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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2001

Chapter 2001 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Vegetable crops. A disease management guide. Vegetable crops A disease management guide: xi + 75

Vegetable crops. Nantes: rearing and monitoring flight periods of fly pests in view of adapted control. Phytoma (398): 44-46

Vegetable crops: phytosanitary development, balance sheet and prospects. Phytoma (400): 100-102

Vegetable cultivation in southern Somalia. Studien zur Integrierten Landlichen Entwicklung ( 20): 155-191

Vegetable drill. Sel' skii Mekhanizator ( 5): 32-33

Vegetable growing. Gemusebau (Ed. 9): 379

Vegetable growing handbook: organic and traditional methods. Vegetable growing handbook: organic and traditional methods (Ed. 3): xii + 362 pp.

Vegetable growing sector in Brazzaville. Preliminary outline and study programme over 4 years. Les filieres maraicheres a Brazzaville Premieres esquisses et programme de travail sur 4 ans: 36

Vegetable growth and energy consumption in a vegetable factory using off-peak electricity. Acta Horticulturae (229): 353-359

Vegetable growth as affected by on-off light intensity developed for vegetable factory. Acta Horticulturae (229): 259-264

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Vegetable insect control with minimal use of insecticides. Hortscience 25(2): 159-164

Vegetable oil as a diesel fuel alternative: an investigation of selected impacts on the US agricultural sector. Dissertation Abstracts International A, Humanities and Social Sciences 48(12): p.3163

Vegetable oil as motor fuel. Landtechnik 44(2): 51-54

Vegetable oil derivatives: fuel for diesel engines. Agricultural Mechanization in Asia, Africa and Latin America 20(1): 69-72

Vegetable oil in cattle feed - more unsaturated fatty acids in milk fat. Scandinavian Dairy Information 4(2): 36

Vegetable oils as an alternative to diesel fuels. Mechanizace Zemedelstvi 40(3): 122-123

Vegetable oils as grain protectant against Sitophilus oryzae Linn. Farm Science Journal 3(1): 14-20

Vegetable pigeonpea: a promising crop for India. Vegetable pigeonpea: a promising crop for India: 13

Vegetable planting equipment. Deutscher Gartenbau 43(33): 1980-1982

Vegetable production. Vegetable production: xi + 657

Vegetable production and problems involved therein in the Lake Kivu area, Zaire. Scientific Reports of the Kyoto Prefectural University, Agriculture ( 41): 16-39

Vegetable production and supply in the USSR. Gemuse 24(11): p.442, 447

Vegetable production in Hesse. Gemuse 25(4): 218-221

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Vegetable production under arid and semi-arid conditions in tropical Africa. FAO Plant Production and Protection Paper (89): 434

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Vegetable seed production in Thailand. FFTC/ASPAC Book Series (36): 156-165

Vegetable variety trial results in Florida for 1985. Circular Agricultural Experiment Stations, University of Florida (S-338): 89

Vegetable variety trial results in Florida for 1987. Circular Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Florida (S-358): 98

Vegetables as a source of vitamin E. Biuletyn Warzywniczy (Suppl. II): 205-209

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Vegetarian diet - Shakahar. Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics 25(5): 159-165

Vegetarian weaning. Archives of Disease in Childhood 63(10): 1286-1292

Vegetation. Wilderness and natural areas in the eastern United States: a management challenge: 274-337

Vegetation - climate equilibrium. Vegetatio 67(2): 65-141

Vegetation Classification System for California: user's guide. USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, General Technical Report PSW-94

Vegetation along Makkah-Taif Road (Saudi Arabia). Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research 7(3): 97-119

Vegetation alteration along trails in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. Biological Conservation 48(3): 211-227

Vegetation and altitudinal zones of Mount Menikion, NE Greece. Botanica Helvetica 98(2): 149-160

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Vegetation change in the Jonglei area. The Jonglei Canal: impact and opportunity: 175-197

Vegetation changes due to grazing in the northern deserts of Asia. Arid lands: today and tomorrow: 851-855

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Vegetation changes on a rest-rotation grazing system. Rangelands 12(4): 220-225

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Vegetation classification, land systems and mapping using SPOT multispectral data - preliminary results. SPOT 1: Premiers resultats en vol: 137-149

Vegetation communities and interspecific association of the tree species in a tropical forest ecosystem of Western Ghats. Journal of Tropical Forestry 4(3): 229-235

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Vegetation community selection by ungulates on the Isle of Rhum. II. Vegetation community selection. Journal of Applied Ecology 26(1): 53-64

Vegetation community selection by ungulates on the Isle of Rhum. III. Determinants of vegetation community selection. Journal of Applied Ecology 26(1): 65-79

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Vegetation cover of the Lithuanian SSR National Park. Rastitel' nyi pokrov Natsional' nogo parka Litovskoi SSR: 165

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Vegetation dynamics in temperate lowland primeval forests: ecological studies in Biaowieza forest. Vegetation dynamics in temperate lowland primeval forests: ecological studies in Biaowieza forest: xviii + 537

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Vegetation management systems in almond orchards. California Agriculture 43(4): 16-17

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Vegetation of habitat, food plants, and some conservation problems of Sumatran elephants (Elephas maximus sumatrensis) in Padang Sugihan Game Reserve, South Sumatra. Buletin Penelitian Hutan, Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Hutan (484): 1-16

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