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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 888

Chapter 888 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Farm woodlands and agricultural structural policy. Meinungen zur Agrar und Umweltpolitik (7): 71

Farm woods - management, conservation and financial resources. Proceedings of a conference held at Stonleigh , 25 February 1981. Farm woods management, conservation and financial resources Proceedings of a conference held at Stonleigh [England], 25 February 1981:

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Farm-size relationships, with an emphasis on California. A review of what is known about the diverse forces affecting farm size, and additional research considerations. Farm size relationships, with an emphasis on California A review of what is known about the diverse forces affecting farm size, and additional research considerations: 170

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Farmer decision making in technology adoption: fertilizers. Farmer decision making in technology adoption: fertilizers: ; 13

Farmer education and extension services in selected Asian countries. Report of the study meeting on farmer education and extension services conducted in Japan, 26th June - 5th July, 1980. Farmer education and extension services in selected Asian countries Report of the study meeting on farmer education and extension services conducted in Japan, 26th June 5th July, 1980: 81; 144

Farmer education and farm efficiency. Farmer education and farm efficiency: xviii + 292

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Farmers' assessment of information and sources. Farmers' assessment of information and sources: xii+191

Farmers' association and extension service: the BAEx experience. Farmers' association and extension service: the BAEx experience: 7

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Farmers' credit risks and liquidity management. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 63(2): 217-227

Farmers' cropping intention: a pilot survey on Broadcast Aus, Broadcast Aman and Jute in the Rangpur, Faridpur and Tangail Districts. Farmers' cropping intention: a pilot survey on Broadcast Aus, Broadcast Aman and Jute in the Rangpur, Faridpur and Tangail Districts: 27

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Farmers' goals: uni- or multi-dimensional?. Proceedings AAEA Meeting July 1981:

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Farming 24 000 acres. Farm Management 4(10): 399-407

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