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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2043

Chapter 2043 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Calculation of hydraulic conductivity from suction permeameter measurements. Soil Science 152(5): 321-325

Calculation of isohydric lines and solubilties of NaCl and KCl in the system NaCl-KCl-MgCl2-H2O at various temperatures. Journal of Applied Chemistry of the USSR 63(5, Pt.1): 875-880

Calculation of lime consumption. Sakharnaya Svekla: Proizvodstvo i Pererabotka ( 3): 51-53

Calculation of long-term averaged and episodic oxidant concentrations for the Netherlands. Atmospheric Environment A, General Topics 25(9): 1809-1818

Calculation of mass-exchange processes in leached soils. Soviet Soil Science 21(1): 99-111

Calculation of pH for high-temperature sulfate solutions at high ionic strengths. Corrosion Houston 48(1): 35-41

Calculation of phase equilibria in the NaNO3-KNO3-Ca(NO3)2-H2O system. Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 36(8): 1197-1200

Calculation of power for moving manure using a device with a rotary blade. Tekhnika v Sel' skom Khozyaistve ( 5): 53-54

Calculation of processes occurring in beet tissue. Sakharnaya Svekla: Proizvodstvo i Pererabotka ( 6): 38-41

Calculation of pulp drying balances. Part 1: Vaporization drying - Drying with combustion gas. Zuckerindustrie 117(2): 99-103

Calculation of pulp drying balances. Part 2: Evaporation drying - Drying with hot steam. Zuckerindustrie 117(3): 182-186

Calculation of soil compaction by the vehicle's action. Proceedings, 5th European Conference of the International Society for Terrain Vehicle Systems, held in Budapest, Hungary, 4-6 September 1991: 57-62

Calculation of soil compaction by wheeled tractors. Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny ( 6): 10-14

Calculation of sugar yield. Sakharnaya Svekla: Proizvodstvo i Pererabotka ( 6): 47-48

Calculation of the direct solar radiation in China's subtropical mountainous areas and its distribution. Journal of Nanjing Institute of Meteorology 12(2): 175-186

Calculation of the heat flow into the soil from the results of remote UHF and IR measurements. Soviet Soil Science 23(6): 121-126

Calculation of the perforated shells of centrifugal and vibration granulators. Soviet Chemical Industry 23(4): 70-72

Calculation of the service life of tractor axles. Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny ( 5): 43-45

Calculation of the size of protective zones for water sources in drainage schemes. Sbornik UVTIZ, Meliorace 26(2): 109-124

Calculation of the size of sprinkling irrigation area. Irrigazione e Drenaggio 39(1): 3-8

Calculation of the solubility diagrams in the system Ca(OH)2-H3PO4-KOH-HNO3-CO2-H2O. Journal of Crystal Growth 104(4): 820-832

Calculation of the strength of a planter frame. Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny ( 11): 31-32

Calculation of the strength of cabs in mobile machines. Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny ( 2): 30-31

Calculation of the various influences on the working-time requirement for the production of greenhouse cucumbers. Acta Horticulturae ( 295): 259-266

Calculation of time intervals for soil analysis in continuous soil measuring units. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenernahrung und Bodenkunde 154(3): 225-226

Calculation of tractor requirements for the XIII five year plan. Mechanizacija ir Elektrifikacija, Mokslo Darbai ( 22): 14-18

Calculation of transports of nitrogen and phosphorus by using satellite images and GIS: Bornsjon catchment area. Vatten 48(2): 117-127

Calculation of ventilation systems for cattle houses. Sbornik Mechanizacni Fakulty, Vysoke Skoly Zemedelske v Praze ( 91): 77-84

Calculation of water activity in surface mould-ripened soft cheeses from their chemical composition. Food Chemistry 40(2): 147-157

Calculation procedures for the objective evaluation of transport requirements. Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Wilhelm Pieck Universitat Rostock, Naturwissenschaftliche Reihe 38(3): 90-91

Calculational methods for determining storage room pulldown rates and control capacities of controlled atmosphere equipment. Proceedings of the fifth international controlled atmosphere research conference, Wenatchee, Washington, USA, 14-16 June, 1989 Vol 1: 1991; 441-448

Calculations for the balancing mechanism of combine headers. Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny ( 9): 30-31

Calculations of long-range transported sulphur and nitrogen over Europe. Science of the Total Environment 96(1/2): 87-99

Calculations of mechanical properties of maize cobs in the design of forage crushers. Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny ( 11): 29

Calculations of phase equilibria in the system Na2SO4-K2SO4-Cs2SO4-H2O at 25 degrees C. Journal of Applied Chemistry of the USSR 63(4, Pt 1): 729-732

Calculations of stress distribution in the neighbourhood of an irrigation canal. Wiadomosci Instytutu Melioracji i Uzytkow Zielonych 16(1): 171-179

Calendar and monitored insecticide application for the control of cowpea pests. Crop Protection 10(5): 363-370

Calendar of work in the orchard. Zashchita Rastenii Moskva ( 11): 45-46

Calendar of work in the orchard in the spring. Zashchita Rastenii ( 2): 27-32

Calendula and Hypericum: two homeopathic drugs promoting wound healing in rats. Fitoterapia 62(6): 508-510

Calf death in cattle of meat breeds. Dansk Veterinaertidsskrift 73(14): 735-744

Calf diarrhoea caused by attaching and effacing Escherichia coli. Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association 45(9): 650-654

Calf exports and Salmonella typhimurium incidents in UK calves. Veterinary Record 130(26): 584-584

Calf from a persistently infected heifer born after embryo transfer with normal immunity to BVDV. Veterinary Record 129(20): 449-450

Calf-rearing during the colostrum-feeding period, in the open air. Molochnoe i Myasnoe Skotovodstvo ( 2): 15-17

Calibrating SHE soil-erosion model for different land covers. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 118(5): 708-723

Calibrating a diet selection model for sheep grazing rangelands. Agricultural Systems 39(4): 361-386

Calibrating a tomographic scanner. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers ( 90-3537): 21 pp.

