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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2100

Chapter 2100 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Eradication of Xanthomonas campestris pv. translucens from barley seed with dry heat treatments. Plant Disease 74(10): 816-818

Eradication of S. pullorum in standard poultry breeding flocks in Dresden county between 1980 and 1990. Praktische Tierarzt 72(7): 598-600

Eradication of actively spreading ovine footrot. Australian Veterinary Journal. 68(3): 118-119

Eradication of bovine leukosis in Belgium: estimation of the time needed for elimination from infected herds. Annales de Medecine Veterinaire 135(4): 281-285

Eradication of bovine leukosis in Belgium: update after a second year of the campaign in a further third of the national herd. Annales de Medecine Veterinaire 135(7): 491-495

Eradication of bovine leukosis in large dairy herds. Veterinarski Glasnik 44(3-4): 231-236

Eradication of bovine tuberculosis in Slovenia. Analysis of the results of the 7th round of tuberculin testing. Zbornik Veterinarske Fakultete Univerza Ljubljana 27(1): 5-13

Eradication of dracunculiasis: update. Epidemiologic Reviews 13: 316-319

Eradication of dracunculosis: the example of Pakistan. Medecine d' Afrique Noire 39(3): 179-186

Eradication of ear mites from naturally infested conventional research rabbits using ivermectin. Laboratory Animal Science 40(4): 406-408

Eradication of enzootic bovine leukosis in Belgium: update after the first year of detection in a third of the national herd. Annales de Medecine Veterinaire 134(8): 557-561

Eradication of exogenous avian leukosis virus from commercial layer breeder lines. Veterinary Record 128(1): 8-11

Eradication of exotic pests: analysis with case histories. Eradication of exotic pests: analysis with case histories: 297 pp.

Eradication of foot and mouth disease in Italy: cost benefit analysis of a change in strategy. Selezione Veterinaria 32(12): 1773-1780

Eradication of introduced arthropod pests: theory and historical practice. Miscellaneous Publications of the Entomological Society of America (73): 29 pp.

Eradication of non-typhi salmonella colonization by ciprofloxacin: implications for health care workers and institutionalized patients. American Journal of Medicine 89(3): 386-388

Eradication of orchid viruses in Dendrobium Sonia using virazole. Singapore Journal of Primary Industries 19(1): 16-22

Eradication of poliomyelitis: progress in the Americas. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 10(3): 222-229

Eradication of potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTV) in the Canadian provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. FAO Plant Protection Bulletin 37(3): 130-131

Eradication of sarcoptic mange from piggeries with phoxim. Suomen Elainlaakarilehti 96(2): 68-71

Eradication of swine dysentery. Praktische Tierarzt 72(4): 324...336

Eradication of swine dysentery by tiamulin injections on weaner production farms. Proceedings, International Pig Veterinary Society, 11th Congress, July 1-5, 1990, Lausanne, Switzerland: 137

Eradication of the liver fluke in dairy cattle. Journal of Agriculture, Western Australia 31(4): 167-170

Eradication of the melonfly (Dacus cucurbitae) from Amani Islands of Japan. Quarterly Newsletter Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission 33(2): 19-20

Eradicative activity of fungicides against apple powdery mildew. Indian Journal of Mycology & Plant Pathology 21(1): 70-72

Erben's syrup room technology. Confectionery Production 58(5): 361, 385

Eremophilane sesquiterpene from Egyptian Senecio desfontainei Druce. Egyptian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 29(1-4): 33-37

Eremophilanolides from Roldana sessilifolia. Phytochemistry 0(5): 1716-1719

Eremophilenolides from Hertia cheirifolia. Phytochemistry 0(6): 2083-2084

Eretmocerus debachi n. sp. (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae), an effective parasite of Parabemisia myricae (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae). Israel Journal of Entomology1992 1992; 25-26: 199-207

Ergasilus labracis on Atlantic salmon. Canadian Veterinary Journal 33(1): 75

Ergasilus malnadensis sp. nov. parasitic on Wallago attu (Schneider). Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 223: 388-394

Ergobalansine, a new ergot-type peptide alkaloid isolated from Cenchrus echinatus (sandbur grass) infected with Balansia obtecta, and produced in liquid cultures of B. obtecta and Balansia cyperi. Journal of Natural Products 53(5): 1272-1279

Ergogenic effects of caffeine. A concise review. International Clinical Nutrition Review 10(1): 260-264

