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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 1270

Chapter 1270 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The management of vegetation in fresh water systems. 10th International Congress of Plant Protection 1983 Volume 3 Proceedings of a conference held at Brighton, England, 20-25 November, 1983 Plant protection for human welfare: 1137-1145

The management organization and characteristics of non-manual workers in agriculture, the food industry and the forestry industry. Gazdalkodas 28(2): 33-39

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The mangroves of the rias of the Gabonese coast: an attempt at typological mapping. Bois et Forets des Tropiques (199): 3-28

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The manipulation of zein genes to improve the nutritional value of corn. Trends in Biotechnology 1(2): 54-59

The manly art: bare-knuckle prize fighting and the rise of American sports. Dissertation Abstracts International, A 44(9): p.2808

The manpower and financial implications of implementing the policy of universal compulsory primary education in Valle, Colombia. Dissertation Abstracts International, A 44(4): 946-947

The manufacture and application of flat-sliced Lamboo veneer. Bulletin, Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (371): 12

The manufacture of agricultural machinery in Zambia as seen from an international perspective. De produktie van landbouwwerktuigen in de re iek Zambia, in het internationaal perspectief: 140

The manufacture of an enzyme treatment liquid composed mainly of corn gluten meal. Journal of the Japan Soy Sauce Research Institute 7(6): 270-273

The manufacture of block Cheddar. Nordeuropaeisk Mejeri Tidsskrift 48(2): 70-76

The manufacture of processed cheese. Revue des ENIL (81): 27-32

The manufacture of wood-cement boards using species which inhibit cement hardening (VI). The effects of chip length and orientation. Journal of the Hokkaido Forest Products Research Institute (372): 8-12

The manufacture of wood-cement boards using species which inhibit cement hardening. (V). Effect of pretreatment with esters of phosphoric acid. Journal of the Hokkaido Forest Products Research Institute (369): 1-10

The manufacturing and application of Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) glu-lam. Bulletin, Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (400): 9

The manuring effectiveness of cattle slurry combined with ploughed-in straw and commercial fertilizers in a beet-growing crop rotation system. Rostlinna Vyroba 28(6): 595-603

The many uses of used equipment. Nitrogen (149): 27-29

The market area of an agricultural industrial plant in respect of different pricing policies, financial objectives, and transport subsidies. Anales, Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias, Economia y Sociologia Agrarias, Spain (7): 33-50

The market area of the turn of the century hotel: the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. Recreation Research Review 10(3): 11-21

The market for Australian livestock by-products. Occasional Paper, Bureau of Agricultural Economics, Australia (80): vi + 40

The market for cultured milk beverages. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 34(9): 271-275

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The market for fish and its effect on meat. Meat Demand Trends (83/3): 2-7

The market for food and agricultural products in Egypt. Marche des produits agro alimentaires en Egypte:

The market for food and agricultural products in Jordan. Marche des produits agro alimentaires en Jordanie:

The market for hardy nursery stock in Western Europe. The market for hardy nursery stock in Western Europe: 26

The market for land: an analysis of interim transactions. Discussion Paper, Development Economics Research Centre, University of Warwick (33): 22

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The market prospects of UHT milk. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 34(32): 1050-1054

The market volume of tourism originating from European countries. Tourist Review 38(4): 21-23

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The marketing of local authority leisure services. European Journal of Marketing 18(2): 128

The marketing of public library services in the United Kingdom - the rationale for a marketing approach; The marketing of public library services in the UK - practical applications. European Journal of Marketing 18(2): 33-44; 44-55

The marketing of winter apple. Tudomany es Mezogazdasag 22(3): 49-59

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The marketing system - a dynamic force in livestock production. Development of animal production systems: 79-106

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The markets for agricultural machinery in an unclear position. Agrarwirtschaft 32(12): 442-444

The marsh flies of California (Diptera: Sciomyzidae). Bulletin of the California Insect Survey 24: vii + 117

The mass literacy campaign in Iraq: a critical analysis. Dissertation Abstracts International, A 44(7): p.2011

The mass multiplication and abundance dynamics of the black c-moth in the Ukraine in 1978. Noveishie dostizheniya sel' skokhozyaistvennoi entomologii po materialam USh s"ezda VEO, Vil' nyus, 9-13 oktyabrya 1979 g: recd 1983; 93-95

The massification of Australian sport: a critical view. Sports sciences section: 52nd ANZAAS Congress, May 1982: 287-302

