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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 968

Chapter 968 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Relationship between the different phases of erosion of a lateritic crust and the vegetation on the Manika plateau, Shaba, Zaire. Geo Eco Trop 3(2): 99-117

Relationship between the distribution of bases and heavy metals in paddy soils and the concentrations of these elements in rice plants in the central region of Hokkaido. Bulletin of Hokkaido Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Stations (43): 52-62

Relationship between the duration of incubation, physiological age and yield in potatoes. Abstracts of conference papers of the 8th triennial conference of the European Association for Potato Research: 76-77

Relationship between the faecal count and the parasitic burden in natural Dicrocoelium dendriticum infections in sheep. Revue de Medecine Veterinaire 132(8/9): 601-602, 605-607

Relationship between the fertilizing capacity of eggs and spermatozoa in inbred recombinant lines of mice. Genetica Polonica 21(2): 181-194

Relationship between the functioning of machine milking equipment and the incidence of subclinical mastitis. Veterinaria, Mexico 11(1): 29

Relationship between the growth and development of early rice cultivars and thermal conditions. Journal of Nanjing Agricultural College (2): 22-31

Relationship between the growth responses to K fertilizer and K + Na concentration of leaves in some vegetable crops. Journal of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science 50(1): 78-85

Relationship between the house dust and mite allergen by immunochemical and clinical evidence. Allergie und Immunologie 26(1): 31-40

Relationship between the incidence of endometritis and repeat breeders in dairy herds. Refuah Veterinarith 36(4): 131-134

Relationship between the incidence of pre-ovulatory behaviour and the concentrations of oestradiol-17 beta and progesterone in bovine plasma. Applied Animal Ethology 7(2): 141-148

Relationship between the mineralogical composition of the clay fraction of some typical Andalusian soils and their behaviour in relation to potassium. Anales de Edafologia y Agrobiologia 37(5/6): 511-522

Relationship between the Number of Homoeologues, Chiasma Frequency and the Frequency of Telosome Pairing in Wheat. Genetics 98(3): 589-596

Relationship between the number of littermates of the ewe and the number of liveborn lambs. Sau og Geit 34(5): 178-179

Relationship between the photosynthetic process and maize yield, under the conditions of the exogley podzolic soil at Albota-Arges. Analele Institutului de Cercetari pentru Cereale si Plante Tehnice, Fundulea 43: 449-461

Relationship between the polymorphism and activity of alkaline phosphatase in the blood serum and the rate of growth in the young black-and-white cattle. Genetica Polonica 21(2): 195-201

Relationship between the productivity of the South Kazakh Merino and the state of development of incisors at birth. Vestnik Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Nauki Kazakhstana (4): 62-64

Relationship between the quality of Mexican honeys and beekeeping techniques. Agrociencia (15): 3-10

Relationship between the rate of CO2 evolution from some soils of the Tama basin and the amount of dissolved organic carbon in the soil solution. Japanese Journal of Ecology 31(1): 99-105

Relationship between the results of certain laboratory tests and the field germination of soybean seeds. Newsletter of the Association of Official Seed Analysts 54(2): 36-43

Relationship between the results of skin, conjunctival and bronchial tests and RAST with Candida albicans in patients with asthma. Clinical Allergy 11(4): 343-351

Relationship between the rhizosphere microflora, the occurrence of Fusarium wilt and the presence of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita in tomato. Japanese Journal of Nematology 9(12): 60-68

Relationship between the root yield, leaf weight and root size in sugarbeet. Indian Journal of Agronomy 25(3): 355-357

Relationship between the seed yield of lucerne and the number of tripped flowers. Pszczelnicze Zeszyty Naukowe 23: 141-147

Relationship between the stage of development of the fruit harvested and the color of frozen green bananas. Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico 64(3): 283-293

Relationship between the trace mineral content of lactating women's milk, serum and dietary intake. Trace element metabolism in man and animals III: 452-454

Relationship between the vegetative apparatus and production in the oil palm in the Ivory Coast. Oleagineux 35(5): 233-239

Relationship between the vegetative period and the water requirements of agricultural crops. Analele Institutului de Cercetari pentru Cereale si Plante Tehnice, Fundulea 46: 261-266

Relationship between the vehicles and self-propelled forage harvesters. Zemedelska Technika 26(7): 407-418

Relationship between the worm burden and the consecutive infection in enterobiasis. The Chung Ang Journal of Medicine 7(1): 23-31

Relationship between thigh length and body weight at different stages of growth in crossbred chicken of WL and RIR. Indian Journal of Poultry Science 16(3): 288-290

Relationship between ticks and cattle. Implications for livestock production. Revista Mexicana de Produccion Animal 9: 3-31

Relationship between ticks and zebu cattle in southern Uganda. Tropical animal health and production 14(2): 63-74

