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Effects of reducing the remating interval after parturition on the fertility and plasma concentrations of luteinizing hormone, prolactin, oestradiol-17 beta and progesterone in lactating domestic rabbits

, : Effects of reducing the remating interval after parturition on the fertility and plasma concentrations of luteinizing hormone, prolactin, oestradiol-17 beta and progesterone in lactating domestic rabbits. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 92(2): 281-289

Primiparous crossbred does were remated on Day 1 (n = 15) or 14 (n = 25) post partum and killed on Day 10 post coitum to assess their fertility. Blood samples were taken during the pre- (0-12 h post coitum) and post- (1-10 days post coitum) ovulatory periods and plasma was assayed for luteinizing hormone (LH), prolactin, oestradiol-17.beta. and progesterone. Ovulation response was significantly greater (P < 0.01) and ovulation rate significantly lower (P < 0.001) in does mated on Day 1 than in those mated on Day 14 post partum. Does failing to ovulate on Day 14 post partum exhibited no preovulatory LH surge and had significantly lower (P < 0.05) premating concentrations of oestradiol-17.beta. and prolactin than those ovulating at this time. No significant differences in hormone concentrations were observed during the preovulatory period between does ovulating on Days 1 and 14 post partum, with the exception of oestradiol-17.beta. Concentrations of this hormone were significantly lower (P < 0.01) in does mated on Day 1, at 1 h post coitum. We conclude that (i) fertility was affected by the remating interval after parturition, (ii) ovulation failure was associated with an absence of the preovulatory LH surge and a reduction in premating concentrations of oestradil-17.beta. and prolactin and (iii) the lowr ovulation rate in early lactation was apparently caused by a reduction in ovarian competence to respond to the gonadotrophic stimulus.


PMID: 1886088

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