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2-Hydroxyoestradiol acutely inhibits prolactin secretion from the superfused pituitary glands of normal female rats: evidence for a cyclical effect

, : 2-Hydroxyoestradiol acutely inhibits prolactin secretion from the superfused pituitary glands of normal female rats: evidence for a cyclical effect. Journal of Endocrinology 111(2): 199-204

Catecholoestrogens are naturally occurring metabolities of oestrogens which are found in brain tissue and for which a neuroendocrine role has been postulated. However, reports of their effects on prolactin secretion are ambiguous and as yet no defined function has been attributed to them. The effects of 2-hydroxyoestradiol (2-OHE2) and dopamine on the release of prolactin in vitro by perfused pituitary glands from normal adult female rats at different stages of the oestrous cycle have been investigated. The purity and stability of the 2-OHE2 preparation before and after exposure to pituitary tissue was confirmed by radioenzymatic assay and subsequent thin-layer chromatography. Dopamine (500 nmol/l, 100 nmol/l) was found consistently to suppress release by 60%; this effect was immediate and reversible upon removal of the dopamine. In contrast, the effects of 2-OHE2 (10 nmol/l, 100 nmol/l) were found to vary during the cycle. No effect on prolactin release was evident during either dioestrus or pro-oestrus, but during oestrus a similar, though less potent, suppression of prolactin secretion to that of dopamine was observed (35% suppression compared with controls). The cyclical variation in the suppressive effect of 2-OHE2 on prolactin secretion in the female rat is compatible with a postulated neuroendocrine role for this catecholoestrogen.


PMID: 3794579

DOI: 10.1677/joe.0.1110199

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