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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 1761

Chapter 1761 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Assessment of changes in agricultural production as a result of introduction of irrigation - bench mark survey - Kukadi command area. Assessment of changes in agricultural production as a result of introduction of irrigation bench mark survey Kukadi command area: 87

Assessment of chemical changes in lipids during processing of infant formula. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 41(3): 361-362

Assessment of children with chronic diarrhoea. Revista Espanola de Pediatria 45(267): 171-178

Assessment of competition between crops and weeds. Weed Research 29(4): 273-280

Assessment of components of fruit firmness in selected sweet cherry genotypes. Hortscience 23(5): 902-904

Assessment of contact toxicity of insecticides to Chelonus blackburni Cam. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). Journal of Biological Control 2(2): 126-127

Assessment of copper and zinc status of farm horses and training thoroughbreds in south-east Queensland. Australian Veterinary Journal 65(10): 317-320

Assessment of crop loss from air pollutants. Proceedings of an international conference, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, 25-29 October 1987. Assessment of crop loss from air pollutants Proceedings of an international conference, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, 25-29 October 1987: 552

Assessment of crop losses due to insect pests of cotton and cost benefit of protection schedule. PKV Research Journal 12(2): 126-128

Assessment of crop losses due to lepidopterous insect pests in potato. Indian Journal of Plant Protection 16(2): 153-158

Assessment of crop losses due to major insect pests (white grubs and cutworms) of potato crop. Annual Scientific Report 1987, Central Potato Research Institute, India: 142-149

Assessment of crop weed competition under greenhouse and field conditions. Symposium on integrated weed management in cereals Proceedings of an EWRS symposium, Helsinki, Finland: 239-246

Assessment of cumulative impacts to water quality in a forested wetland landscape. Journal of Environmental Quality 19(3): 455-464

Assessment of dairy and beef performance of 10 varieties of Friesian cattle on intensive feeding. Przeglad Hodowlany 53(13): 24-34

Assessment of damage caused by European pine shoot moth in radiata pine plantations in Chile. Insects affecting reforestation: biology and damage: 145-154

Assessment of dermal exposure to pesticides: a comparison of the patch technique and the video imaging/fluorescent tracer technique. Pesticide science and biotechnology Proceedings of the 6th international congress of pesticide chemistry held in Ottawa, Canada, 10-15 Aug 1986: 579-582

Assessment of different cutting dates on production and quality of grass stands. Vedecke Prace Ustavu Luk a Pasienkov v Banskej Bystrici (19): 203-215

Assessment of different milk parameters for the early recognition of metabolic disturbances. Milchwissenschaft 44(3): 150-155

Assessment of diversity among sunflower collections. Crop Improvement 15(2): 160-162

Assessment of duration of fertility in hens by means of fluorescence microscopy. Zur Beurteilung der Befruchtungspersistenz bei Hennen mittels der Fluoreszenzmikroskopie: 100

Assessment of dynamic models for a high rate anaerobic treatment process. Environmental Technology Letters 10(6): 551-566

Assessment of early apple varieties in France. Erwerbsobstbau 30(5): 136-138

Assessment of earthworm burrowing efficiency in compacted soil with a combination of morphological and soil physical measurements. Biology & Fertility of Soils 8(3): 191-196

Assessment of environment in breeding parsnip for stabilization of yield. Soviet Agricultural Sciences ( 8): 25-28

Assessment of ethylene production by apple cultivars in relation to commercial harvest dates. New Zealand Journal of Crop & Horticultural Science 17(4): 327-332

Assessment of experiences of regional planning for northern Ethiopia. IREUS Schriftenreihe, Institut fur Raumordnung und Entwicklungsplanung, Universitat Stuttgart (13): 77-87

Assessment of experimental designs for greenbug (Homoptera: Aphididae) antixenosis tests. Journal of Economic Entomology, 814: 1246-1250

Assessment of export markets for New Zealand's pulp and paper. FRI Bulletin, Forest Research Institute, New Zealand ( 136): 105-120

Assessment of eyespot and other stem base diseases of winter wheat and winter barley. Mycological Research 94(6): 819-822

