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Effect of harvesting time on development of grain, yield and quality in naked barley

, : Effect of harvesting time on development of grain, yield and quality in naked barley. Research Reports of the Rural Development Administration, Crops, Korea Re ic 29(2): 129-135

Barley Saessalbori and Songhakbori were harvested at 3-day intervals from 23 to 35 days after heading. Grain length was max. at 26 days and grain width at 29 days after heading. 1000-grain wt was max. at 32 days after heading, when barley reached physiological maturity. Germination vigour and rate were highest at 26 days after heading. Yield increased with delay in harvesting up to a max. of 4.36 t/ha in Saessalbori and 3.96 t in Songhakbori at 35 days after heading.


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