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Clonal propagation of hyacinth by in vitro culture. III. Bulblet culture, callus subculture, and organ formation from excised tissues

, : Clonal propagation of hyacinth by in vitro culture. III. Bulblet culture, callus subculture, and organ formation from excised tissues. Journal of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science 24(3): 249-257

For the culture of hyacinth Jan Bos, Murashige and Skoog medium was supplemented with combinations of NAA, 2,4-D, kinetin, BA and IBA. At concentrations <more or => 10-5M 2,4-D and NAA, callus was formed from bud scale, flower stalk and leaf explants. 2,4-D performed better than NAA. Some 50% shoot differentiation occurred on medium supplemented with either NAA at 10-7M, or 2,4-D at 10-8M, in combination with BA at 10-5M. Root differentiation reached 86% on NAA at 10-6M.


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