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Changes in the tocopherol and tocotrienol content of soyabean oil and oat oil during automated determination of oxidative stability by the Rancimat method

, : Changes in the tocopherol and tocotrienol content of soyabean oil and oat oil during automated determination of oxidative stability by the Rancimat method. Deutsche Lebensmittel Rundschau 85(12): 390-393

Samples of (a) soyabean oil and (b) oat oil were used in a study on changes in tocopherol and tocotrienol concn during heating at 100 degrees C with air bubbling through at 6 litres/h. (a) samples were heated until oxidative spoilage occurred (10 h); (b) samples were heated for 51 h. (a) had initial total tocopherol content of 1026 mg/kg (52 mg alpha -tocopherol, 12 mg beta -tocopherol, 650 mg gamma -tocopherol and 312 mg delta -tocopherol/kg); (b) had initial total tocopherol + tocotrienol content of 526 mg/kg (116 mg alpha -tocopherol, 325 mg alpha -tocotrienol, 28 mg beta -tocopherol and 57 mg beta -tocotrienol/kg). In (a), total tocopherol concn decreased to 91 mg/kg after 8.75 h; at this time, only delta -tocopherol was present. alpha -Tocopherol was last detected after 3 h, beta -tocopherol after 7 h and gamma -tocopherol after 8.5 h. In (b), total tocopherol + tocotrienol decreased to 454 mg/kg after 51 h; the final composition was 109 mg alpha -tocopherol, 310 mg alpha -tocotrienol, and 35 mg beta -tocotrienol/kg; beta -tocopherol was last detected after 31 h. The difference in tocopherol stability between the 2 oils is discussed.


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