Ergogenic nutritional supplementation in efforts of sporting dogs. Recueil de Medecine Veterinaire de l'Ecole d'Alfort 167(7-8): 753-761

Ergonomic and sociological problems of scientific and technical advance in the contemporary Bulgarian village. Selskostopanska Nauka 28(5): 15-21

Ergonomic and sociological study of scientific and technical advances in cattle breeding. Selskostopanska Nauka 28(5): 62-66

Ergonomic aspects in projects involving small agricultural machinery. Informe Agropecuario 15(169): 10-12

Ergonomic characteristics of crawler tractors for skidding. Zbornik Gozdarstva in Lesarstva ( 32): 101-160

Ergonomic design of large forestry machines. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 5(3): 255-266

Ergonomic evaluation of feller-buncher cabs and controls. Technical Note Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada ( TN-134): 8 pp.

Ergonomic evaluation of the work places in the main wood-harvesting machines. Gorsko Stopanstvo 44(2): 32-34

Ergonomic properties of skidding tractors. Zbornik Gozdarstva in Lesarstva 20(2): 171-358

Ergonomic stress on the tractor driver when pulling out cable with and without a cable pull-out device, and the consequences for close access in stands. Forsttechnische Informationen 41(12): 85-88

Ergonomic studies on hand operated knapsack sprayer. Proceedings of the international agricultural engineering conference and exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand, 3-6 December 1990,: 1425-1435

Ergonomics evaluation of a lever-operated knapsack sprayer. Applied Ergonomics 22(4): 241-250

Ergonomics for improving visual inspection at fruit packinghouses. Acta Horticulturae (Wageningen) (258): 357-364

Ergonomics in the construction of buildings for breeding horses. Ippologia 1(3): 51-55

Ergosterol biosynthesis in a cell-free preparation of Penicillium italicum and its sensitivity to DMI fungicides. Pesticide biochemistry and physiology 42(3): 262-270

Ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitors. Candida albicans Cellular and molecular biology: 239-257

Ergosterol concentration in mold-susceptible and mold-resistant sorghum at different stages of grain development and its relationship to flavan-4-ols. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 39(10): 1866-1870

Ergot alkaloids. Chemistry, biological effects, biotechnology. Ergot alkaloids Chemistry, biological effects, biotechnology: 383 pp.

Ergot of pearl millet. Plant diseases of international importance Volume I Diseases of cereals and pulses: 302-315

Ericoid fungal strains from an alpine zone: their cytological and cell surface characteristics. Symbiosis Rehovot 9(1-3): 167-172

Ericoid mycorrhizal fungi of Gaultheria shallon. Mycologia 84(3): 470-471

Eriophyes cotini sp.n. (Acarina, Eriophyidae) on the leaves of Cotinus coggygria Scop. and Eriophyes epimedii sp.n. in leaf folds of Epimedium alpinum L. Sbornik Biotehniske Fakultete Univerze Edvarda Kardelja v Ljubljani, Kmetijstvo ( 51): 257-261

Eriophyoid mites (Acari: Eriophyoidea) of arid zone fruit crops and quarantine. Indian Journal of Entomology 52(2): 249-252

Ermelo weeping lovegrass response to clipping, fertilization, and watering. Journal of Range Management 43(5): 461-465

Eroded soils: current state and predicted changes. Soviet Soil Science 23(10): 77-85

Erodibility characteristics of soils in relation to soil characteristics and topography. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 38(3): 495-498

Erodibility factors in silty soils: considerations based on the case of the Pays de Caux. Cahiers ORSTOM, Serie Pedologie1990; 25(1-2): 81-94

Erodibility of Nilgiri soils. Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences 23(4): 475-479

Erodibility of black earths in the Buech valley (Southern Alps, France). Cahiers ORSTOM, Serie Pedologie1990; 25(1-2): 95-110

Erodibility of red-yellow soils. Tottori Daigaku Nogakuba Kenkyu Hokoku = Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Tottori University ( 42): 61-67

Erodibility of sandy soils in Zaire and erosion control. Cahiers ORSTOM, Serie Pedologie1990; 25(1-2): 197-208

Erodibility of soils of volcanic origin. Preliminary results. XVIII reunion nacional de suelos Communicaciones: 471-484

Erodibility of some tropical soils. Twenty years of records in some erosion plots under natural rainfall. Cahiers ORSTOM, Serie Pedologie1990; 25(1-2): 7-30

Erosion and runoff control using bulldozer imprints on surface-mine spoil. Transactions of the ASAE 34(1): 97-105

Erosion and runoff rates on an Alfisol in northeastern Brazil. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 26(7): 1057-1062

Erosion and sediment control on pipelaying sites. Australian Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 5(1): 24-27

Erosion and sediment deposition. Proceedings, International Interactive Workshop on Soil Resources: Their Inventory, Analysis and Interpretations for Use in the 1990' s: 222-237

Erosion and sediment production from forest roads in south-west Nelson. What' s New in Forest Research ( 168): 4 pp.