Assessment of faecal examinations carried out on dogs recruited by the French army. Revue de Medecine Veterinaire 139(11): 1023-1025

Assessment of fat absorption in normal dogs and in dogs with hyperadrenocorticalism. Research in Veterinary Science 48(1): 38-41

Assessment of fat mass and lean mass in relation to real and theoretical body weight. Rivista della Societa Italiana di Scienza dell' Alimentazione 17(6): 465-472

Assessment of fertilizer value of superphosphate-ground phosphate rock mixtures. Pamietnik Puawski (91): 185-203

Assessment of financial aspects of pest control in agriculture. Journal of Financial Management and Analysis 2(1): 12-17

Assessment of flax cultivars sown at different times in the middle plateau of Rio Grande do Sul. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 24(2): 149-155

Assessment of fruit firmness in selected sour cherry genotypes. Hortscience 23(5): 882-884

Assessment of furrow irrigation in San Juan de Lagunillas, Merida State. Agronomia Tropical Maracay 38(1-3): 47-72

Assessment of grass-clover pastures for lowland and upland lamb production. Proceedings of the 12th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation, Dublin, Ireland, July 4-7, 1988: 164-167

Assessment of ground-water contamination near Lantana landfill, southeast Florida. Ground Water 26(2): 156-164

Assessment of groundwater potential for conjunctive water use in a large irrigation project in India. Journal of Hydrology 107(1-4): 283-295

Assessment of handicraft training needs for rural women in Swaziland. Occasional Paper, Swaziland Manpower Development Project (1): 65

Assessment of harmfulness of beet cyst nematode on different types of soils and its prognosis. Soviet Agricultural Sciences (3): 30-35

Assessment of heat tolerance in potato (Solanum tuberosum ssp. tuberosum) under controlled environmental conditions: the 'cutting technique'. Potato Research 31(4): 659-666

Assessment of heavy metal pollution by analysis of sediments contaminated by industrial effluents. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 37(3): 571-573

Assessment of herbicide effects on interactions of weeds, crop plants, pathogens and pests. Monograph, British Crop Protection Council (40): 265-274

Assessment of human exposure to pesticides. NATO ASI Series Series H, Cell Biology 13: 207-214

Assessment of human natural killer and lymphokine-activated killer cell cytotoxicity against Toxoplasma gondii trophozoites and brain cysts. Journal of Immunology 143(8): 2684-2691

Assessment of humoral anti-tetanus immunity, five years after specific vaccination, in a group of African children with malaria and malnutrition. Pathologie Biologie 36(3): 235-239

Assessment of immunoblotting in the investigation of specific immune responses during infection. Biochemical Society Transactions 16(2): 132-134

Assessment of immunoregulation by cultured, pre-attachment bovine embryos. Journal of Reproductive Immunology 14(1): 9-25

Assessment of impact of cropping/farming systems research: discussion paper. Report of the Asian Rice Farming Systems Working Group 17th Asian Rice Farming Systems Working Group meeting, 5-11 October 1986: 69-78

Assessment of incidence and crop loss due to pod-borers of pigeon-pea (Cajanus cajan) of different maturity groups. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 58(3): 216-218

Assessment of intestinal amino acid availability in cattle by use of the precision-fed cecectomized rooster assay. Journal of Dairy Science 73(3): 690-693

Assessment of intradermal test in longitudinal surveillance of bancroftian filariasis. Chinese Medical Journal 103(1): 29-33

Assessment of introduced sorghum varieties for resistance to head smut. Zuowu Pinzhong Ziyuan (1): 25-26

Assessment of iron availability in soilless potting media. Communications in Soil Science & Plant Analysis 20(13-14): 1297-1320

Assessment of lactose absorption by measurement of urinary galactose. Gastroenterology 97(4): 895-899

Assessment of land resources: group report. ICRAF Reprint, International Council for Research in Agroforestry, Kenya (41): 16

Assessment of length of roots per unit of soil volume as a solution of Buffone's problem. Soviet Agricultural Sciences (10): 25-27

Assessment of lipid oxidation in Indonesian salted-dried marine catfish (Arius thalassinus). Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 51(2): 193-205

