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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 1652

Chapter 1652 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Past agricultural production in Ciskei. Fort Hare Papers 8(2): 82-91

Past and present apricot production in Hungary. Gazdalkodas 30(2): 35-42

Past beekeeping in Yorkshire: evidence from bee boles and other local sources. Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 59: 119-137

Past is a bar to future mining on Christmas Island. Fertilizer International (260): 11-12

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Past, present and future research on the one-humped camel in Africa. Journal of Arid Environments 14(1): 1-15

Pasteurella (Moraxella) anatipestifer infection in Pekin ducks: detection and importance of further infection factors, reproduction of the disease and immunoprophylaxis. Infektion der Pekingenten mit "Pasteurella anatipestifer" species incertae sedis: Untersuchungen uber Nachweis und Bedeutung weiterer infektioser Faktoren sowie Untersuchungen zur Reproduktion des Krankheitsbildes und zur Immunprophylaxe: 221

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Pasteurella haemolytica cytotoxin: relative susceptibility of bovine leucocytes. Veterinary Microbiology 13(4): 321-334

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Pasteurella infections 1975-86. PHLS Microbiology Digest 5(1): 4-7

Pasteurella multocida. Annual report 1984/85: ; 13-14

Pasteurella multocida B:2 in haemorrhagic septicaemia outbreak in pigs in India. Veterinary Record 123(2): 63-63

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Pasteurella multocida in the respiratory tract of calves. Revista de Salud Animal 9(1): 7-12

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Pasteurellosis in horses. Veterinarnaya Nauka Proizvodstvu 24: 30-33

Pasteurisation problems. Environmental Health 95(9): 23, 25-27

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Pasteurization of sheep milk. Sheep Dairy News 3(1): 1-3

Pasteurized and UHT milks. Revista Espanola de Lecheria (3): 43, 45

Pasteurized milk products. Packaging for extended shelf-life. Farm and Food Research 18(6): 26-28

Pastoral aspects of livestock development in the Sahel region during the drought. The case of Niger. Le developpement rural: comprendre pour agir: 309-339

Pastoral culture and range management: recent lessons from Maasailand. ILCA Bulletin, International Livestock Centre for Africa (28): 7-13

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Pastoralism under pressure: the Ngorongoro Maasai. Tanzania crisis and struggle for survival: 239-251

Pastoralism, conservation and the overgrazing controversy. Conservation in Africa: people, policies and practice: 111-128

Pastoralists of the West African savanna: selected studies presented and discussed at the fifteenth International African Seminar held at Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria, July 1979. Pastoralists of the West African savanna: selected studies presented and discussed at the fifteenth International African Seminar held at Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria, July 1979: xxxii + 359

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Pasture management for optimum ruminant production. Nutrition of grazing ruminants in warm climates: 103-128

Pasture pests insecticides register. Pasture pests insecticides register: 9

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Pate based on natural products of exotic West Indian flavour, or based on whey or skim milk. French Patent Application (FR 2 607 672 A1): 4

Patented fertilizer is here. Farm Chemicals 149(8): 16-17, 20

Patents in biotechnology and plant breeding. Span 30(1): 17

Patents in plant breeding: better than breeders' rights?. Prophyta 41(6): 128-129

Paternal behavior in rodents. American Zoologist 25(3): 841-852

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