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The mosquitoes in the forest of Cernica - ecological data

, : The mosquitoes in the forest of Cernica - ecological data. Archives Roumaines de Pathologie Experimentale et de Microbiologie 42(4): 353-364

The forest of Cernica, which includes 2 large recreational areas (Cernica and Pustnicul), is one of many tourist resorts in Romania where mosquitoes are troublesome and was found to contain 3 types of biotope (the Tinganu pond, marsh and small temporary rainpools in the forest) that favour mosquito development. Of the 8 species of mosquitoes identified there, Coquillettidia buxtoni (Edw.) was recorded for the first time in Romania (in the Tinganu pond). Notes are given on the relative abundance, density and seasonal fluctuation of each of the 8 species in each of the biotopes. The species-complex of Anopheles claviger (Mg.) was the only abundant taxon during the winter months in the Tinganu pond, Aedes annulipes (Mg.) predominated during the spring in all 3 biotopes, Culiseta annulata (Schr.) predominated in the marsh throughout the year and in the temporary rainpools in May and August, and Culex pipiens L. predominated in the Tinganu pond during the summer.


PMID: 6147125

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