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A rearranged lambda 2 light gene chain retards but does not exclude kappa and lambda 1 expression

, : A rearranged lambda 2 light gene chain retards but does not exclude kappa and lambda 1 expression. European Journal of Immunology 21(10): 2391-2395

Mice transgenic for the .lambda.2 light chain of MOPC315 were established. In newborn transgenics (TG), .lambda.2 was the only light chain found on B cells. However, by day 21, .lambda.2high.vkappa.low as well as .lambda.2low.vkappa.high double expresser populations were emerging. .lambda.2 was found o an increased fraction of serum immunoglobulins (Ig), this fraction declined with age. Correspondingly, .vkappa. and .lambda.2 expression was suppressed in young mice but increased with age. In adult mice .vkappa. or .lambda.1 were often co-expressed with .lambda.2 in single serum Ig moelcules. Most B cells hybridomas from an adult TG secreted .lambda.2,.vkappa. mixed molecules and had rearranged their .vkappa. chain genes. One .vdelta.1 hybridoma and even a .lambda.2,.vkappa.,.lambda. hybridoma were also found. In conclusion, isotypic exclusion in .lambda.2 TG is complete in newborns but becomes increasingly peakly with age. Antigen probably expands the .lambda.2low.vkappa.high B cell population; this population is most liekly the major source of serum Ig in adult .lambda.2 TG mice. In constrast, the .lambda.2high.vkappa.low population, a major fraction of which is, appears only infrequently to develop into antibody-secreting plasma cells.


PMID: 1915552

DOI: 10.1002/eji.1830211015

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