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Phytotoxicity and behavior of three selective postemergence grass herbicides in plants and cell cultures

, : Phytotoxicity and behavior of three selective postemergence grass herbicides in plants and cell cultures. Dissertation Abstracts International, B Sciences and Engineering 45(7): 1961B

Fluazifop-butyl, haloxyfop-methyl and sethoxydim exhibited soil herbicidal activity in greenhouse and field experiments. When grass seeds were sown at the soil surface control was greater with all 3 herbicides than when sown 2-6 cm deep. Imbibition of the herbicides by grass and soyabean seeds did not reduce germination at concn of 10-3 M or below. Haloxyfop-methyl and fluazifop-butyl controlled Sorghum bicolor (shattercane) in soyabeans with pre-em. and early post-em. applications.


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