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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 1238

Chapter 1238 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Predation of Prosimulium mixtum/fuscum (Diptera: Simuliidae) copulating pairs by Formica ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Journal of the New York Entomological Society 91(1): 90-91

Predation of grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) by lizard (Ophiomorus tridactylus Blyth.) in great Indian desert. Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Zoologie, 712: 129-133

Predation of the greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), by Campylomma sp. (Hemiptera: Miridae). Applied Entomology and Zoology, 191: 67-74

Predation on earthworms by terrestrial vertebrates. Earthworm ecology from Darwin to vermiculture: 393-414

Predation on earthworms by the black-headed gull (Larus ridibundus L.). Earthworm ecology from Darwin to vermiculture: 415-424

Predation on neonate larvae of Diaprepes abbreviatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Florida and Puerto Rico citrus groves. Florida Entomologist, 662: 215-222

Predation on the cattle tick Boophilus microplus by the ant Pheidole megacephala. Preliminary report. Ciencia y Tecnica en la Agricultura, Proteccion de Plantasrecd 1984; 5(2): 97-100

Predation on the western honey bee, Apis mellifera L., by the hornet, Vespa tropica (L.). Psyche 89(3/4): 347-350

Predation, cover, and food manipulations during a spring decline of Microtus townsendii. Journal of Animal Ecology, 523: 837-848

Predator and parasitoid interaction with aphid-resistant potatoes to reduce aphid densities: a two-year field study. Journal of Economic Entomology 76(3): 456-462

Predator gut state and prey detectability using electrophoretic analysis of gut contents. Ecological Entomology 9(2): 157-162

Predator-mediated coexistence. Acta Entomologica Fennica 42: 33-35

Predators and parasites of Hyalopterus pruni and Hyalopterus amygdali populations living on peach, plum and reed. Acta Phytopathologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 173-4: 311-316

Predators and parasites of eggs of Diatraea saccharalis (Fabr., 1794). Entomology Newsletter (15): 12

Predators and parasites of temporary row crop pests: agents of irreplaceable mortality or scavengers acting prior to other mortality factors?. Entomophaga, 273: 245-266

Predators, parasites, and associates of Anthophora abrupta Say (Hymenoptera: Anthophoridae). Journal of the New York Entomological Society, 903: 181-185

Predatory behaviour of nematodes I. Biological control of Helicotylenchus dihystera through the predacious nematodes, Iotonchus monhystera. Indian Journal of Nematology 13(1): 1-8

Predatory capture of toads by fly larvae. Science 222(4623): 515-516

Predatory insects and spiders in Queensland crops - part 3. Queensland Agricultural Journal 109(3): 2 (unpaginated)

Predatory insects and spiders in Queensland crops - part 4. Queensland Agricultural Journal 110(2): back cover

Predatory mites (Acari: Phytoseiidae) in Cuba's citrus. Proceedings of the International Society of Citriculture 1981 Volume 2: 646-649

Predict potato damage. American Vegetable Grower 32(1): 16

Predictable effects of intensifying production and harvesting on the fertility of forest soils. The biological cycle in the forest. Revue Forestiere Francaise 36(2): 93-112

Predicting DBH from stump DIB and stump height for second growth Douglas fir. DNR Notes, Department of Natural Resources, Washington (25): 2

Predicting F1 yields in lucerne. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Brno, A Facultas Agronomica 31(3): 65-71

Predicting acceptability of food crop varieties by city and rural consumers. IITA research highlights 1983: 83-85

Predicting body measurements of mink. Krolikovodstvo i Zverovodstvo (2): 16-17

Predicting cation exchange equilibria in soil containing three heterovalent cations. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenernahrung und Bodenkunde 146(5): 604-610

Predicting cold hardiness of Douglas-fir nursery stock with an oscilloscope/square-wave apparatus. Tree Planters' Notes 35(2): 25-27

Predicting creep behaviour of wood adhesives by torsional braid analysis. Journal of Adhesion 16: 279-293