Assessment of lipoprotein activators of skim milk lipoprotein lipase and the relationship between lipoprotein lipase activity and milk fat synthesis. Journal of Dairy Science 72(6): 1451-1458

Assessment of loss caused by powdery mildew (Erysiphe cichoracearum) of okra (Hibiscus esculentus) and its control. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 59(9): 606-607

Assessment of loss of height in elderly women. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 42(8): 679-682

Assessment of losses and evaluation of mungbean genotypes against root-knot nematode. Indian Journal of Pulses Research 2(2): 152-155

Assessment of losses by pea leaf miner, Chromatomyia horticola (Goureau) on pea. Journal of Insect Science 1(1): 61-64

Assessment of losses caused by Antigastra catalaunalis (Dup.) in different varieties of Sesamum. Agricultural Science Digest, India 8(1): 1-4

Assessment of losses caused by borer complex in arhar, Cajanus cajan (Linn.) Millsp. Journal of Insect Science 1(2): 168-172

Assessment of losses due to important insect pests of cotton in the Punjab. Agricultural Science Digest, India 7(2): 115-118

Assessment of losses in pigeonpea due to Clavigralla gibbosa Spin., (Heteroptera: Coreidae) in Madhya Pradesh. Journal of Insect Science 1(2): 158-161

Assessment of lupin flour as a diet ingredient for rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri). Aquaculture 71(4): 379-385

Assessment of marine biofilm formation, succession and metabolic activity. Marine biodeterioration: 287-297

Assessment of mechanization levels on private farms specializing in different branches of animal production. Roczniki Nauk Rolniczych Seria C, Technika Rolnicza 78(2): 77-93

Assessment of methodologies for colorimetric cholesterol assay of meats. Journal of food science: an official ication of the Institute of Food Technologists 53(6): 1642-1644

Assessment of methods to determine minimal cellulase concentrations for efficient hydrolysis of cellulose. Applied microbiology and biotechnology 32(5): 614-620

Assessment of methods to identify post-pasteurization contamination and to predict potential shelf-life of fluid milk products. Korean Journal of Dairy Science 10(2): 77-82

Assessment of microbiological quality of some gamma irradiated Indian spices. Journal of food science: an official ication of the Institute of Food Technologists 54(2): 489-490

Assessment of mineral status of grazing ruminants. World Review of Animal Production 23(4): 3,6,19-32

Assessment of natural interspecific hybridization of blue and Engelmann spruce in southwestern Colorado. Canadian Journal of Botany 68(7): 1489-1496

Assessment of need based monocrotophos applications for the control of major pests of groundnut. Pesticides (Bombay) 23(11): 19-20

Assessment of neutrophil function in the dairy cow during the perinatal period. Journal of Veterinary Medicine Series B 35(10): 747-751

Assessment of nitrogen balance in soil using a graphical method. Agrokhimiya (2): 91-95

Assessment of noise levels in selected dairy parlours. Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Rolniczej im Hugona Koataja w Krakowie, Mechanizacja i Energetyka Rolnictwa (6): 145-153

Assessment of nutrient effects and nutrient limitation in Lake Okeechobee. Water Resources Bulletin 25(6): 1119-1130

Assessment of nutritional components in prolongation of life and health by diet. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 193(1): 31-34

Assessment of nutritional intake using dietary records with estimated weights. Journal of Human Nutrition & Dietetics 2(6): 407-414

Assessment of nutritional quality of protein in six cultivars of maize (Zea mays L.). Revista de la Facultad de Agronomia, Universidad Central de Venezuela 15(3-4): 225-233

Assessment of nutritional quality of protein in six cultivars of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench). Revista de la Facultad de Agronomia, Universidad Central de Venezuela 15(3-4): 213-224

Assessment of nutritional state. Infusionstherapie, Internationale Zeitschrift fur Infusionstherapie, Klinische Ernahrung und Transfusionsmedizin 16(5): 222-228

Assessment of nutritional state - a component of routine clinical diagnosis: cholinesterase activity as nutritional indicator. Klinische Wochenschrift 67(21): 1101-1107

Assessment of nutritional status in noninstitutionalized elderly. Southern Medical Journal 82(8): 990-994

