science 12(4): 439-442

Characteristics and main goals of agricultural price policy in Finland. Maatalouden Taloudellisen Tutkimuslaitoksen Julkaisuja (43): 1-18

Characteristics and means of state income policy in agricultural production (Fourth Finnish-Hungarian-Polish Seminar, Csopak, Hungary, 1-5 September, 1980). Bulletin, Research Institute for Agricultural Economics (48): 158

Characteristics and method of cultivation of the new tomato variety Harurei. Agriculture and Horticulture Nogyo oyobi Engei 54(8): 1025-1030

Characteristics and needs of out-of-school youth. Characteristics and needs of out of school youth: vi + 208

Characteristics and pathogenicity of six Phytophthora isolates from pot plants. Netherlands Journal of Plant Pathology 87(3): 83-90

Characteristics and pathways of thermoregulation in young pigs. Trudy Dnepropetrovskogo Sel' skokhozyaistvennogo Instituta 42: 104-107

Characteristics and performance of the Linn strawberry in 1979. Station Bulletin, Agricultural Experimental Station, Oregon State University (645): 38-39

Characteristics and performance of the early sugarcane TUC69-2. Revista Industrial y Agricola de Tucuman 57(1): 1-26

Characteristics and quality of honey. Honeybee Science 1(2): 49-58

Characteristics and significance of the conservation of Gorbatov Red cattle for the ecological equilibrium of cattle breeds. Sistem ekol podkhod k sovrem probl sel khoz i nauki Ch 5: 33-35

Characteristics and subcellular localization of phospholipase D and phosphatidic acid phosphatase in mung bean cotyledons. Plant Physiology 66(5): 1001-1007

Characteristics and suppression of fires in organic terrain in Australia. Australian Forestry 44(3): 162-169

Characteristics and trends in fruit and vegetable consumption in Hungary. Statisztikai Szemle 58(6): 608-621

Characteristics and variability of soybean yield components in different ecological conditions: importance of fruit abortion. World soybean research conference II: abstracts [Corbin, FT Editor]: 94

Characteristics and variability of technological quality in barley from Turkey. Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Ordena Lenina i Ordena Druzhby Narodov Instituta Rastenievodstva Imeni N I Vavilova (95): 57-63

Characteristics of Australian tornadoes. Australian Meteorological Magazine 28(2): 57-77

Characteristics of Brazilian soils related to root growth. The soil/root system in relation to Brazilian agriculture: 21-41

Characteristics of EMS-induced short-stalked mutants of tobacco. Bulletin of the Iwata Tobacco Experiment Station Iwata Tabako Shikenjo Hokoku (12): 11-20

Characteristics of FA/3 tobacco for light air curing. Bull Tabak Priem 22: 9-26

Characteristics of Fusarium species on wheat and their presence in different crop growing regions of Slovakia. Sbornik UVTIZ, Ochrana Rostlin 18(1): 27-34

Characteristics of Haemophilus pleuropneumoniae Isolates and Some Epidemiological Findings on Porcine Haemophilus Pleuropneumonia in Saskatchewan. Canadian Veterinary Journal 23(7): 224-228

Characteristics of Hiproly barley. I. Isolation and characterisation of two water-soluble high-lysine proteins. Carlsberg Research Communications 45(1): 47-58

Characteristics of Hiproly barley. II. Quantification of two proteins contributing to its high lysine content. Carlsberg Research Communications 45(1): 59-68

Characteristics of Hiproly barley. III. Amino acid sequences of two lysine-rich proteins. Carlsberg Research Communications 45(2): 79-85

Characteristics of Leishmania strains in the Lower Zarafshanskii focus of cutaneous leishmaniasis. Aktual' nye voprosy meditsinskoi parazitologii: 47-48

Characteristics of Pediococcus strains isolated from Kachkaval cheese. Mljekarstvo 30(4): 99-106

Characteristics of Solan cheese made from pasteurized milk and from dried milk. Roczniki Instytutu Przemyslu Mleczarskiego 1979; 20(3): 53-60

Characteristics of Tocklai released planting materials. Two and a Bud 27(1): 6-8

Characteristics of UHT milk processed in a plant with a heat exchanger of the free-falling-film type. Scienza e Tecnica Lattiero Casearia 32(6): 353-362