Predicting crown weight and bole volume of five western hardwoods. General Technical Report, Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service (PNW-151): ii + 37

Predicting crude protein, in vitro true digestibility, and leaf proportion in alfalfa herbage. Crop Science 23(5): 961-964

Predicting depth and duration of winter snowpack in the western Cascade Mountains. Tree Planters' Notes 33(2): 14-17

Predicting digestibility of grasses based on the plant-tissue fractionation by pectinase treatment. Journal of Japanese Society of Grassland Science 29(4): 368-370

Predicting direct recharge of surficial aquifers. ASAE Paper (2046): 22

Predicting dry matter intake in ruminants. Proceedings of the 1983 Georgia Nutrition Conference for the Feed Industry: 45-48

Predicting effects of excessive soil water conditions on sugarcane yield. Paper, American Society of Agricultural Engineers (83-2564): 23 pp

Predicting erosion and deposition on a stripmined and reclaimed area. Water Resources Bulletin 19(4): 585-593

Predicting final branch size in thinned radiata pine stands. FRI Bulletin, Forest Research Institute, New Zealand (3): 17

Predicting fuel moisture in jack pine slash: a test of two systems. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 14(1): 68-76

Predicting growth and yield in the mid-south. Predicting growth and yield in the mid south: 160

Predicting infection with beet yellows virus. Nachrichtenblatt fur den Pflanzenschutz in der DDR 38(5): 107-110

Predicting infiltration and surface runoff from reconstructed spoils and soils. Research Report, Water Resources Research Institute (143): 44

Predicting landslides related to clearcut logging, northwestern California, USA. Mountain Research and Development 3(3): 253-259

Predicting leaf area and biomass of 1- to 6-year-old tanoak (Lithocarpus densiflorus) and Pacific madrone (Arbutus menziesii) sprout clumps in southwestern Oregon. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 14(2): 209-213

Predicting lifetime production from early traits in Beetal goats. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 35(2): 189-192

Predicting long-term effects of silvicultural practices on forest site productivity. General Technical Report, Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service (163): 201-211

Predicting lumber volume and value of young-growth true firs: users' guide. General Technical Report, Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service (PNW-147): i + 14

Predicting milk production of heifers. Molochnoe i Myasnoe Skotovodstvo (11): 43-44

Predicting net energy value of corn silage varying in grain content. Journal of Animal Science 57(3): 710-716

Predicting nitrogen fertilizer demands in Denmark. Assessment of the nitrogen status of the soils: 48-53

Predicting nitrogen requirements for arable farming: a critical review and appraisal. Proceedings, Agronomy Society of New Zealand 13: 1-14

Predicting parameters of mutational frequency and range of mutation in rice. Fujian Nongye Keji Fujian Agricultural Science and Technology (3): 5-7

Predicting peak stream flow from an undisturbed watershed in the central Appalachians. Water Resources Bulletin 18(5): 755-759

Predicting pecan nut casebearer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) activity at College Station, Texas. Environmental Entomology 12(2): 482-486

Predicting performance of potato clones in different environments. Agronomy Abstracts: 82

Predicting performance of ram lambs and maximizing production of Western ewes. Dissertation Abstracts International, B Sciences and Engineering 43(12): 3783

Predicting performance reliability of machinery systems. Agricultural Engineering 64(12): 19-22

Predicting photosynthesis. Photosynthesis Volume II Development, carbon metabolism, and productivity: 387-418

Predicting ponderosa pine plantation yields using unmanaged stand data. Forest Science 29(3): 503-514

Predicting potential fungicide resistance in fungal populations by using a continuous culturing technique. Phytopathology 73(9): 1230-1233

Predicting product yields from thinnings in Appalachian hardwoods. Journal of Forestry 82(1): 43-46

Predicting radiata pine gross sawlog values and timber grades from log variables. FRI Bulletin, Forest Research Institute, New Zealand (4): 33