Assessment of nutritional value of forages for animal production in the tropics. Isotope aided studies on livestock productivity in Mediterranean and North African countries Proceedings of the final Research Co ordination Meeting, Rabat, 23-27 March 1987: 287-299

Assessment of oedometer methods for heave prediction. Proceedings 6th International Conference on Expansive Soils, New Delhi, 1-4 December 1987 Volume 1: 99-103

Assessment of on-farm losses in cereals due to diseases. Insect Science and its Application 9(6): 721-723

Assessment of on-farm losses in cereals in Africa due to soil insects. Insect Science and its Application 9(6): 709-716

Assessment of on-farm losses in maize production due to insect pests. Insect Science and its Application 9(6): 687-690

Assessment of on-farm losses in millets due to insect pests. Insect Science and its Application 9(6): 673-677

Assessment of on-farm losses in rice due to insect pests. Insect Science and its Application 9(6): 691-695

Assessment of on-farm yield losses in sorghum due to insect pests. Insect Science and its Application 9(6): 679-685

Assessment of optimum application rates of fertilizer K on the basis of response curves. Methodology in soil K research Proceedings of the 20th Colloquium, International Potash Institute, held in Baden bei Wien, Austria, 1987: 395-402

Assessment of parthenocarpic tendency in citrus using irradiated marker pollen. Citriculture Sixth international citrus congress, Middle East, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6-11 March 1988 Volume 1: 225-230

Assessment of patient compliance in a diabetic clinic using glycated proteins compared with blood sugar measurements. West Indian Medical Journal 37(3): 158-161

Assessment of patterns of response of tree ring growth of black spruce following peatland drainage. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 19(7): 924-929

Assessment of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) for breeding. II. Components of winter hardiness. Euphytica 41(1-2): 99-106

Assessment of physical activity and energy needs. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 50(5 Suppl): 1195-200; Discussion 1231-5

Assessment of pig keeping systems. Pig Veterinary Journal 23: 83-107

Assessment of pine stands on delimited land in the watershed region of the Ipel' River. Lesnicky Casopis 33(5): 311-322

Assessment of pleiotropic effects of a gene substitution in pea by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Genetics 119(3): 705-710

Assessment of policy options for agricultural export stabilization in the South Pacific. Journal of Developing Areas 23(2): 271-289

Assessment of pollutant fluxes across the frontiers of the Federal Republic of Germany on the basis of aircraft measurements. Atmospheric Environment 23(5): 939-951

Assessment of portable reflectance photometers and reagent strips in estimating plasma glucose level. Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 71(9): 501-507

Assessment of postpartum body fat change from underwater weight and skinfold thickness measurements. Nutrition Research 9(12): 1331-1338

Assessment of potential residues in foods derived from animals exposed to TCDD-contaminated soil. Chemosphere 16(8-9): 2123-2128

Assessment of present mining and beneficiation practice and the evaluation of alternate technology. FIPR Publication (04-031-068): 265

Assessment of preservative-treated aspen waferboard after 5 years of field exposure. Forest products journal 39(4): 15-19

Assessment of projects impact on smallholder farmers in Bahi/Kintiku and Lower-Moshi areas. Irrigated agriculture in Africa Volume II country papers CTA Seminar proceedings, 25-29 April 1988, Harare, Zimbabwe: 327-345

Assessment of proportional growth of very low birth weight infants fed banked human milk. Early Human Development 15(5): 279-294

Assessment of protein and energy status of ewes. Nutrition Reports International 37(6): 1245-1254

Assessment of putative tests for protective immunity to falciparum malaria. Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 20(3): 385-397

Assessment of quality control parameters during mass rearing of a pupal colour genetic sexing strain of the Mediterranean fruit fly. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 51.3: 241-248

Assessment of quarantine pests. FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Plant Protection Bulletin 37(2): 50-58

Assessment of queen mating frequency by workers in social Hymenoptera. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 1421: 87-93

Assessment of queen quality in honey bees. Canadian Beekeeping 14(9): 207-208

Assessment of rainfall erosion hazard. Australia Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization Institute of Natural Resources & Environment Division of Water Resources Technical Memorandum (89-5): 157-166

