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Effect of PMSG on sexual receptivity of low reproductive female rabbits

, : Effect of PMSG on sexual receptivity of low reproductive female rabbits. Journal of Applied Rabbit Research 12(4): 239-240

65 mature New Zealand White rabbits that had refused to mate or had a low CR in previous breeding seasons were injected with 12.5, 25 or 50 IU PMSG; 19 untreated rabbits served as controls. PMSG treatment increased the percentage of rabbits mating over 8 days from 31.6 to 95.4 and the CR from 50.0 to 74.2%. PMSG treatment had no effect on the duration of pregnancy or litter size. 80.4% of PMSG-treated rabbits copulated post partum, and 89.2% of these became pregnant.


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