Predicting radioactive heavy metal movement through soil. Pages 341-351 1983

Predicting scenic quality for urban forests using vegetation measurements. Forest Science 30(1): 71-82

Predicting scenic values in forested residential landscapes. Journal of Leisure Research 16(2): 124-135

Predicting seasonal irrigation water requirements in humid regions. Paper, American Society of Agricultural Engineers (83-2165): 14 pp

Predicting sediment yield from alternative surface mining methods. Proceedings, 1982 Symposium on Surface Mining, Hydrology, Sedimentology and Reclamation: 463-469

Predicting size and change in nonoutbreak populations of the Douglas-fir tussock moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae). Environmental Entomology, 123: 799-803

Predicting soil density profiles using cone penetration resistance. Paper, American Society of Agricultural Engineers (83-1051): 27 pp

Predicting soil erosion under furrow irrigation by tractive force theory. Paper, American Society of Agricultural Engineers (83-2089): 7 pp

Predicting soil moisture depletion beneath trembling aspen. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 13(1): 45-52

Predicting soil temperature and soil heat flux under different tillage-surface residue conditions. Soil Science Society of America Journal 48(2): 223-232

Predicting soil temperatures in a shortgrass steppe. Soil Science 138(2): 93-101

Predicting soluble nitrogen and fibrous fractions in crested wheatgrass with near-infrared-reflectance spectroscopy. Journal of Range Management 36(4): 529-533

Predicting soybean rooting depth as a function of soil temperature. Agronomy Journal 75(6): 1050-1054

Predicting the abundence of fruiting of woody plants. Lesnoi Zhurnal (4): 125-126

Predicting the bending strength of ladder rail stock. Forest Products Journal 33(9): 9-16

Predicting the chemical and physical effects of acidic deposition on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems - information needs. Symposium Pollutants in Air Publication No NRCC/CNRC 20642 of Environmental Secretariat: 83-113

Predicting the discomfort of simulated vehicle rides. Proceedings, United Kingdom Informal Group Meeting on Human Response to Vibration, NIAE, Silsoe, UK, 14-16 September 1983: 20 pp

Predicting the performance of a continuous well-mixed fluid bed dryer from batch tests. Proceedings of the Third International Drying Symposium Vol II Birmingham, UK; 13-16 September 1982: 130-140

Predicting the productivity of dairy cattle from growth intensity and biochemical indices of blood serum. Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Tadzhikskoi SSR, Biologicheskikh Nauk (4): 34-38

Predicting the results of selection from stands of high and low density in spring wheat on the basis of a study of model populations. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (3): 43-52

Predicting the seed crop of Scots pine and Norway spruce. Folia Forestalia, Institutum Forestale Fenniae (537): 43

Predicting the strength of wood-joist floors. Research Paper, Forest Products Laboratory, USDA Forest Service (FPL-445): 14

Predicting the structure of pine stands. South African Forestry Journal (124): 59-62

Predicting the temporal relationship between soil cesium-137 and erosion rate. Journal of Environmental Quality 13(2): 301-304

Predicting tree mortality induced by spruce budworm: a discussion. Forestry Chronicle 59(6): 294-297

Predicting value losses due to resin pockets in timber from pruned radiata pine. FRI Bulletin, Forest Research Institute, New Zealand (6): 14

Predicting water table drawdown for two-dimensional drainage. Advances in drainage [ASAE Publication 12-82]: 6-15

Predicting water table levels with a controlled and reversible drainage system. ASAE Paper (2568): 30

Predicting weight from body measurements in Murrah buffaloes. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 34(4): 448-450

Predicting wheat yield and its components in a semi-arid region. Transactions of Indian Society of Desert Technology and University Centre of Desert Studies 7(2): 9-14

Predicting wildfire behavior in black spruce forests in Alaska. Research Note, Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service (PNW-401): 10

Predicting wind-driven wild land fire size and shape. Research Paper, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service (INT-305): ii + 26