Characteristics of Ustilago-resistant forms of barley from the collection of the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR) under cultivation in western Siberia. Nauch tr Novosib s kh in t 130: 58-62

Characteristics of a C. albicans strain resistant to polyene antibiotics. Antibiotiki 24(11): 828-831

Characteristics of a DDT-induced case of cross-resistance to permethrin in Blattella germanica. Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 16(1): 21-27

Characteristics of a biotopic pest population and the selective toxicity of insecticides in clover stands. Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 16(3): 427-231

Characteristics of a cheese starter and some problems related to its use. Japanese Journal of Dairy and Food Science 30(6): 227-236

Characteristics of a collection of lavender clones in respect of inflorescence yield during ontogeny. Selektsiya i Semenovodstvo, Ukrainian SSR (47): 30-33

Characteristics of a collection of lucerne varieties under irrigation in the Povolzh'e. Trudy po Prikladnoi Botanike, Genetike i Selektsii 65(2): 146-150

Characteristics of a collection of tetraploid rye. Sb tr NII s kh tsentr r nov Nechernozemn zony (47): 166-171

Characteristics of a homogenized protein supplement obtained from by-products of pig slaughtering. Zootecnica e Nutrizione Animale 5(1): 273-279

Characteristics of a new rape variety Zheyou 7 and cultural techniques. Zhejiang Nongye Kexue Zhejiang Agricultural Science (5): 238-240

Characteristics of a Nitrate Reductase in a Barley Mutant Deficient in NADH Nitrate Reductase. Plant Physiology 69(5): 1200-1204

Characteristics of a spontaneous mutant of the sweet cherry Seneca. Poljoprivreda i Sumarstvo 24(3/4): 433-437

Characteristics of acid-base status of blood of domestic ruminants. Veterinaria, Yugoslavia 30(1): 125-147

Characteristics of active sodium and potassium transport in erythrocytes in children with different stages of symptomatic uremia. Acta Paediatrica Scandinavica 70(3): 361-368

Characteristics of adaptation of a diploid and tetraploid wheat population under cultivation. Bul Akad Stiince RSS Mold, Ser biol i khim n (1): 35-42

Characteristics of agricultural liming materials used in southern Bahia, Brazil. Boletim Tecnico, CEPLAC (81): 12

Characteristics of alewives in a small West Virginia impoundment. Progressive Fish Culturist 43(4): 224

Characteristics of amino acid nutrition of lactating cows in relation to quality of ration protein. Vestnik Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Nauki Kazakhstana (5): 53-59

Characteristics of and possible uses for soy milk. Journal of the Canadian Dietetic Association 41(3): 227

Characteristics of anthocyanidin and flavonol biosynthesis in the flowers of Papaver somniferum. Fiziologiya Rastenii 27(3): 536-543

Characteristics of anthracnose resistance induced by localized infection of cucumber with tobacco necrosis virus. Physiological Plant Pathology 17(1): 81-92

Characteristics of antischistosomal benzodiazepine binding sites in Schistosoma mansoni. Journal of Parasitology 66(5): 742-747

Characteristics of apparent derivatives of the 2512 strain of infectious bursal disease virus when used as vaccines. Avian Diseases 25(4): 900-910

Characteristics of background neural activity in the deutocerebrum of hive bees and field bees. Khemoretseptsiya Nasekomykh (4): 45-62

Characteristics of benthiocarb sulfoxide transformed from benthiocarb herbicide by light and in soil. Journal of Pesticide Science 5(4): 603-606

Characteristics of biotypes of the tomato variety Talalikhin 186. Botanika Issled (22): 184-193

Characteristics of branching in peach trees trained as different cordons. Lucrari Stiintifice, Institutul Agronomic "Ion Ionescu de la Brad", Iasi, Horticultura: 67-68

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Characteristics of carbon dioxide gas adsorption by grain and its components. Controlled atmosphere storage of grains [Shejbal, J Editor]: 247-258

Characteristics of carbonized wood affected by extraction. Wood Science 13(1): 18-25

Characteristics of cassava and the possibility of its use in diets for pigs. Suinicoltura 23(3): 27-32

Characteristics of cattle and buffalo breeds. Characteristics of cattle and buffalo breeds (Ed. 3): 58

