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Investigation of spot-infected grass leaves

, : Investigation of spot-infected grass leaves. 11 ya Vsesoyuznaya Konferentsiya po Elekronnoi Mikroskopii, Tallin, Tezisy Dokladov T 2: 168

In leaf cells of Lolium perenne attacked by a virus-like disease transmitted by mites slight degradation of chloroplasts and increase in the number of micro-bodies, lomasomes and multivesicular formations were noted. Oval and elongated inclusions were detected in the cytoplasm of chlorenchyma cells and more often in sub-epidermal cells. The inclusions varied from 0.2-0.5 mu m to 2-3 mu m diam. and 5-6 mu m long. The diam. of the filaments was 4-6 nm.


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