Predicting workplace loading on the basis of test stand measurement. Grundlagen der Landtechnik 34(2): 59-64

Prediction and realization of heterotic values of parents in hybrid combinations of green gram (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek). Precongress scientific meeting on genetics and improvement of heterotic systems: 18

Prediction of 90Sr accumulation in barley grain in relation to weather conditions. Agrokhimiya (9): 118-125

Prediction of adult height from height and bone age in childhood. A new system of equations (TW Mark II) based on a sample including very tall and very short children. Archives of Disease in Childhood 58(10): 767-776

Prediction of adult height in children with chronic renal insufficiency. Kidney International. Supplement 15: S48-S52

Prediction of age through body measurements and vice-versa in dairy heifers. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 35(3): 383-384

Prediction of apple fruit size: a promising model. Agroplantae 14(3): 43-46

Prediction of available amino acid supply from individual feed ingredients: amino acid availabilities in barley, canola meal and in a complete barley-canola meal diet. Agriculture and Forestry Bulletin (Special Issue): 118-120

Prediction of body weight from body measurements in Beetal goats and their crosses with Alpine and Saanen. Livestock Adviser 9(4): 33-36

Prediction of breadmaking quality of wheat cultivars from lipid content and composition. Cereal Foods World 28(9): 565

Prediction of breeding value in situations with nonlinear structure: categorical responses, growth functions and lactation curves. In 34th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production, Madrid, Spain, 3rd 6th October, 1983 Volume I Summaries Study Commissions Genetics, Nutrition, Management: 172-173

Prediction of breeding values in horses by the BLUP method. 34th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production, Madrid, Spain, 3rd 6th October, 1983 Volume II Summaries Study Commissions Cattle, Sheep and Goats, Pigs, Horses: 816-817

Prediction of design and performance parameters in agro-forestry vehicles. Publication, National Research Council Canada (NRCC 22880): 232 pp

Prediction of dietary cadmium toxicity by the four-parameter model for physiological responses . Nutrition Reports International 29(1): 55-65

Prediction of dynamic Young's modulus and loss tangent of plywood in bending. Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society 29(1): 14-19

Prediction of fluid jet penetration distance in soil. Paper, American Society of Agricultural Engineers (83-1052): 19 pp

Prediction of fracture toughness of conifers. Wood and Fiber Science 4(4): 302-316

Prediction of growth rate in chickens based on body measurements. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 42(3): 843-844

Prediction of hybrid vigour in sorghum at an early stage. Shanxi Nongye Kexue Shanxi Agricultural Science (2): 20-22

Prediction of in vitro dry matter digestibility of sorghum fodder from various chemical constituents. Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities 8(1): 84

Prediction of in vivo dry matter digestibility from the fibre and nitrogen content of a feed. Feed information and animal production Proceedings of the second symposium of the International Network of Feed Information Centres: 395-398

Prediction of infestation by and control of the California red scale, Aonidiella aurantii (Maskell), through use of its pheromone. Proceedings of the International Society of Citriculture 1981 Volume 2: 695-700

Prediction of lactation milk yield by test recording. Livestock Adviser 9(2): 9-10

Prediction of live weight of Khasi pigs on the basis of biometrical measurements. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 53(9): 1037-1038

Prediction of meat quality in the live pig by biopsy. Fleischwirtschaft 62(10): 1323-1326

Prediction of metabolizable energy for pigs on the basis of crude nutrients in the feeds. Livestock Production Science 11(1): 105-128

Prediction of mid-term from short-term fertilizer responses for southern pine plantations. Forest Science 30(1): 264-269

Prediction of oak site index from stand composition. West Virginia Forestry Notes, West Virginia University (8): 5-6

Prediction of odour nuisance. Chemistry and Industry (9): 323-326

Prediction of ovulation in the cow by a rapid radioimmunoassay of plasma LH and observation of ovulation by laparoscopy. Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine 48(1): 97-101