Characteristics of changes in the spectrum of chlorophyll mutations in barley induced by a detecting dose. Characteristics of changes in the spectrum of chlorophyll mutations in barley induced by a detecting dose (Dep. 2847-80): 18

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Characteristics of coagulation methods for separation of milk coprecipitates. Przemysl Spozywczy 35(1): 15-20

Characteristics of coal mine overburden important to plant growth. Journal of Environmental Quality 10(3): 300-308

Characteristics of concentrated freeze-dried bacterial suspensions prepared from cultures of mixed strains of lactic acid bacteria from commercial starters. Food microbiology and technology: 89-94

Characteristics of consumer demand for fresh pineapple. Research Report, Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station (243): 44

Characteristics of contraceptive acceptors in rural Zaire. Studies in Family Planning 11(12): 378-384

Characteristics of conventional pruning practices of apple trees under different environmental conditions. II. Some properties of lateral branches of mature trees as related to soil conditions. Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Hirosaki University (34): 1-5

Characteristics of crown shape of fruit trees in relation to stand parameters and row orientation. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (6): 117-125

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Characteristics of current passage through plant tissue. Biologia Plantarum (Prague) 23(4): 306-310

Characteristics of cytological stability in hexaploid triticale from the progeny of a Triticum aestivum X Secale cereale hybrid. Trudy po Prikladnoi Botanike, Genetike i Selektsii 67(3): 119-123

Characteristics of damage caused by Barbitistes constrictus (Orthopt., Phaneropteridae). Sylwan 120(1): 41-50

Characteristics of decomposition of Moroccan phosphate rock by sulfuric acid during production of nitrophoska fertilizer accompanied by evolution of fluorine. Journal of Applied Chemistry of the USSR 54(5, Part 2): 929-930

Characteristics of decomposition of plant residues in soils of southern Jiangsu (Kiangsu). Acta Pedologica Sinica 17(4): 319-327

Characteristics of densonucleosis in the silkworm, Bombyx mori. JARQ 15(2): 133-136

Characteristics of development of annual shoots in spur-type apple trees. Doklady AN USSR, B (3): 67-69

Characteristics of development of the Turkmenian hymenopteran (Scleroderma turcmenica Mam. et Krav.) on larvae of the cerambycid Aeolesthes sarta in experimental conditions. Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Turkmenskoi SSR, Biologicheskikh Nauk (1): 88

Characteristics of development of the male and female gametophytes of pine after interspecific hybridization. Lesovedenie (5): 61-72

Characteristics of digestion of qualitatively different proteins by rats in the early postnatal period of growth. Voprosy Pitaniya (2): 47-51

Characteristics of diseases and insect pests on the crops caused by cool summer in 1980. Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan (32): 165-225

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Characteristics of early buckwheat varieties. Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Ordena Lenina i Ordena Druzhby Narodov Instituta Rastenievodstva Imeni N I Vavilova (94): 54-56

Characteristics of eating habits of men 40 to 59 years old working in some factories in Warsaw. 3. Characteristics of eaten meals in relation to the level of education and to the character of work. Roczniki Panstwowego Zakladu Higieny 31(2): 145-155

Characteristics of eating practices of men from 40 to 50 years old working in selected factories in Warsaw. 2. Quality of nutrition and concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides in blood serum. Roczniki Panstwowego Zakladu Higieny 31(1): 9-15

Characteristics of electric heating installations in the presence of voltage fluctuations. Mekhanizatsiya i Elektrifikatsiya Sotsialisticheskogo Sel' skogo Khozyaistva (10): 32-34

Characteristics of embryogenesis following hybridization of allotriploid and autotetraploid forms of black currant. Byul nauch inform Tsentr genet lab (34): 18-20

Characteristics of eroded sediment. Transactions of the ASAE 23(5): 1139-1142, 1146

Characteristics of erythroid colonies formed by bovine marrow progenitor cells in methyl cellulose cultures. Research in Veterinary Science 32(2): 213-220

Characteristics of fat from heavy ram and wether lambs. Journal of Animal Science 52(1): 83-92

Characteristics of fecundity of the grain moth bred individually or in groups on some cultivars of maize. Rasteniev"dni Nauki 17(3): 101-109

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Characteristics of forage plants for making hay. Informe Agropecuario 6(64): 6-8

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Characteristics of hemlock stands related to deer use in east-central Ontario. Journal of Applied Ecology, 171: 1-6

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