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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 987

Chapter 987 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Sporulation of Gibberella zeae V. Respiratory studies on sporulating and nonsporulating cultures. Mycologia 73(1): 105-111

Sporulation of Gibberella zeae VI. Sporulation and maximal mycelial growth occur simultaneously. Mycologia 72(6): 1231-1235

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Sporulation of Macrophomina phaseolina (Tass.) Goid. and the feasibility of the spore inoculation method in screening germplasm for resistance. Esporulacao de Macrophomina phaseolina Tass Goid e viabilidade do metodo de inoculacao de esporos em estudos de selecao de germoplasma resistente: 66

Sporulation of Ustilago violacea in the ovaries of Silene dioica. Phytopathologische Zeitschrift 101(1): 72-79

Spot fire distance from burning trees - a predictive model. General Technical Report, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service (INT-56): 73

Spot necrosis of grapevine. Zashchita Rastenii (5): 63

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Spot urinary electrolyte concentrations and 24 hour excretion. Lancet ii(8204): 1135

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Spotlight on the 1980s in Norwegian dairying. Meieriposten 70(10): 271 .... 276

Spotted tentiform leafminer. Lithocolletis blancardella (Lepelletier). Insect Identification Sheet, Agriculture Canada (58): 2

Spray Sickle - and things to consider. Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Southern Weed Science Society: 363-365

Spray and soil application of zinc to apples. Journal of Horticultural Science 57(3): 259-266

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Spray drying handbook. Spray drying handbook (Ed. 3): xv + 687

Spray feeding. Gleanings in Bee Culture 109(9): 474-475

Spray for treating burns. Romanian Patent (65190): 2

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Sprayers need not be so thirsty. NOMA 2(2): 21-24

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Spraying before and at flowering. Ovoshcharstvo 58(3): 45-46

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Spread and characterization of chemical resistance of biotype D greenbugs in Texas. Journal of Economic Entomology 73(3): 458-461

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Spread of Varroa jacobsoni in an area with a high population of wild bees (Apoidea). Trudy Vsesoyuznogo Instituta Eksperimental' noi Veterinarii 52: 101-103

Spread of bacterial spot of commercial tomato in some areas of Ferrara. Informatore Fitopatologico 32(4): 47-48

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Spreading the harvest period of Brussels sprouts for mechanical harvesting. Boer en de Tuinder 86(34): 29, 31

Spreading weed menaces North Thai agriculture (Mimosa pigra L.). Infoletter (43): 1-2

Spring - a honey flow season in Kashmir. Indian Bee Journal 41(1/2): 25

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Spring management for controlling swarming by Chinese honeybees (Apis cerana. Zhongguo Yangfeng (2): 5

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Spring rape - a good preceding crop. Zemledelie (12): 22

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