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Correlations in the quiescent zones of root and shoot apices

, : Correlations in the quiescent zones of root and shoot apices. Phytomorphology 38(2-3): 193-200

The root and shoot apical meristems from the embryo to a week-old seedling were analyzed in Phlox drummondii, Nicotiana tabacum and Matthiola incana. The radicular and plumular apices showed no quiescent cells. Quiescent cells appeared in the root and shoot apical meristems two days after germination in Nicotiana and three days in Matthiola and Phlox. The state of comparative quiescence of these cells in the quiescent center of the root and the central mother cell zone in the shoot apex was supported by nuclear/cytoplasmic ratios and histochemical localization followed by cytophotometric quantification of DNA, RNA and total proteins. Dimensions from median longitudinal sections indicated that the root apex gets progressively thinner whereas the shoot dimensions increase from the embryo to the 5-day old seedling stage. The area of the quiescent centre and the central mother cell zone and the number of cells in these zones were calculated from the embryo to the 5-day old seedling stage. The data indicated a correlation between the size of the apex and the area of the quiescent region. Another correlation was the simultaneous appearance of quiescent cells at the root and shoot apices.


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