Relationship between time of priming and cured leaf quality of Virginia tobacco. Pemberitaan, Lembaga Penelitian Tanaman Industri, Bogor (32): 25-38

Relationship between total nonstructural carbohydrate content and soybean reproductive abscission. Agronomy Abstracts 72nd annual meeting, American Society of Agronomy: 76

Relationship between total sulphur and sulphur amino acids in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) and pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan Millsp.). Qualitas Plantarum Plant Foods for Human Nutrition 31(2): 109-117

Relationship between transferrin type and fertility index. Revista de Salud Animal 1(2): 113-117

Relationship between transferrin types and milk production in F1 Holstein-Friesian X zebu cross cattle. Revista Cubana de Ciencias Veterinarias 9(1): 39-44

Relationship between transpiration and CO2 uptake in leaves of Zea mays L. after excision. Photosynthetica 14(4): 545-549

Relationship between transpiration and the uptake of sodium and chloride in Zea mays L. and Helianthus annuus L. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 39(3): 1072

Relationship between transport of D-xylose and other monosaccharides in jejunal mucosa of children. Gastroenterology 80(4): 758-762

Relationship between triglyceride-rich lipoprotein (chylomicrons and VLDL) and HDL2 and HDL3 in the post-prandial phase in humans. Atherosclerosis 37(2): 271-276

Relationship between two price quotes for eggs. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 62(4): 766-771

Relationship between two serotypes of avian mycoplasmas by serological and DNA-DNA hybridization tests. Avian Diseases 24(4): 939-954

Relationship between ultrasonic measurements and condition score. New Zealand, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries: Agricultural Research Division Annual report 1978/79: ; 64

Relationship between ultrasonic measurements taken on cattle and their carcass composition. New Zealand, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries: Agricultural Research Division Annual report 1978/79: ; 65-66

Relationship between uptake of mercury vapor by mushrooms and its catalase activity. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 27(6): 816-820

Relationship between uterine progesterone and fetal development in pigs. Biology of Reproduction 25(2): 349-352

Relationship between various meteorological parameters. Madras Agricultural Journal 64(12): 826-827

Relationship between vegetative and reproductive traits in red clover. Breeding high yielding forage varieties combined with high seed yield: 33-36

Relationship between vehicles and self-propelled forage harvesters. Zemedelska Technika 27(1): 11-30

Relationship between viscosity and fat content of milk and cream. Journal of Texture Studies 11(1): 65-68

Relationship between water intake rate and rainfall -- a case study in the Meiji irrigation district. Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Mie University (61): 51-64

Relationship between water supply and yield in crop growing under irrigation. III. Potatoes. Novenytermeles 30(4): 353-362

Relationship between weather, levels of zoosporangia of hop Peronospora in the air and damage. Rostlinna Vyroba 27(1): 89-95

Relationship between weight and age at sexual maturity in crossbred cattle. Indian Journal of Animal Genetics and Breeding 2(1): 12-15

Relationship between weight and age of gilts at first fertile mating and performance. Irish Re ic, Agricultural Institute, Dublin: Animal production Report from Dunsinea, Moorepark and Western Research Centres, Research report 1979: ; 65

Relationship between wheat yields and the amount of available water and nitrogen in the soil. Tarimsal Arastirma Dergisi 2(3): 111-123

Relationship between yield and some characters in sunflower. Genetika i Selektsiya 13(5): 329-338

Relationship of bloomless (bm bm) sorghum to greenbug resistance. Crop Science 20(2): 173-176

Relationship of 65Zn elimination and oxygen consumption in Acheta domesticus. Journal of the Georgia Entomological Society, 151: 10-19

Relationship of Fusarium wilt resistance and soil moisture to yield and persistence of alfalfa. Phytopathology 71(7): 766

Relationship of M1 parameters with M2 mutation frequency in greengram (Vigna radiata Wilczek). Haryana Agricultural University Journal of Research 11(4): 481-484

Relationship of SO2 dry deposition to a grassland sulfur cycle. Ecological Modelling 13(1/2): 1-16

Relationship of Soil Texture with Soil Water Content and Soil Porosity Characteristics of Arizona Soils. Relationship of Soil Texture with Soil Water Content and Soil Porosity Characteristics of Arizona Soils:

Relationship of United States dairy industry to dairying internationally. Journal of Dairy Science 64(6): 975-995

Relationship of apple sensory attributes to headspace volatiles, soluble solids, and titratable acids. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 106(2): 130-132

Relationship of attitudes with farm accident involvement. ASAE Paper (79-5534): 5 pp

Relationship of blood groups and enzyme types with economic traits in pigs. Denmark, Danish Meat Research Institute: Annual report 1980: 9