Prediction of percentage muscle in pork carcasses. Journal of Animal Science 57(6): 1392-1396

Prediction of phosphate movement through some selected soils. Journal of Environmental Quality 13(2): 317-320

Prediction of phosphorus losses in runoff from Southern Plains watersheds. Journal of Environmental Quality 11(2): 247-251

Prediction of pig carcass composition from the weight of individual muscles in the ham joint. 1. Correlation analysis between individual muscles in the ham joint and carcass composition using path coefficients. Journal of Northeast Agricultural College (3): 15-22

Prediction of pig carcass composition from the weight of individual muscles in the ham joint. 2. Multiple regression analysis and optimal regression equations for estimating muscle weight and lean percentage in the half carcass and ham joint. Journal of Northeast Agricultural College (3): 23-29

Prediction of pork belly composition using various measurements of the carcass or belly. Journal of Animal Science 58(3): 611-618

Prediction of resistance of the maize stalk to Gibberella zeae Schw. Petch based on the degree of resistance of parental components. Zastita Bilja 34(2): 207-211

Prediction of response to sulfur by established Siratro/grass pastures in south-eastern Queensland. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture and Animal Husbandry 23(122): 280-287

Prediction of risk of trichostrongylid infection in cattle from meteorological data. Fortschritte der Veterinarmedizin (37): 301-308

Prediction of salinity intrusion in Rio Guayas, Ecuador. Report, Hydraulics Research Station (OD 21): 10

Prediction of sediment yield for mountainous basins in Colombia, South America. IAHS Publication (137): 313-325

Prediction of seepage loss from the enlarged Ismailia Canal. Evidence from bed cores on self-lining. Report, Hydraulics Research Station (OD 28): 40 + xxxix

Prediction of sheep responses by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy. Journal of Dairy Science 66(9): 1983-1987

Prediction of sinkage and motion resistance of a tracked vehicle using plate penetration test. Journal of Terramechanics 20(3/4): 121-128

Prediction of sprinkler off-times during frost protection of apple buds: a heat transfer model. Transactions of the ASAE American Society of Agricultural Engineers 26(5): 1430-1434

Prediction of storage potential of soyabean seeds (Glycine max (L.) Merrill). Resultados de pesquisa de soja 1981/82: 206-209

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Prediction of tenderness of beef by measuring the maximum shear force and sensory analysis. Revue de l' Agriculture 36(2): 281-289

Prediction of the Universal Soil Loss Equation soil erodibility factor K on western surface mine soils. ASAE Paper (2088): 25

Prediction of the heat stability of full-cream evaporated milk from laboratory observations of coagulation time. Journal of Dairy Research 51(4): 643-647

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Prediction of the performance of spring wheat varieties and their progenies by means of juvenile characteristics. Genetika a Slechteni 18(4): 281-287

Prediction of the resistance of the maize stem to isolates of Gibberella zeae on the basis of the degree of resistance of parent components. Zastita Bilja 34(1): 27-32

Prediction of the resting metabolic rate in obese patients. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 37(4): 595-602

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Prediction of the shelf life of raw milk during refrigerated storage. Milchwissenschaft 39(1): 7-11

Prediction of the sodium hazard in coal mine overburden. Reclamation and Revegetation Research 2(3): 191-204

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Prediction of three-way top cross hybrid performance in Beta vulgaris. Agronomy Abstracts: 80

Prediction of variation in development period of insects and mites reared at constant temperatures. Environmental Entomology 12(4): 1012-1019

Prediction of water budgets for soils with or without a hardpan. Advances in infiltration: 350-363

Prediction of wildlife and fish resources for national assessments and appraisals. General Technical Report, Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service (RM-100): 21

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Predictions upbeat on supply/demand outlook for 1984. Solutions 28(2): 23-24, 28, 30

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Preferred temperature for prestorage conditioning of 'Marsh' grapefruit to prevent chilling injury at low temperatures. HortScience 18(5): 721-722

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