Assessment of resistance in three types of joints used in furniture construction. Tecnologia en Marcha 7(2): 51-56

Assessment of resistance of Moldavian soils to compaction by agricultural machinery. Soviet Agricultural Sciences ( 3): 55-57

Assessment of resistance of barley caryopses to oat frit fly. Soviet Agricultural Sciences (6): 5-8

Assessment of resistance of sugarbeet to virus yellows on the basis of symptoms. Archiv fur Phytopathologie und Pflanzenschutz 24(6): 459-466

Assessment of respiration rate and nitrogen-fixing and denitrifying activity in high-meadow alpine soils of northwestern Caucasus. Moscow University Soil Science Bulletin 44(2): 55-57

Assessment of respiratory diseases and therapeutic intervention by the forced oscillation technique in feedlot cattle. Research in Veterinary Science 49(3): 319-322

Assessment of respiratory exposures during gilsonite mining and milling operations. American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal 50(8): 413-418

Assessment of rest completion and its relationship to appearance of tetrads in anthers of 'Nonpareil' almond. Scientia Horticulturae 38(1-2): 69-76

Assessment of salinity problems in Pulaka pits in Tuvalu. Alafua Agricultural Bulletin 12(2): 5-8

Assessment of short-day and day-neutral strawberry cultivars in Sicily. Informatore Agrario 44(14): 91-95

Assessment of sludge regulation assumptions. Biocycle 30(4): 68-70

Assessment of sodium and potassium intakes. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 42(7): 605-609

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Assessment of some weed control methods for deepwater rice. Proceedings of the International Deepwater Rice Workshop: 583-591

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Assessment of stable nitrogen isotopes in fingerprinting surface water inorganic nitrogen sources. Water Air & Soil Pollution 48(3-4): 489-496

Assessment of sugarbeet resistance to yellowing viruses by virus concentration. Archiv fur Phytopathologie und Pflanzenschutz 25(1): 35-40

Assessment of suitability of new cultivars and breeding lines of tomato for processing. Biuletyn Warzywniczy 31: 153-168

Assessment of the Axicare human milk pasteuriser (CM80). Journal of Hospital Infection 14(2): 163-168

Assessment of the Green Revolution in Sri Lanka: adaptive regression approach. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 44(2): 177-181

Assessment of the Yankari Game Reserve, Nigeria: problems and prospects. Tourism Management 11(2): 153-163

Assessment of the action of tinidazole, pimaricin and oxyteracin on Balantidium coli in vitro. Wiadomosci Parazytologiczne 30(4): 453-457

Assessment of the anatomical, physical and mechanical properties of the wood of 4 leguminous species. Boletin Tecnico, Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales, Mexico (61): 35

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Assessment of the duodenogastric reflux by estimation of bile acids present in gastric juice. Revista Espanola de Fisiologia 45(1): 21-26

Assessment of the effect of oil on the potyvirus aphid transmission process. Journal of Phytopathology (Berlin) 127(3): 221-226

Assessment of the effects of closantel at different doses on the bovine eye. Veterinaria Argentina 5(48): 700-706

Assessment of the effects of combining ability of 7 inbred lines of rye (Secale cereale L.) in a diallel cross. Hodowla Roslin, Aklimatyzacja i Nasiennictwo 1989; 29(5-6): 61-68

Assessment of the effects of pollution in the Harz mountains by analysis of needles from young Norway spruce stands. Hercynia 27(1): 82-91

Assessment of the effects of separate sex feeding on the welfare and productivity of broiler breeder females. British Poultry Science 31(3): 457-463

Assessment of the efficiency of forest product supply operations at the 'La Victoria' estate, Pueblo Nuevo, Durango, Mexico. Boletin Tecnico, Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales, Mexico (84): 100

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Assessment of the impact of nutritional recuperation programmes on school children: evaluation of methods. Revista de Saude Publica 23(3): 230-235

Assessment of the impact of pesticides on invertebrate predation in cereal crops. Aspects of Applied Biology 17(1): 279-288

Assessment of the impact of simulated acid rain and alkaline effluent discharge on pond biota with respect to larvae of amphibian Rana tigrina. Environmental Studies (Vol 35): 97-103

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