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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2007

Chapter 2007 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Alpha -Amylase adsorption on crystalline starch. Food Hydrocolloids 5(1/2): 225-227

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Beta -Isoxazolinane-alanine is involved in the biosynthesis of the neurotoxin beta -N-oxalyl-L-d, beta -diaminopropionic acid. Phytochemistry 29(12): 3793-3796

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Beta 2-microglobulin-, CD8+ T-cell-deficient mice survive inoculation with high doses of vaccinia virus and exhibit altered IgG responses. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 89(13): 6070-6074

Delta, a transcription factor that binds to downstream elements in several polymerase II promoters, is a functionally versatile zinc finger protein. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 88(21): 9799-9803

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Zeta -NaMo2P3O13, a second form of pentavalent molybdenum sodium phosphate. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 89(1): 31-38

Anting behavior by common grackles and European starlings. Wilson Bulletin 102(1): 167-169

Arnadjiu at E. Caselle: traces of a traditional apiary in the middle of Corsica. Revue Francaise d' Apiculture ( 493): 88-93

Artica: a new F1 hybrid aubergine with white fruit. Informatore Agrario 45(11): 67-69

Bascule (spatialized nitrogen balance of crop systems on the farm) an indicator of nitrogen pollution hazards. Fourrages ( 129): 95-110

"Benchmark" - a large observational study of Ontario beef breeding herds: Study design and collection of data. Canadian Veterinary Journal 32(7): 407-412

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Dealumination and aluminum intercalation of vermiculite. Clays and Clay Minerals 39(3): 270-280

Denematizing rainfed annual crops by working on groundnut. Oleagineux Paris 46(7): 301-305

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Dogal in canine nutrition - our experience. Veterinarski Glasnik 42(11-12): 767-771

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Egg Lipids (phospholipids) as therapies in AIDS, senescence and other membrane-related syndromes. A rationale for their benefits. International Clinical Nutrition Review 10(1): 241-252

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Enpollination of honey bees with precollected pollen improves pollination of almond flowers. American Bee Journal 130(12): 801

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In vivo methodology for mutation induction in banana, cultivar Maca. Mutation Breeding Newsletter ( 36): 12

In vivo mutation breeding methodology for Fusarium wilt resistance in banana. Mutation Breeding Newsletter ( 36): 12-13

Incorporating vegetation and soil schemes into atmospheric general circulation climate models. IAHS Publication ( 204): 11-20

Insect bite and borreliosis. Dermatologica 180(3): 197-199

Kamarat and Gemini, two new late-maturing peach cultivars. Informatore Agrario 45(11): 51-53

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Optimized viscosity measurement for detecting treatment of spices with Co60 gamma-rays. Gordian 90(1-2): 8-13

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"Sink" regulation of photosynthetic metabolism in transgenic tobacco plants expressing yeast invertase in their cell wall involves a decrease of the Calvin-cycle enzymes and an increase of glycolytic enzymes. Planta 183(1): 40-50

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Super-fresh products are the most dynamic sector. Revista Espanola de Lecheria ( 12): 13-14, 16

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Yes to decontrol-but not yet. Fertilizer International ( 307): 24-26

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'AU-Cherry' plum. HortScience 26(8): 1091-1092

'AU-Rosa' plum. HortScience 26(2): 213-214

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'An old tool and a new tool' to fight lymphatic filariasis - a talk with Dr. Eric Ottesen. TDR News ( 32): 6-7

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'Changjiao' hot peppers are nonclimacteric. HortScience 25(7): 807

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'Karan-3' and 'Karan-16' - two high-yielding hull-less barley varieties. Indian Farming 39(7): 37-38

'Kent' and 'Honeoye' were highest yielding best-adapted strawberry cultivars in Colorado trial. Fruit Varieties Journal 46(1): 58-61

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'Kupa' - a new horse bean (Vicia faba L.) cultivar in Lithuania. Eksperimentine Biologija ( 1): 22-23

'LRA 5166' cotton is becoming popular in Vidarbha region. Indian Farming 40(6): 8-9

'Lavender Lady', flowering ornamental Cuphea glutinosa. HortScience 26(2): 221-222

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