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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2140

Chapter 2140 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Influence of wilt infection on the gossypol pigments of seeds and roots of a cotton plant of the variety Tashkent-1. Chemistry of Natural Compounds 25(1): 54-57

Influence of wind on spectral reflectance of flexible canopy. Journal of Nanjing Institute of Meteorology 13(2): 213-220

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Influence of wind speed on residence time of Uroleucon ambrosiae (Homoptera: Aphididae) on bean plants in bean monocultures and bean-maize mixtures. Environmental Entomology 20(5): 1375-1380

Influence of windbreaks on forage production. Annales de l' Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique de Tunisie (Numero Special): 138-145

Influence of winter backgrounding program and summer grazing program on performance of steers grazing tallgrass prairie. Animal Science Research Report (MP-129): 240-250

Influence of winter cover crop suppression practices on seasonal abundance of armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), cover crop regrowth, and yield in no-till corn. Environmental Entomology 20(2): 749-754

Influence of winter treading on lucerne. Proceedings of the XVI International Grassland Congress, 4-11 October 1989, Nice, France: 1019-1020

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Influence of wood factors and soaking conditions on the time of log heating. Ciencia e Investigacion Forestal 4(2): 159-170

Influence of wood, paper, and plastic nesting units on efficacy of three candidate fungicides for control of chalkbrood in the alfalfa leafcutting bee (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae). Journal of Economic Entomology 81(3): 789-795

Influence of xylomannoside of vegetable origin on hypocotyl elongation of flax. Comptes Rendus de l' Academie des Sciences Series 3, Sciences de la Vie 311(11): 411-416

Influence of yeast culture on feeder calves and lambs. Journal of Animal Science 70(6): 1682-1690

Influence of yeast culture supplementation on ration digestion by horses. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 10(2): 130-134

Influence of yeasts and of their constituents on nucleoside uptake in peritoneal murine macrophages. FEMS Microbiology Letters 90(1): 5-10

Influence of zeranol and breed on growth, composition of gain, and plasma hormone concentrations. Journal of Animal Science 69(4): 1688-1696

Influence of zinc and calcium deficiency on the concentrations of calcitonin, parathyroid hormone, and 25-hydroxy-vitamin D3 in rat serum. Journal of Trace Elements and Electrolytes in Health and Disease 3(4): 225-230

Influence of zinc and growth regulators on the vegetative growth of kagzi lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle). Journal of Research APAU 17(1): 83-86

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Influence of zinc on copper binding in tissue proteins of steers. Biological Trace Element Research 28(2): 69-82

Influence of zinc on leaf phenol and tannin contents of two genotypes of cotton. Journal of the Indian Society for Cotton Improvement 14(2): 128-130

Influence of zinc, iron, boron and manganese and their uptake on onion (Allium cepa L.) grown in calcareous soil. Haryana Journal of Horticultural Sciences 19(1-2): 153-159

Influence on degenerative and regenerative processes in peripheral nerves during treatment with B vitamins. Klinische Wochenschrift 68(2): 146-148

Influence on induced lipolysis of milk fat. Brief Communications of the XXIII International Dairy Congress, Montreal, October 8-12, 1990, Vol I: 59

Influence on soil mesofauna of the systems of soil management in vineyards. Proceedings of the 1991 meeting of the Spanish Weed Science Society: 223-226

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Influences of a wide range of bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi on mycelial growth of Agaricus bisporus (Lange), Sing and the special fruiting requirement of A. bisporus. Mushroom Science XIII Volume 2 Proceedings of the 13th international congress on the science and cultivation of edible fungi Dublin, Irish Re ic, 1-6 September, 1991: 753-759

Influences of castration and testosterone on spring to summer changes in release of luteinizing-hormone-releasing hormone in rabbits. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 96(1): 1-11

Influences of certain fungicides on parasitism of the nematode Criconemella xenoplax by the fungus Hirsutella rhossiliensis. Phytopathology 80(11): 1142-1146

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Influences of cultural practices on chemical composition in flue-cured tobacco leaves. Journal of the Korean Society of Tobacco Science 13(1): 27-35

Influences of dietary sodium on functional taste receptor development: a sensitive period. Science 241(4874): 1826-1828

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Influences of experience, education and training on farming related behaviour of commercial project farmers. South African Journal of Agricultural Extension 20: 36-44

Influences of fenitrothion on rice-fish aquatic ecosystem. Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences 4(3): 51-57

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Influences of meal size on post-lunch changes in performance efficiency, mood, and cardiovascular function. Appetite 16(2): 85-91

Influences of mulches on soil microflora with different levels of irrigation in areca garden. Journal of Plantation Crops 17(1): 63-65

Influences of nitrogen and potassium rates on the chemical and physical properties of cured leaf in Burley tobacco. Korean Journal of Crop Science 36(1): 1-6

Influences of pre-treatment temperature and additive concentration on the properties of cement-bonded particleboard from plantation-grown tropical hardwoods. Tropical Science 29(4): 285-296

Influences of precooling and silver thiosulphate on leaf abscission of two forms of rice flower. Postharvest Biology and Technology 2(1): 25-30

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Influences on peri- and postnatal calf losses with particular reference to husbandry conditions. 2. Influences on postnatal calf losses. Zuchtungskunde 64(1): 45-56

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Influencing sexual cycle and gravidity of the bitch by exogenic hormones. Kleintierpraxis 35(12): 625-632

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