The master farmer system of West Germany. Agricultural Manpower (7): 14-15

The material interest of the production collective and manager in efficient production, storage, conservation and utilization of fodder. Feldwirtschaft 24(4): 141-144

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The matrix for monitoring business performance. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 15(9): 745-748

The maximum calorific value of Mediterranean forest species. Annales des Sciences Forestieres 38(4): 469-486

The maximum non-unit eigenvalue for the Wright-Fisher model of random genetic drift incorporating selection. Theoretical Population Biology, 251: 29-40

The meadow moth in eastern Siberia and in the Far East. Zashchita Rasteni (2): 40-41

The mealy cabbage aphid. Zimbabwe Agricultural Journal 80(5): 187-188

The mean diameter for stand density index. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 13(5): 1023-1024

The meaning and purpose of the protection clauses in the EC agricultural market organization. Berichte uber Landwirtschaft 61(4): 504-512

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The meaning of marketing and leisure: issues for research and development. European Journal of Marketing 18(2): 23-32

The measurement and sources of technological change biases, with application to postwar Japanese agriculture. Economica 50(198): 159-173

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The measurement of O2 flux in two woodland soils. Plant and Soil 68(3): 353-359

The measurement of breast milk intake: techniques for community research. Nestle Foundation annual report 1982: 63-72

The measurement of concentration in the hospitality industry. International Journal of Hospitality Management 3(1): 25-33

The measurement of denitrification. Gaseous loss of nitrogen from plant soil systems: 91-132

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The measurement of functional capacity of the goat mammary gland. Journal of Physiology 348: 57P

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The measurement of guest satisfaction. The practice of hospitality management: 189-201

The measurement of learning and retention curves for basic skills in Egyptian primary education, I: an application of censored analysis of variance: maximum likelihood estimation of the truncated and censored normal regression models. Discussion Paper, Development Research Department, World Bank (DRD 49): 75

The measurement of metabolic activity as an approach to evaluating viability and diagnosing sex in early embryos. Theriogenology 21(1): 138-149

The measurement of particle size of pulverized fuel ashes. Particle size analysis: 127-139

The measurement of perceived freedom in leisure. Journal of Leisure Research 16(2): 110-123

The measurement of pressures in deep grain silos. Farm Buildings and Engineering 1(1): 17-20

The measurement of radioactivity in tomatoes cultivated on mining residues from the Oka niobium mining community. Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology Journal 16(4): 224-228

The measurement of regional economic effects of changes in irrigation water salinity within a river basin framework: the case of the Colorado River. Salinity in irrigation and water resources: 215-244

The measurement of rumen ammonia concentrations as an indicator of the nitrogen status of lambing ewes. Proceedings of the Australian Society of Animal Production 15: 601-603

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The measurement of spatial variations in tourist activity. Annals of Tourism Research 11(2): 267-282

The measurement of suppressive virus resistance and its influence on nonpersistent virus transmission. Phytopathology 74(5): 631

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The measurement of the soil temperature with the temperature cone. Verslagen en Mededelingen, Commissie voor Hydrologisch Onderzoek TNO (31): 574-584

The measurement of whole body protein turnover in the preterm infant with intragastric infusion of L-[1-13C]leucine and sampling of the urinary leucine pool. Clinical Science 66(2): 155-164

The meat and dairy industry of the Ukrainian SSR during the eleventh and twelfth Five-Year-Plan periods. Ekonomika Sovetskoi Ukrainy (8): 9-17

The meat and egg sub-sectors presented in statistical form. Vlees en eieren in cijfers:

The mechanical harvesting of hazelnuts. Rivista della Ortoflorofrutticoltura Italiana 68(3): 225-233

The mechanical harvesting of raspberries in New Zealand and its implications for British growers. Scientific Horticulture 34: 73-83

The mechanical strength properties of imported wood. Bulletin of Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (334): 1-9

The mechanisation of work in grassland improvement. Mecanizarea Agriculturii 26(4): 18-28

The mechanism of 144Ce contamination in guinea pigs infected with Ascaris suum. Acta Parasitologica Polonica 28(38/42): 477-479

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The mechanisms of milk secretion. Lactation Physiology, nutrition, and breast feeding: 49-102

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The medium-term outlook for dairy products and for meat. The medium term outlook for dairy products and for meat: 56 + xviii

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