Relationship of body measurements, weight, age and fatness to size and performance in beef cattle. Journal of Animal Science 52(3): 493-499

Relationship of body weight loss during a forced molt to postmolt performance of broiler breeder hens. Poultry Science 59(7): 1558

Relationship of calving season and initial 100 days production with first lactation yield of Tharparkar cows. Indian Veterinary Journal 57(9): 740-743

Relationship of component frequency to compensatory response in soybean blends. Crop Science 20(3): 392-393

Relationship of cortex and medulla in the adrenal gland of the donkey. Research in Veterinary Science 32(3): 261-264

Relationship of crop radiance to alfalfa agronomic values. International Journal of Remote Sensing 1(1): 69-75

Relationship of diet high in lipid and cholesterol on immune function in rats given 1,2,dimethylhydrazine (DMH). American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 33(4): 937

Relationship of dietary regimens to success, efficiency, and cost of weight loss. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 77(3): 249-257

Relationship of disc floret anthesis and capitular diameter to drooping of ray florets in the vase-life of chrysanthemum. Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy, B, Biological Sciences 46(4): 512-517

Relationship of drinking to head and neck cancer. Preventive Medicine 8(4): 507-519

Relationship of egg fertility with testis weight, semen volume and sperm concentration in Japanese quail bred by full-sib mating. Scientific Reports of the Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University (57): 17-24

Relationship of egg position during incubation on early embryonic growth and hatching of broiler breeder eggs. Poultry Science 61(4): 667-672

Relationship of endometrial biopsy and other management factors on fertility of broodmares. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 2(1): 5-10

Relationship of estradiol and prostaglandins in sperm retention in the mated rabbit. Theriogenology 12(5): 237-244

Relationship of extracellular polysaccharide and its sugar components from rice leaf blight bacteria (Xanthomonas oryzae) to the induction of hypersensitive reaction in cotton. Journal of Research, Assam Agricultural University 1(2): 164-167

Relationship of face wool cover with live weight and fleece weight in Polwarth young ewes. Pesquisa em ovinos no Brasil 1975-1979: 34

Relationship of fasting and post-load serum glucose to prevalence of ECG abnormalities in forty-year-old men: from the Glostrup population studies. Journal of Chronic Diseases 32(11/12): 709-719

Relationship of fasting blood glucose to prevalence of ECG abnormalities and 10 yr risk of mortality from cardiovascular diseases in men born in 1914: from the Glostrup population studies. Journal of Chronic Diseases 32(11/12): 699-707

Relationship of field traffic and tillage to corn yields and soil properties. Journal of Terramechanics 18(2): 81-90

Relationship of globule leucocytes to infections with Fasciola hepatica in sheep. Journal of Parasitology 66(5): 844-845

Relationship of glucose tolerance to prevalence of ECG abnormalities and to annual mortality from cardiovascular disease: results of the Paris Prospective Study. Journal of Chronic Diseases 32(11/12): 759-766

Relationship of glume blotch symptoms on wheat heads to seed infection by Septoria nodorum. Transactions of the British Mycological Society 76(2): 205-211

Relationship of growth and puberty in beef heifers fed monensin. Journal of Animal Science 51(Suppl. 1): 152

Relationship of head circumference to length in the first 400 days of life: a mnemonic. Pediatrics 67(4): 506-507

Relationship of hyperglycemia with glycosuria in diabetes. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 18(3): 258-260

Relationship of leaf shape genes to physical and chemical properties of tobacco. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 41(10): 3686B

Relationship of leukosis incidence, degree of purebreeding, liveweight and milk production of cows. Trudy, Latviiskaya Ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Akademiya (177): 64-68

Relationship of light intensity, node number and leaf area to flowering time in hybrid geranium. Abstracts, XXIst International Horticultural Congress (Vol. II): Abstract No. 1792

Relationship of lipoproteins present in the larval haemolymph of the southwestern corn borer, Diatraea grandiosella, to feeding and diapause. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, B 70(4): 759-765

Relationship of live traits (objective measurements) to indicators of meatiness in male lambs. Livestock Adviser 5(9): 2-4, 69-72

Relationship of management to equine infertility. Southwestern Veterinarian 34(1): 15-19

Relationship of milk yield with various milk components in Hariana cattle. Veterinary Research Bulletin 1(2): 130-133

Relationship of neonatal mortality in lambs to serologic status of the ewe for Toxoplasma gondii. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 178(7): 679-682

Relationship of nutrition and breeding condition with reproductive ability of mink females. Deutsche Pelztierzuchter 54(11): 171-173

Relationship of nutrition to successful embryo transplantation. Theriogenology 13(1): 27-39

Relationship of oxygen status of potato tubers to pectic enzyme maceration of tissue. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Plant Pathogenic Bacteria: 246-251