Calibrating and validating the Texas A & M forage, diet, and sheep simulation models for the Edwards Plateau. Dissertation Abstracts International B, Sciences and Engineering 51(10): 4671B

Calibrating uncertainties in a dynamical environmental model. Modeling of Geo Biosphere Processes 1(1): 41-81

Calibration accuracy of chemical injection devices. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers ( 90-1597): 9 pp.

Calibration and application accuracy of orchard sprayers. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers ( 91-1027): 16 pp.

Calibration and automation of a dual-energy gamma system for applications in soil science. Agronomy and Soils Departmental Series Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station ( 145): 169 pp.

Calibration and evaluation of a drop-disc meter for estimating herbage production in ryegrass for silage. Departmental Note Scottish Centre of Agricultural Engineering ( 43): 10 pp.

Calibration and reliability in groundwater modelling. Proceedings of a conference held at the Hague, the Netherlands, 3-6 September 1990. IAHS Publication ( 195): 539 pp

Calibration and testing of a daily rainfall erosivity model. Transactions of the ASAE 33(5): 1612-1618

Calibration and use of computerized tomography in soil science. Revista Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo 16(2): 161-167

Calibration and validation of TAP, an aquaculture pond water quality model. Aquacultural Engineering 9(2): 75-96

Calibration and verification of the DR3 model for arid drainage basins. IAHS Publication ( 197): 67-77

Calibration curves for determining oil protein and fiber in Italian-grown sunflower seeds by near-infrared reflectance analysis. Agricoltura Mediterranea 121(1): 77-82

Calibration experiment on nitrogen fertilizer application using winter oilseed rape as an indicator plant. Agrokemia es Talajtan 40(3-4): 409-418

Calibration of a model for packing whole grains. Applied engineering in agriculture 7(4): 450-456

Calibration of a new method to determine microbial biomass in soil samples using substrate induced respiration (SIR). Verband Deutscher Landwirtschaftlicher Untersuchungs und Forschungsanstalten, Reihe Kongressberichte ( 32): 701-706

Calibration of a parametric-stochastic model. Hydrological Science and Technology 6(1-4): 93-98

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Calibration of a universal moisture meter for rape seed. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 23(12): 1381-1386

Calibration of a waveguide sensor for measuring soil moisture. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 28(5): 873-878

Calibration of an ultrasonic blood flow meter in the sheep. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society of Australia 14: 146

Calibration of caesium-137 measurements to provide quantitative erosion rate data. Land Degradation and Rehabilitation 2(3): 161-175

Calibration of coffee sprayers. Kenya Coffee 56(659): 1167-1172

Calibration of four methods of phosphorus soil test calibration for musk melon (Cucumis melo). Agronomia Tropical Maracay 40(1-3): 125-138

Calibration of ground cloth and sweep net sampling methods for larvae of corn earworm and soybean looper (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in soybean. Journal of Economic Entomology 84(5): 1625-1629

Calibration of groundwater flow models using Monte Carlo simulations and geostatistics. IAHS Publication ( 195): 33-42

Calibration of height and volume equations with random parameters. Forest science 37(3): 781-801

Calibration of irrigation machinery. Informatore Agrario 46(18): 29-32

Calibration of motorized knapsack sprayer for ULV application of endosulfan LVC against cotton jassid. Journal of Insect Science 2(1): 57-59

Calibration of multispectral video imagery. Automated agriculture for the 21st century Proceedings of a conference held in Chicago, Illinois, USA, 16-17 December 1991: 51-59

Calibration of phosphorus analysis for rice in greenhouse experiments. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 25(4): 579-586

Calibration of remotely sensed proportion or area estimates for misclassification error. Remote Sensing Of Environment. 39(1): 29-44

Calibration of soil test methods for available nitrogen in black soils (Inceptisols) for sorghum. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 39(2): 383-385

Calibration of the application rate in orchards with respect to the shape of fruit trees. Erwerbsobstbau 32(5): 141-147

Calibration of the instrumented sphere and in-field verification. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers ( 91-6618): 14 pp.

Calibration of the neutron soil water probe and the gamma bulk density probe for three Riverina soils, 1981/82. Technical Memorandum Division of Water Resources, Institute of Natural Resources and Environment, CSIRO ( 92/6): 11 pp.

Calibration of thermal conductivity sensors for measuring soil suction. ASTM Geotechnical Testing Journal 12(3): 188-194

Calibration of time domain reflectometry for water content measurement using a composite dielectric approach. Water resources research 26(10): 2267-2273

Calibration study with SAMSON: a model for conjunctive operation of surface and groundwaters. IAHS Publication ( 180): 241-249

Calibration techniques for instrumented tractors. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers ( 90-1010): 23 pp.

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Calicotyle australiensis n. sp. and Calicotyle sp. (Monogenea, Monopisthocotylea) from the rectum and rectal glands, and Rugogaster hydrolagi Schell, 1973 (Trematoda, Aspidogastrea) from the rectal glands of holocephalans off the coast of southeastern Australia. Systematic Parasitology, 211: 69-79

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