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Psylloglyphus crenulatus sp. n., a new hypopus (Acari, Saproglyphidae) phoretic on a bird flea, Notiopsylla kerguelenensis (Taschenberg, 1880)

, : Psylloglyphus crenulatus sp. n., a new hypopus (Acari, Saproglyphidae) phoretic on a bird flea, Notiopsylla kerguelenensis (Taschenberg, 1880). Bulletin et Annales de la Societe Royale Belge d' Entomologie 120(4/6): 99-104

This description of the hypopus of a new species of Psylloglyphus phoretic on a bird flea on Possession Island in the Indian Ocean includes a list of 5 further species and a subspecies of this genus (in 2 subgenera), of which the hypopi are phoretic on fleas infesting rodents and insectivores in Asia and Africa.


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