Relationship of pen height to bone strength of broilers. Poultry Science 60(3): 546-549

Relationship of peripheral estrogens and testosterone concentrations to sexual behavior in normal and cystic cows. Canadian Veterinary Journal 22(1): 9-11

Relationship of phenotypic variation and genic heterozygosity in natural populations. Genetics 100(1, II): s10

Relationship of plasma hormones and semen quality in bulls. Proceedings of the eighth technical conference on artificial insemination and reproduction: 13-20

Relationship of plasma sex hormones to different parameters of obesity in male subjects. Metabolism Clinical & Experimental 29(11): 1041-1045

Relationship of postprandial serum gastrin response to sex, body weight, blood group status, familial dyspepsia, duration, and age of onset of ulcer symptoms in duodenal ulcer. Gut 21(6): 528-532

Relationship of prior heat treatment to growth and fruiting of 'Thornless Oregon Evergreen' blackberry. HortScience 16(3): 312-313

Relationship of prolactin secretion to dopamine release into hypophysial portal blood and dopamine turnover in the median eminence. Brain Research 193(1): 284-288

Relationship of prostaglandin F2 alpha to cystic ovarian follicles in the sow. British Veterinary Journal 137(3): 289-299

Relationship of pumpkin mosaic virus with its aphid vector, Aphis gossypii Glov. Journal of Turkish Phytopathology 10(2/3): 93-109

Relationship of rate and extent of digestion to forage utilization -- a dynamic model evaluation. Journal of Animal Science 54(4): 895-905

Relationship of relative humidity and temperature levels with the development of leaf and sheath blight of maize. Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz 88(5): 265-268

Relationship of renal threshold for bicarbonate reabsorption to urinary sodium excretion in premature infants. Acta Paediatrica Scientiarum Hungaricae 19(4): 281-284

Relationship of rumen fluid volume of mature Angus cows to body measurements, animal performance and forage consumption on pasture. Journal of Animal Science 51(Suppl. 1): 13

Relationship of sap sugar concentrations in sugar maple to ray tissue and parenchyma flecks caused by Phytobia setosa. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 10(3): 312-315

Relationship of scrotal volume with body size, body measurements, ejaculate volume and sperm concentration in Holstein and Jersey bulls. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 33(1): 125-127

Relationship of selected clinical renal function tests to glomerular filtration rate and renal blood flow in cats. American Journal of Veterinary Research 42(10): 1704-1710

Relationship of selenium-dependent glutathione peroxidase activity and nutritional pancreatic atrophy in selenium-deficient chicks. Journal of Nutrition 111(9): 1611-1620

Relationship of semen characters with serum testosterone and oestrogen levels in three-year-old colts. Japanese Journal of Zootechnical Science 52(6): 447-450

Relationship of serum albumin, amylase and transferrin types with performance traits in buffaloes. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 33(1): 138-140

Relationship of serum somatomedin-like activity and fibroblast proliferative activity with age and body weight gain in sheep. Journal of Animal Science 52(1): 63-68

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Relationship of sialic acid residues to in vitro biological and immunological activities of equine gonadotropins. Biology of Reproduction 24(5): 1082-1087

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Relationship of soluble solids, alcohol-insoluble solids, fruit calcium, and pectin levels to firmness and surface pitting in Lambert and Bing sweet cherry fruit. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 107(1): 151-154

Relationship of somatic cell count and cell volume analysis of goat's milk to intramammary infection with coagulase-negative staphylococci. Journal of Dairy Research 48(3): 393-403

Relationship of some European Scots pine populations to native Scottish woodlands based on monoterpene analysis. Forestry 55(1): 19-37

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Relationship of steer daily gains on Bermudagrass to rate of forage digestion. Animal Science Research Report (MP-108): 116-119

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Relationship of strain variation and feed restriction to variation in blood pressure and response to heat stress. Poultry Science 59(11): 2586-2588

Relationship of sugarbeet fruit size to vigor of commercially processed seed lots and cultivars. Crop Science 21(1): 61-65

Relationship of tannin and seed color to seedling vigour in Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench. Agronomy abstracts: 82

Relationship of teat-end lesions to intramammary infections. Annual Meeting, National Mastitis Council, Inc February 18-20, 1980: 17-24

Relationship of the F1 hybrid Lycopersicon esculentum X L. hirsutum f. glabratum to its parental forms and to two other self-compatible tomato species. Biologicheskii Zhurnal Armenii Hayastani Kensabanakan Handes 33(7): 698-702

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Relationship of the cholesterol to phospholipid ratio to survival of bovine spermatozoa during cold shock and storage at 4 deg C. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 41(5): 1668

Relationship of the fat content of breast milk to the growth patterns of infants. Federation Proceedings 40(3, II): 897

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