Erosion and sedimentation in Fiji - an overview. IAHS Publication ( 192): 14-23

Erosion and sedimentation research in ARS. Sediment transport modeling: 272-277

Erosion and soil conservation measures in Nepal. Schriftenreihe des Instituts fur Tropentechnologie ( 7): 7 pp

Erosion and soil management. Reflections on the situation in Portugal. DGF Informacao 1(4): 28-33

Erosion and soil productivity in Africa. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 45(4): 431-436

Erosion and soil productivity in Asia. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 47(1): 8-13

Erosion as affected by tillage on a surface-crusted soil, in the absence and presence of wheat straw mulch. Revista Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo 13(3): 373-379

Erosion control for army training lands. Erosion Control: Technology in Transition Proceedings of Conference International Erosion Control Association, XXI, held at Washington DC, USA, 14-17 Feb 1990: 115-123

Erosion control for the UK; strategies and short-term costs and benefits. Soil erosion on agricultural land Proceedings of a workshop sponsored by the British Geomorphological Research Group, Coventry, UK, January 1989: 559-567

Erosion control in the Illinois River basin. Past, present and future. Proceedings second conference on the management of the Illinois River system: the 1990s and beyond: 168-170

Erosion control in the United States today : an overview. Erosion Control: Technology in Transition Proceedings of Conference International Erosion Control Association, XXI, held at Washington DC, USA, 14-17 Feb 1990: 3-10

Erosion control in the tropics. Soil colloids and their associations in aggregates: 567-576

Erosion control materials vs a semiarid environment, what has been learned from three years of testing. Erosion Control: Technology in Transition Proceedings of Conference International Erosion Control Association, XXI, held at Washington DC, USA, 14-17 Feb 1990: 233-248

Erosion control products testing facility. Erosion Control: Technology in Transition Proceedings of Conference International Erosion Control Association, XXI, held at Washington DC, USA, 14-17 Feb 1990: 273-274

Erosion control projects in the Lake Tahoe basin. Water Resources Planning and Management Proceedings of the 16th Annual ASCE Conference: 457-460

Erosion control under cropping conditions by direct drilling. Revue Suisse d' Agriculture 22(4): 215-226

Erosion estimation and control measures in the Spanish Peninsula. Ecologia Madrid (Fuera de Serie 1): 169-196

Erosion experiments with a rain simulator. Note 1: The effects of various simulated rain intensities on soil and nutrient losses in a typic Xerochrept of the inland hills of Sicily. Quaderni di Agronomia ( 12): 103-122

Erosion experiments with a rain simulator. Note 2: The effects of various simulated rain intensities on soil and nutrient losses in a Chromic Pelloxerert of the inland hills of Sicily. Quaderni di Agronomia ( 12): 125-141

Erosion in Andean hillside farming: characterization and reduction of soil erosion by water in small scale cassava cropping systems in the southern Central Cordillera of Columbia. Erosion in Andean hillside farming: characterization and reduction of soil erosion by water in small scale cassava cropping systems in the southern Central Cordillera of Columbia: 219 pp.

Erosion in semidesert. Problems of Desert Development ( 6): 31-36

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Erosion of cohesive soils by turbulent flow. Proceedings 23rd Congress, International Association for Hydraulic Research, Technical Session B, Ottawa, August, 1989: 523-540

Erosion of cultivated soils: fate or human responsibility? The example of the Pescheray valley (Commune of Breil-sur-Merize, Sarthe). Norois Poitiers 38(151): 299-307

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Erosion of incisors in cattle on self-fed silage with enzyme additive. Veterinary Record 130(16): 352-353

Erosion of resistance to common leaf rust in exotic-derived maize during selection for other traits. Phytopathology 80(4): 339-342

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Errant roundworm in a domestic cat. VMR, Veterinary Medical Review 60(1-2): 60-61

Erratum: a summary of the database pertaining to the phylogeny of the major groups of parasitic platyhelminths, with a revised classification. Canadian Journal of Zoology 67(10): 2607-2608

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