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Histochemical studies of glycosidase activity in juveniles and adults of the lung fluke Paragonimus

, : Histochemical studies of glycosidase activity in juveniles and adults of the lung fluke Paragonimus. Parasitology 86: 119-126

Glycosidase activities in the adults and juveniles of the lung fluke Paragonimus ohirai and P. westermani adults were demonstrated histochemically. For comparative studies, histochemical examination was also made on the adults of the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica. The enzymes examined were N-acetyl-beta-glucosaminidase (EC, beta-glucuronidase (EC, beta-galactosidase (EC, alpha-glucosidase (EC and beta-glucosidase (EC The distribution of beta-glucosaminidase was similar in juveniles and adults. Strong reaction sites for the enzyme were the caecal brush border, tegument, subtegumental cells and tests. In contrast, no staining reaction occurred in the caeca of F. hepatica, although the tegument and parenchymal cells were weakly stained. beta-glucuronidase activity was associated only with the luminal surface of the caeca in the juveniles. However, luminal contents also appeared stained and this might suggest that the activity in the caeca is not endogenous. beta-galactosidase was localized in the caeca, sub-tegmental cells and tegument in both juveniles and adults. No reaction occurred for the other two enzymes, alpha- and beta-glucosidase.


PMID: 6220258

DOI: 10.1017/s003118200005722x

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